Best Speed Bags-2019 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Boxing demands next level skill, endurance, flexibility and extreme stamina. 

So, a boxer has to perform various drills and training sessions to art this skill.

Speed bag training is also a go-to drill for every boxer and that’s why we have list some of the very best speed bags in 2019 for you.

Before jumping to the speed bags, Check our guide on best boxing bags as well.


Title Boxing Gyro-Balanced Speeds Bag

Why Its Better ? 

>> Highest Quality Construction.

>> 100% genuine leather.

>> Double Stitching.

>> Soft padding cushion.


Title Boxing Gyro-Balanced Speeds Bag

Title Boxing Speeds Bag is one of the best speed bags designed with Gyro-balanced technology. This bag is manufactured to improve the eye-hand coordination and hand-speed potential.

Moreover, it comes in different sizes which are perfect for professional boxers and beginners. Additionally, this bag is crafted with top grade leather with bolstered stitching and lacing.


Gyro-Balanced: It is designed with Gyro-speed technology. It includes a gyroscope inside it which keeps it swinging in an anticipated pattern to help the user to attain the perfect rhythm with the bag. Also,it is a unique factor that would definitely improve user training through its exact impacts.

High-quality construction: The title speed bag is crafted with premium quality leather with triple reinforced stitching and lacing. Plus, the bladder is constructed of a very strong material “butyl rubber” this feature helps the bag to keep its air after you’ve practiced on it.

Retain its original shape: One more good thing about this speed bag is that it eventually retains to its previous shape after you have punched the bag.

Butyl Rubber: It includes butyl rubber pro bladder which improves the internal balancing to provide you with maximum results.

Cost and Value: This best speed bag is one of the most affordable product in our list. It is available in different size ranges and its balancing construction makes it the most durable and high-quality purchase for the user.


Item weight: 7.2 ounces
Color: Black
Size: Available in XXS and medium sizes
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Different range of sizes

Withstands to daily use

Excellent leather construction

Rubber bladder keeps the air for long

200+ customer reviews at Amazon

Gyro-balanced technology for rhythm and precision strikes


Its on the heavier side-slow

My Thoughts

Overall, Title Boxing Gyro-Balanced Speed Bags is fabricated with high-quality materials that offers long-term durability. While the Gyro-Balanced Technology keeps this bag well-balanced that is why it is the first choice of professionals boxers. Although, its large size and heavy weight may keep it a bit slower but you will enjoy to maintain a rhythm with it.

Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speed Bag

This small and compact Pro Impact Speed Bag is constructed from genuine leather which enhances its durability and longevity. 

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Pro Impact Speed Bags are manufactured for the advanced strikers to hit the small moving target and to build up a rhythm. No doubt, this bag is designed with premium quality leather, heavy-duty latex bladders and subtle stitching to give this speed bag layer over layer of durability.

Apart from it, this best speed bag comes in two different sizes and layout in a pear shape and let the user land accurate punches in order to improve the hand-eye coordination.


Genuine Leather: It  is constructed from genuine leather, which ensures that your bag will remain durable and improve its functionality after many punching sessions. Although, the genuine leather requires a little bit more care by the user as compared to synthetic leather.

Reinforced stitching: Another great feature of this bag is its seamless and subtle stitching. This incredible speed bag features stitching along the seams. Moreover, the reinforced stitching keeps the speed bag from tearing apart even if one stitch does come out then the reinforcements keeps all the seams tightly held together.

Heavy-duty Latex Bladder: Inside this speed bag, the bladder is built from heavy-duty latex which will not let the bag to lose its air even after long and hard punching sessions for months.


Item weight: Lightweight
Size: Available in small size
Product dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Color: Black
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Genuine leather construction

Extremely durable materials

Pear-shaped design for target punching

Suitable for intermediate and experienced boxers

Reinforced stitching and seams

Heavy-duty latex bladder


Some customers have made a complaint about its leaky bladders

My Thoughts

By all means, Pro Impact Genuine leather bag is a good choice for your daily routine training sessions. Some of the professional boxers have tried this speed bag and recommend it for the beginners as well to improve their reflexes and hand speed. Definitely,  I rank it as one of the best speed bags available.

Venum Skintex Leather Speed Bag

Venum Skintex Leather is a perfect amalgamation of a functional shape and a balanced design. It is a great choice for the users to improve their reflexes, quickness and hand-eye coordination.

Moreover, Venum is a brand that only deals with high-quality boxing equipment. So, there is no doubt that Venum Skintex Leather Speed Bag is designed with the same high-quality materials.

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Additionally, it is crafted from the Skintex leather other than the genuine leather. Thus, there is no doubt about its excellent durability and long-lasting quality. Other than it, the lacing and seams of this best speed bag have been reinforced so as to take a serious punishment.


Skintex Leather: This fastest speed bag is crafted from Skintex leather which offers excellent durability and longevity. Thus, this speed bag is built to last no matter how hard punches you land on it.

Subtle stitching: Another great feature of Venum Skintex Leather speed bag is that it is well-built with durable and subtle stitching. Similarly, its seams have been enhanced to tolerate your serious punishment apart from tearing away.

Improves reflexes: This best speed bag swivel is handmade in Thailand and helps you to improve your reflexes, hand speed, and eye-hand coordination.

Balanced design: Its balanced design assures optimal rebounds and fast recoiling. Plus, this speed bag features a durable bladder which keeps the bag last for a long time without the need to be refilled again.

Stylish speed bag: Further, this speed bag features a snake head logo and branding which makes it very stylish and trendy.


Item weight: Normal weight
Product dimensions: 4 x 8 inches
Color: Available in black/ice color
Size: Comes in medium and large sizes
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Premium Skintex leather

Delivers extreme durability

Stylish logo and branding

Long-lasting bladder for superlative rebounds

Suitable for both beginners and intermediate players

Manufactured by a World’s Renowned Brand


A bit expensive speed bag as compared to others

My Thoughts

Above all, Venum Skintex Leather best speed bag size is a high-quality, fast-rebounding, and long-lasting product that requires reasonable investment. Its premium Skintex leather construction offers great durability and more enhanced with the balanced design.
Plus, its long-lasting bladder provides optimal rebounds to the player. In short, a moderate priced speed bag with so many functional benefits.

Balazs Lazer Speed Bags

Another best speed bag in our list is Balazs Lazer Speed Bag which is designed by paying extra attention to its features. Basically, it offers a wide range of sizes and you will get your required size speed bag whether you a beginner or a professional boxer.

The developers of this speed bag have done several variations on the platform mounts for speed bags and feature some unique offering such as flush floor mounting rings. 

Thus, It is a high budgeted product with excellent features and upholds solid reasons to spend a heavy amount on it. Probably,  it is the best speed bag for beginners in 2019.


Triple-Stitched Top Loop: It features a Kevlar triple-stitched top loop which makes this product unique in a boxing world. This designed helps to withstand even by the most powerful hitters, practicing at their highest speed and rhythm. Also, it maximizes the life span of this speed bag thus, making your investment worth every penny.

Air Chamber: This fastest speed bag features an air chamber other than the bladders. The air chamber of this speed bag will never pop up. Although, the user might need to add air after some time.

Smooth grained leather: It is constructed with the smooth grained leather which remains non-slippery and smooth on your hands.

Designed with separate panels: Balazs Lazer speed bag is designed with all separate panels with exactly same size joined together for a perfect balance. This panel to panel joining of the speed bag offer great consistency.

No Laces or Welting: Most of the speed bags features welting and laces which can interrupt a user’s tempo and slows down their speed. Thus, losing their training efficiency. Apart from that, it does not uphold any welting or laces it is designed with smooth seams.


Item weight: 2 pounds
Color: Black
Size: Available in x-small, small, medium, and large sizes
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Extremely high-quality materials used

Kevlar reinforcement on the loop reduces the chances of wear and tear

Comes in different sizes for all skill levels

Made of fine grain leather

Highly durable construction

No refilling required


Quite expensive in price as compared to other speed bags

My Thoughts

Overall, Balazs Lazer Bag is no doubt quite a pricey product but the features it offers worth your every penny you pay for it. This bag is fabricated from smooth-grain leather which does not consist of any type of scratchy patches that appears as a result of laces and welting. Similarly, this thing may also irritate your hands during training. In short, Balazs Lazer  is one of the top speed bags around.

Cleto Reyes Platform Speed Bags

Cleto Reyes is one of the popular brands in producing high-quality boxing equipment. Similarly, the speed bags designed by Cleto Reyes are easily recognizable because every bag is constructed to be durable and to provide a user with a fast swing.

In addition to it, this bag is crafted from genuine leather along with nylon lining for stitching. In this way, these materials help to keep this speed bag durable and long-lasting for your regular training sessions.


Genuine Leather: The Cleto Reyes Platform Speed Bag is designed with genuine leather in a way that the seams and lacing will not interrupt with the user’s training. Further, it also contains a nylon lining for the stitching.

Various sizes and colors: These best speed bags are available in a wide range of sizes so that you can choose according to your skill level. Plus, it also comes with the color customization option like black, red, and then the colors of Mexican flags (green, white, and red).

Improves hand speed: This best speed bag is designed in a way that it helps to improve your reflexes, hand speed, and eye-hand coordination.


Item weight: Average weight
Color: Available in black and red color
Size: Comes in x-small and large size
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Provide a fast swing

Genuine leather

Nylon lining

Perfect bag for serious fighters

Improves reflex and coordination


Expensive in price

My Thoughts

Overall, the Cleto Reyes Best Speed Bag Platform is constructed with high-quality materials and offers a long-term durability. In addition, its soft leather feels good on bare hands. No doubt, it is an excellent quality speed bag and its small size is perfect for the beginners. It is available at high-cost but the features it reveals is worth each penny you pay for it.

Cleto Reyes Speed Bags

Cleto Reyes Speed Bag is an exceptional choice that will provide you with all the features that a right speed bag can possess. This bag is made with real head leather and occupies a narrow profile. As it is built with premium quality materials so it will last for so many years as compared to other cheap quality speed bags.

Moreover, Cleto Reyes provides an even response on each hit. The best this about this speed bag is that it is handmade in Mexico by using head leather and nylon lining for precise detailing.


Handcrafted in Mexico: The Cleto Reyes Speed Bag is handcrafted in Mexico with top notch head leather along with nylon lining. This quality leather promises to stand by you for so many years to come. Plus, its construction is done under strict quality controls in Mexico.

Nylon Lining: As mentioned above it is designed with head leather and a tough nylon lining to endure even the toughest and hardest hitting punches during your training sessions.

Improves defense and offense: The best feature of this Cleto Reyes Speed Bag is the reflex and coordination to enhance your defense and offense in the boxing ring.

Multi-functional speed bag: This speed bag is not only made for professional boxing but also helps you to reach your athletic goals and build your muscles strength and cardio in one go.

Lightweight speed bag: Furthermore, this best speed bag is extremely lightweight and quite easy to install as the workout setup in your home or commercial gym.

Extra Bladder: One more good thing about this incredible speed bag is that it comes with extra bladder and installation instructions which is extremely great!


Item weight: 5.6 ounces
Product dimensions: 10 x 6 x 1 inches
Shipping weight: 8.8 ounces
Size: X-small
Color: Available in red color
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Handcrafted in Mexico

Designed with head leather

Tough nylon lining

Lightweight and durable

Perfect for experienced boxers

Comes with installation guide


The loop is bit tight and thick, may need a thinner swivel hook

My Thoughts

By all means, Cleto Reyes  is an authentic Speed bag that is handmade in Mexico under strict quality controls. It upholds great functional features and comes at a very accessible sale price. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best speed bags for beginners.

Everlast Speed Bag 9 x 6 (4241)

Everlast Speed Bag is designed to improve your boxing skills whether you are a professional or an intermediate player. It is fabricated with real leather and withstands the punching from all directions. No doubt, it is an outstanding and inflatable punching bag built to improve your muscle tone, reflexes, and endurance.

Most importantly, constructed from a tough PVC cover which is even more tougher than the Italian Stallion Himself. Apart from it, this Everlast speed bag is shaped and balanced for accurate rebounding and 100% real leather for superlative durability.


Top grade leather: The Everlast Speed bag is constructed from 100% genuine leather which ensures long-term and superior durability.

Reinforced seams: It also features substantial and reinforced stitching which adds more years to its durability and performance.

Well-Balanced design: Plus, this amazing punching bag is made well-balanced for precise rebounds.

Perfect for intermediate players: Another great thing about this excellent and inflatable punching bag is that its medium size is perfect for intermediate players.

Improves muscle tone and reflexes: With this fastest speed bag sports training, you can improve your reflexes, muscle tone, and endurance.


Item weight: 11.2 ounces
Color: Black
Size: Available in medium size
Product dimensions: 10.8 x 5.5 x 4 inches
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Inflatable punching bag

Fast speed bag

Tough PVC cover

Escalate your endurance and reflexes

Smooth design without any labels or seams to irritate your hands


Some users have made a complaint at Amazon, about the bladder which popped after a few days

My Thoughts

Overall, Everlast speed bag is a great quality product with excellent quality and response. It is crafted from genuine leather and withstands the faster and harder hitting from kids of all ages-a great fun. In short, I will highly recommend this small speed bag, just give it one try.

Tech Tools Boxing Ball Set with Punching Ball

Tech Tools Boxing bag helps you to improve your reflexes due to sharp movements.

This set includes everything you need for a perfect boxing session like durable base, a pair of comfortable boxing gloves, spring-loaded adjustable shaft, and a inflation pump for your boxing ball.

You can easily arrange this set up in your home and carry out your daily fitness training without going to the gym. 


All-in-one Training set: This set includes everything that you need for your perfect boxing sessions and daily workout. Plus, you can arrange all this boxing set in your home if you do not have time to visit the gym on a daily basis.

Strong and durable spring: Also, this Tech Tools boxing set is designed with ideal and safe use. This free boxing bag offers a sturdy and durable spring at the base of the shaft. In this way, the mounted spring bounces back to its position after every time you hit it.

Adjustable height: Another great feature of this boxing bag stand is that the height of the boxing stand can be made adjustable from 48 inches to 58 inches to suit personal priorities. Thus, this boxing stand is easily adjustable to any required height. It is also suitable for teens and up, youth, adults, men, and women to involve in a supreme training session. Checkout our detailed guide on best boxing bag stands here.

Perfect for MMA & Workout Sessions: No doubt, this best speed bag set is excellent to take out your all frustration by hitting this speed bag. It will not only release your stress but also helps to maintain your body’s fitness. In that case, you can improve your speed, accuracy, timings, and hand-eye coordination.

Stable and Premium Quality Materials: Plus, this speed bag set is crafted with great attention and deep details along with top notch quality materials to ensure long-term durability and longevity. Apart from it, you can place this set anywhere and fills the freestanding heavy-duty base with 15 lbs of sand or water for stability.


Item weight: 8 pounds
Color: Adult
Size: Regular one size (adjustable height)
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


All-in-one boxing set

Adjustable height stand

Durable and high-quality material made

Comes with a punching bag with stand, gloves, and a pump

260+ customer’s reviews at Amazon

Multiple color combinations.


Low in stock

My Thoughts

Hence, Tech Tools Boxing Bag Set is an absolute package to improve your boxing skills .  Overall when you compare it with other speed bags, this one is a top draw for sure.

XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform is a great product to improve your eye-hand coordination, rhythm, timing, accuracy, and hand speed. This adjustable Speed Bag Platform is built with heavy gauge steel and elegantly finished 1-1/2 inch drum of hardwood.

The platform does not come with a speed bag. So you have to buy the speed ball seperately which is a serious con.  Apart from it, this  platform reduces vibrations and increases your return. Another great thing about this XMark platform is that it is user-friendly and accommodate to all athletes with different heights.

Moreover, this adjustable speed bag platform can be mounted on standards of household wall studs that are 16 inches apart. Thus, after its quick installation, you can start your boxing sessions without any fuss. In short, this XMark Adjustable Speed Platform will become one of your favorite spot in your house.


Heavy gauge steel construction: This speed bag platform is made with high quality and heavy gauge steel to reduce vibration and enhance rebound.

Adjustable height: The X-Mark Adjustable speed bag platform features height adjustments that accommodate all athletes with different heights.

Beautifully finished construction: The drum (wood platform) of 24 inches is crafted with 1-1/2 inch hardwood with a beautiful furniture finish to give this platform an appealing look.

Swivel included: Additionally, this platform also comes with a professional grade ball bearing swivel.

Boost reflexes and timing: Yes, by getting this functional and user-friendly punching bag platform you can improve your eye-hand coordination, rhythm, timing, and hand speed.


Item weight: 53 pounds
Product dimensions: 27 x 25 x 8 inches
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Adjustable speed bag platform

Best speed bag swivel in affordable price


Heavy gauge steel construction

Adjustable height

Easy and clear instructions


The quality of the swivel is poor

My Thoughts

Above all, XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform is a one-in-all packaging product that is great, sturdy, easy to install, and cost-effective. Although, the swivel is of mediocre quality and your bag might not hang properly but it still manages to tolerate your hard punches and long training sessions. 


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