Best Boxing Shoes 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Boxing drills are tough and sparring is even tougher. Without good boxing shoes, you can’t dictate the terms in the ring so that’s why we have come up with some of the best boxing shoes in 2021 with buying guide.

If you are looking for leather shoes, then our best leather boxing shoes is high recommended for you.

Top 10 Best Boxing Shoes

Here is the list of some of the best boxing shoes in the market.

ImageBest Boxing Shoes 2021Key FeaturesPrice
Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing ShoesEverlast New Elite High Top Boxing ShoesHybrid designCheck Price
adidas Box HOG II Boxing ShoesAdidas Box HOG II Boxing ShoesStrong grip and stabilityCheck Price
Reebok Men's Boot Boxing ShoeReebok Men’s Boxing Boot-Buck SneakerAdded ankle supportCheck Price
adidas Men's Adizero Wrestling XIV-M ShoesAdidas Men’s Adizero Wrestling XIV-M ShoesEnhanced ventilationCheck Price
Otomix Men's Warrior Boxing MMA ShoesOtomix Men’s Warrior Boxing MMA ShoesIncreases speed and mobilityCheck Price
Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing ShoesRingside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing ShoesBreathable nylon mesh upperCheck Price
Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing ShoesTitle Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing ShoesOffers snug fitCheck Price
Lonsdale Mens Contender Boxing Boots Full Shoes TrainersLonsdale Mens Contender Boxing BootsImpressive cushioningCheck Price
Venum Elite Boxing Shoes mVenum Elite Boxing ShoesMaximize the tractionCheck Price
Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing ShoesRingside Diablo Wrestling Boxing ShoesLow-top to protect ankleCheck Price

1. Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

Everlast New is a high top, lightweight, and mesh upper with extra ankle support boxing footwear. This classic boxing shoe features hybrid design to go perfectly fine on a variety of surfaces with ease.

Check Price

Hence, making it a perfect choice not only for in-ring use but for gym also for optimal training.

To begin with the construction, this shoe model is built with high-quality technical sole optimizing the maximum traction, flexibility and support to polish the footwork for boxing.

The innovative tread design settles and optimizes the stability and side to side movements and prevents the players from slipping.

The premium rubber outsole combined with weightless open weave mesh upper provides superior traction and strong grip without losing the speed and mobility on the canvas. Moreover, the lightweight mesh upper keeps the Everlast Elite more comfortable during the intense boxing combats in the ring.

To enhance the ankle protection and support for competitive performance in the arena, the New Elite features a high top design with additional ankle strap. The ventilation of this shoe model is impressive. The mesh upper lets the air in and out and keeps the feet fresh and odour-free in all situations for sure.

These boxing boots are available in blue, red and black color to elevate your look on the boxing floor. As far as the price is concerned, the shoe with premium features makes it bang for the bucks for you.

On the whole, the Everlast New Elite has minimal and sleek design to please the eyes. The hybrid design with the collaboration of comfort, additional support and flexibility increase your overall performance when fighting. That’s why Everlast New Elite is one of the best boxing shoes in 2021.


  • Hybrid design for gym and in ring use
  • Additional ankle protection and support
  • Lightweight, flexible with strong stability
  • Excellent tread saves from slipping
  • Affordable price


  • Not suitable for wide feet boxers
  • No guarantee for durability

2. Adidas Box HOG II Boxing Shoes

Adidas Box Hog ll is a comprehensive boxing footwear focusing on responsive cushioning, stability and added support for ankles.

Check Price

The Hog 2 is extremely lightweight and allows you to position yourself with ease to block and counter. The synthetic material combines with single-layer open mesh ensures superior ventilation that is necessary to keep feet fresh to deliver improved footwork.

Hog 2 is surely a good boxing shoes because of its sturdiness, and lightweight in nature.

Moreover, the upper features synthetic suede overlays combined with lace-up closure giving you a secure and comfortable fit boosting your confidence in the ring. One of the best shoes for boxing.

Coupled with low-profile EVA midsole, Box Hog provides extra foot support with a cushioned heel making the midfoot lightweight. These amazing features let you move around the floor with ease.

The outsole is made of gum rubber material that helps the feet stick to the ground for aggressive combat. It increases the indoor traction and grip to boost your footwork when boxing.

These top boxing shoes are specially designed to provide additional support to your ankles. Thus you are free to move, rotate and turn as quickly as required for defence.

On the downside, the shoes go well with slim feet due to the narrow toe area.

The combination of simple black and white gives these shoes a classic look. The three stripes design and Adidas logo make this model more popular among boxing lovers. Another reason to love these shoes is the medium price making it affordable for everyone.

All in all, Box Hog 2 provides excellent support to your ankles increasing agility and mobility. Low-profile shape reinforces the cushioning and the lightweight doesn’t weigh you down in crucial moments of the game. The classic appearance looks attractive.


  • Offers superb cushioning
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Strong grip and stability
  • Excellent indoor interaction
  • Reasonably priced


  • Inaccurate sizing

3. Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker

Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot is popular among professional boxers for the durability, lightweight and comfort it offers generously.

Check Price

Starting with the upper construction, it has a mesh upper with leather details creating a soft yet durable upper portion. Therefore, your feet remain comfortable throughout boxing. And mesh fabric increases the air circulation that prevents the accumulation of sweat and unpleasant odour.

To maximize the ankle protection during excessive footwork, these best boxing boots feature an ankle strap that goes around the ankles providing them extraordinary support to perform better. Cushioning is the much-demanded factor for boxing.

And the good thing about Reebok is that its EVA midsole feature offers a great deal of cushioning to absorb the shocks contributing to the performance overall.

The full rubber outsole of these boxing trainer shoes helps to keep you balanced whereas the padded insole ensures comfort when boxing goes intense. It also offers plenty of traction without sacrificing the durability of the ring. With a lace-up closure, this shoe gives you a snug feeling increasing your foot movement largely.

The black white combination with Reebok logo and high cut design look elegant when you lace them up. The price justifies the features this model offers.

Obviously, the wide range of features and the durable construction makes it popular among intermediate to pro-level boxers. The high-quality material is useful in the long run. Many professionals such as Floyd Mayweather have worn this model.


  • EVA midsole offers outstanding cushioning
  • Superior ventilation keeps feet dry
  • Sufficient cushioning
  • Maximum traction and stability
  • Added ankle support


  • Requires break-in period
  • Not good option for wide feet

4. Adidas Men’s Adizero Wrestling XIV-M Shoes

Adidas Men’s Adizero is the member of minimalist adizero family with all the features essential to attain peak performance during combat.

Check Price

The Adizero contains 100% synthetic leather with breathable single-layer mesh allows your feet to stay cool and fresh. The smooth mesh upper provides you with sufficient flexibility and comfort allows the boxers to move quickly in any direction to defeat the opponent.

This boxing boot features a high-tech outsole to offer excellent grip in the boxing tournament. The outsole optimizes your motion and gives you maximum traction inside the ring. Moreover, the traction pattern is engineered in such a way as to keep your body balanced in right alignment.

The insole with rubberized inserts provides physical safety and shock absorption without fatiguing the feet. An interesting fact about this model is it does not require any break-in session to go smooth.

The contemporary design is available in a variety of dazzling colours offering you to grab your favourite one to make your appearance more energetic on the floor.

By and large, the Adizero is an impressive shoe model ensuring advanced traction control, accurate balance and special momentum to achieve next level execution. Overall, you can easily say that this is one of the best boxing boots around.


  • Rubber sole give maximum traction
  • Enhanced ventilation
  • Ample flexibilty
  • Excellent shock absorption feature
  • Lightweight and flexible


  • Not durable

5. Otomix Men’s Warrior Boxing MMA Shoes

Being the updated version of the Otomix family, the Otomix Warrior is a multi-purpose athlete shoe that not only serves the boxers but also other athletes being played on the mat.

Check Price

As far as the upper is concerned, the excellent fusion of leather, suede and polyester make this version highly breathable and does not let the feet to be fatigued due to the extended game hours. The incorporation of polyester offers durability for long-lasting. The toe area is wide enough to adjust the wide feet with ease.

These men’s boxing shoes are extremely lightweight and increase the vast range of movements in all directions to rank up your boxing skill in the end. Besides, the shaft ensures protection saving your feet from sprains and injuries.

The thin outsole helps to position your feet closer to the ground for accurate balance, flexibility and natural footwork. Featuring a soft velvet lining, the Warrior eliminates the friction and sliding during boxing tournaments.

The wide toe area is another aspect of this model that provides enough room for those players having wide feet and need more space for their feet.

Another key feature of this ninja Warrior is the additional ankle support making it popular among keen boxers. The shoe delivers strong tread and traction to take the game to the next level with enhanced support altogether.

The red and black version of these shoes with stylish looks give you a smart look on the floor. You get exciting features for what you pay for.

In short, the shoe is capable of providing the strong grip, optimize the level of traction, and stability that you need when stepping into the ring. The added ankle support is matchless.


  • Impressive traction and grip
  • Durable without being bulky
  • Comfortable, lightweight and breathable
  • Suitable for wide feet
  • Increases speed and mobility


  • Less breathable due to polyester
  • Flat bottom

6. Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing Shoes

The quality and type of shoes affect the outcome of your boxing altogether. Giving these factors the top priority, Ringside Undefeated Boxing shoes have been engineered.

Check Price

Ringside is truly an excellent fusion of style and construction, when it comes to performance. Undefeated, as the name reveals, is the exact pair of top boxing shoes that help you to intimidate your contender to achieve victory.

Like every other boxing shoe, it also focuses on the upper construction. It features the breathable nylon mesh pattern essential to provide ample ventilation terminating the feet fatigue.

The collaboration of patent leather vinyl finish gives the shoe not only a glossy look which is pleasing to the eyes but also increases the durability to be used for long.

The traditional high top ankle design ensures the required level of support with ideal flexibility contributing the elite class performance while reducing the risks of injuries and sprains.

Discussing the sole of the Ringside, it features a non-slip rubber sole pattern boosting the stability which is an essential ingredient, helping to produce the more natural and professional footwork altogether.

Going further, the lace up closure controls the entire shaft by locking your feet securely in the shoes. Therefore, you enjoy long hour games with clean punches leading to seize the opponent.

The shoe is only available in black and white colours with classy design giving you a stunning look when you lace them up. What’s more the shoe offering is the lightweight of this version. Thus you feel light, and go fast with successful punches around the opponent.

Summing up, the Ringside Undefeated surely lives up its name by providing the extra comfort, stability and support to execute more professional boxing workouts. To be honest, one of the best boxing shoes around.


  • Perfect fusion of style and performance
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Traditional high top with extended ankle support
  • Durable and affordable
  • Breathable nylon mesh upper


  • Flat sole with no padding
  • Accurate sizing is a big issue

7. Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Sneakers

Title Speed-Flex is a boxing oriented shoe model focusing on the quick footwork and speed which are key factors in boxing training.

Check Price

First of all, the upper is constructed with the fusion of synthetic leather and tight weave nylon does not allow you to be distracted due to the build of sweat and stinking odor, rather keeping them cool and fresh through proper air circulation. The flexible upper also helps to promote overall comfort during fighting.

Secondly, the mid-top design along with high lace up closure enhances the feet protection and provides the required superior support to display consistent performance when boxing without losing the comfort and lightweight.

These boxing trainer shoes are designed to produce optimal performance with outstanding stability and premium traction while you feel light and comfortable on the floor due to its durable sole and flexible material.

The outsole ensures the perfect connection between your feet and the mat and you move, turn and pivot freely and quickly on the floor. It offers the right amount of cushioning and absorbs impact to make you stand for rounds after rounds.

With a wide range of colors and stylish embroidery, the Speed-Flex is available on the market inviting you to choose the one that goes with your style.

On the whole, the shoe is incredibly lightweight and comfortable, supporting your ankles to deliver the quick and sharp moves when required.


  • Offers snug fit
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Additional ankle support
  • Reinforces speed and footwork
  • Provides right amount of cushioning


  • Putting them on and off requires time
  • Less comfortable

8. Lonsdale Mens Contender Boxing Boots Full Shoes Trainers

Being the oldest shoe brand in the boxing game, the Contender is truly a great investment enthusiastic and keen boxers are looking to rank their position in the boxing arena. It is solid, comfortable yet lightweight making it the best boxing shoes.

Check Price

This low-cut shoe with a streamlined look increases natural footwork and allows multi-directional movements with ease. Moreover, the quilted ankle offers enhanced support and extra cushioning on sides, that is why you feel more support and comfort.

The lightweight Contender is especially designed to cater your speed and agility to the fullest when you are sparring. The perfect blend of padded tongue and collar maximize the ankle support that leads to smooth movement while terminating other issues like chafing, twisting and sprains.

Additionally, the padded insole brings shock absorption advantages along with extended comfort. If you prefer a simple look, grab this boxing shoe as it comes only in black color with simple design but looks professional and attractive at the same time. The gripped sole makes sure the optimized traction essential for playful punches.

The upper portion has planned vents for the proper ventilation. These vents allow the sweat and perspiration to dry while keeping your feet fresh and cool.

To conclude, the high quality, comfort and flexibility of Lonsdale speaks itself when you strap yourself in this boxing shoe.


  • Reduces sweat and odor through vents
  • Ultra cheap with added support
  • Lightweight low-top
  • Impressive cushioning
  • Ample cushioning


  • Limited color options
  • Loose stitching on the seams is reported

9. Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

The Venum Elite is the first edition of professional boxing unisex shoe model crafted after spending of two years of dedicated research and development. Comfort, power, stability, and mobility are the essential ingredients the top boxing shoe must possess.

Check Price

On the top of all, the tri-material includes glossy PU patent, PU flex and mesh honeycomb giving the upper a glossy finish with added comfort and durability. The honeycomb mesh around the ankles and toe make it easy for the feet to breath during the most intense workouts.

Concerning the performance of the rubber outsole, it ensures increased grip establishes a strong connection between your feet and the surface for long stay to excel in the ring. Further, the high quality enhances the durability and longevity of the shoe. Whereas the maximum stability helps you to position your feet easily.

The anatomical designed insole gives your feet a snug fit with optimized comfort and flexibility you need in the ring. The bonded insole does not let your slip easily. The mid-cut design ensures the ankle support and allows you to turn, rotate and doge with ease.

In terms of coloring, the shoe is available in black with bold color combination and flashy design making it everyone’s favourite. At the same time, you have to be careful about sizing. For perfect fit, you should go to a half size larger than the standard US sizing.

The bottom line says the Venum Elite edition is super comfortable and durable and makes you ready to kick off your boxing with confidence. The stylish appearance adds your elegant look on the boxing mat.


  • Ample ankle and arch support
  • Outstanding level of grip and stability
  • Maximize the traction and tread
  • Lace up closure for snug fit
  • Flexible to ease your motion


  • Not durable enough
  • True size is not easy to find

10. Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes

It is no wonder to see another edition of Rinside on the list of top 10 boxing shoes. With low-top and durable sole, Ringside Diablo is the suitable pick for the beginner and intermediate fighters.

Check Price

The Diablo is made with breathable nylon mesh pattern, preventing feet from overheating by circulating the fresh air in and out. And you are fresh and energetic to play more. At the same time, the leather vinyl finish gives them a modern and exclusive look feasting your eyes.

For the sheer ankle support and easy movement, this shoe version features low-top and padded tongue. The laces easily tuck behind the tongue to make your movements more secure. Unlike traditional boxing footwear, the Diablo is more flexible, accommodating the wide feet with ultimate ease. The padded ankle and tongue reduces the fear of chafing and blistering and you feel free to speed up your footwork.

On the bottom, it features a non-slip rubber sole making you stable on the floor by offering sufficient traction. The grippy outsole increases the stability on the mat and helps you to launch your jabs frequently.

Apart from the high performance features, the shoe is popular due to its glossy exterior available in different bright colors. The vinyl material makes it easy to clean when it gets dirty. No,doubt, this contemporary flashy look is surprisingly available at low price making it in everyone’s access.

Overall, the Diablo features additional support, extended durability and stability allows your boxing competition to last longer. The cosmetic look with high performing features make it the top choice for ring footwear.


  • Adorable breathable exterior
  • Low-top to protect ankle
  • Flexible toe area
  • Gippy outsole enhance stability
  • Lightweight and low price


  • Not true to size, may run a little big
  • Less supportive for pro level game

Types Of Boxing Shoes

There are different types of boxing shoes available on the market to meet the boxing requirements professionally. Unlike traditional ordinary footwear, the boxing shoes are designed to adapt the natural curves of your feet. As a result, you execute more professional output inside the ring when boxing. Facilitating the boxers with a wide range of motion, they are kept lightweight and flexible.

Conventionally, there are three types of boxing shoes depending on the height of the boxing shoes;. They are:

  1. Low-top
  2. Mid-top
  3. High-top

Each type has its own gains and losses. But it is quite evident that the height of the boxing shoes have knock-on-effects influencing other boxing attributes largely. For example, the high top offers plenty of ankle support, on the other hand, it restricts the flexibility affecting your mobility around the ring.

Selection of the boxing shoes absolutely is the matter of your personal preferences. Despite, it is essential to know which type would go best if you go for sparring, training or professional boxing fight.Let’s discuss each type in detail.

  • Low-Top Boxing Shoes

Low-top as the name reveals, is the lowest type of boxing shoes out of three. How low it should be, does not have a calculating formula, rather different brands keep different heights. Rival’s constructed low top covers the ankle whereas the Grants’ lower edition rests a bit lower.

In boxing, the boxers want freedom to move in all directions for offensive boxing style. Here the low-top is the ideal choice as it allows all types of movement with ease including lateral motion, front or back and back to front to excel the game.

But the negative side is that it lacks adequate ankle protection. If you are prone to sprain and ankle injuries, do not go for this type of shoe models.

  • Mid-Top Boxing Shoes

The mid-top also known as mid-cut is the common and popular type of boxing shoes among professional boxers as well as amateurs. They are designed to rest a few inches above the ankle, usually higher than the low-top but less than high-top.

The mid-top offers adequate ankle support and better mobility for fast and free movements on the floor. Thus you are free to speed up your movements without sacrificing the safety of the ankles. It makes it easy to turn, twist and dodge to grasp your opponent around the grip.

That is why this design is the most preferred among the enthusiastic boxers all over the world

  • High-Top Boxing Shoes

If you want maximum ankle support preventing them from sprains and injuries, then the high-top is ideal for you. Stabilization of the ankle is as important as the execution of clean punches to win the game. Therefore, a higi-top helps you to stabilize your ankle for sure to have a playful fight within the ring.

High-top rises just above the ankle and ends below the calf muscle making sure the ankle is protected from all sides. But the downside is that it does not support the lateral movements which is an essential requirement when boxing. Moreover, it stops side-to-side movements which may affect your progress in the game.

When going for high-tops, you must know that various models fit differently. Some are too loose at the ankles and some are too tight giving you the options to grab which suits you the most.

Final Words

It is obvious that the right type of boxing footwear is an important ingredient when it comes to boxing. It may affect your in-ring performance when not chosen wisely. The best pair of boxing shoes make sure that you are enjoying stability, flexibility, and free moves during crucial moments of fighting.

Another essential aspect is that these shoes must be comfortable and light on your feet. As the lightweight allows the multi-directional movements with eas instead of weighing you down. It ensures the quick and fast movements to seize your opponent to surpass the game.

But there are numerous options available on the market, one may get confused easily. Keeping this confusion in mind we have mentioned the top rated shoes editions from the best brands all over the world. We are pretty sure that this article will help you to opt for the best boxing shoes smartly meeting your requirements and budget.

Salient Features For Best Shoes For Boxing

The perfect pair of boxing shoes should be lightweight to enhance the speed, breathable to keep your feet fresh and dry, and protective to support your ankle during intense sessions of the game. Moreover, it provides optimized traction and cushioning to overwhelm the opponent on the game floor.

Following are the important features and requirements you should consider when shopping for boxing shoes.

High Top Vs Low Top: Both features serve differently. High top is important for sheer ankle support whereas the low top is in the air at the same time. Former ensures superior safety for professional boxing and later makes a good choice for amateurs interested in sparring, occasional fighting and shadow boxing.

Grip And Pivot: Boxing is all about unlimited range of sudden motions, you need to rotate, slide, dodge and turn to have an upper hand on your opponent. Here regular shoes may cause awkward turning and slipping. Whereas the top boxing shoes allows you to enjoy a unique balance between pivot and grip in the boxing arena.

The grip improves your footwork and close range by supporting sudden movements skilfully. The excellent fusion of grip and pivot enhance the transfer of power to execute clean punches and extraordinary combat around the ring.

Sole: In addition to the features of top rated boxing shoes, sole plays a vital role to enhance the game overall. When it comes to performance, the way a sole is built matters a lot. For the speedy development on the canvas, they have a smooth base with groove cuts for forward and reverse movements fastly.

Further, the thickness of the sole is a way more than providing the balance on the combat floor. Thin or thick sole both affect your performance differently. The slim sole reduces the distance between your feet and the floor, thus producing more natural footwork. If you love to wear thick soles, you feel less ground but more powerful and stable.
Considering the insole, it allows you to enjoy the improved balance and benefit your control and coordination on the ground.

Ankle Support And Height: On the top of all, what factor is more important for a box shoe is the ultimate ankle support it offers. In boxing, you are continuously putting force and stress on your ankles due to lateral movements and quick stepping. Consequently, ankles are prone to injury. Therefore, you should pick the best rated boxing shoes with sheer ankle support when opting for boxing shoes to take your fight next level.

Going further, there are three different shoe-heights of boxing shoes that provide best possible support to your ankles. They are low-top, mid-top and high-top.

For maximum ankle support, grab the high-top boxing shoes. To have a great deal of mobility, low-tow is the smart choice that gives you more freedom to move around the ring and opponent. However, the mid-top shoe models are popular among boxers. Being 2 to 3 inches above the ankles, they offer more stability, mobility and protection.

Lightweight: Besides grip, sole and ankle support, the lightweight has much to do when boxing. The lightweight boxing shoes , as the name suggests, increase your range of motion and ensure quicker and safer footwork. Contrary the heavy shoe weighs you down and may lead to losing the game. Lightweight, on the other hand, makes you feel light and energetic during boxing.

Also this feature enhances flexibility and balance to improve your performance overall.

Breathability: As the name suggests, this feature ensures enhanced air circulation to keep your feet fresh, sweat-free and cool in the boxing arena. To maximize the breathability of the shoes, the upper portion features a mix of synthetic leather, suede and mesh panels.

Most of the time, the boxing workout session may go intense and will end up lots of sweating. Therefore, the best rated boxing shoes must have superior ventilation and breathability to prevent the feet from slipping due to sweat.

Comfort And Width: The combination of comfort and width is more a matter of personal preferences. Depending on your feet size, you opt for the right pair of shoes accordingly. If you have narrow feet, a loose pair of shoes will be the worst option then, causing sliding and twisting and will end up in injuries.

On the contrats, players with wide feet should opt for the shoe with a wide toe area to spread their feet easily.

Similarly, do not sacrifice on comfort if you want to enjoy long hour boxing sessions. Winning or losing the game only takes a few seconds of distraction and focus losing. So, decide the right footwear that is comfortable, reliable, flexible and wide enough for the feet to splay.

Quality: Beyond the above mentioned features, there is much that quality does. A top notch quality boxing shoe affects your overall performance on the boxing canvas. It increases your range of range of movements with ease, saves from sprains and injuries and reinforces your natural footwork to grasp the opponents. It also ensures sheer ankle support and flexibility and stability. A reliable boxing shoe offers maximum traction and optimized treads on the floor to fight with more confidence.

Construction And Texture: Construction is one of the most important elements when choosing the best boxing footwear, one should not ignore. As some players have wide feet, and some have narrow feet, therefore, boxing shoes must be crafted while keeping these factors in mind.

Further, in boxing, the ankle support is crucial to move easily and speedily. Therefore, the boxing boots are constructed to handle these requirements of boxing.

The well constructed boxing footwear does not let you feel off-balance when fighting. The ankle straps make sure that your ankle is well protected and reduces the chances of getting hurt, and sprains when playing. The lace up construction ensures snug fitting.

Similarly, the lightweight texture is the essential aspect of ring shoes. As the heavier texture affects the entire output of the players. A heavy pair of shoes with poor construction restricts your mobility and movements. That is the reason, the boing shoes use synthetic material which is pretty light and breathable.

The shoe with right construction and compatible texture enhances every aspect of your movement and speed.


Q. Do you really need boxing shoes?
YES! Good boxing depends on the footwork to excel in the ring. The specifically designed boxing shoes allows you to move with more freedom and speed, ensuring the safety and ample support which ordinary shoes can not provide.

Q. What boxing shoes does Floyd Mayweather wear?
Floyd Mayweather has been wearing Reebok boots for the past couples of years. He’s also seen wearing Adidas containing his name and a fringe collar.

Q. What boxing shoes did Muhammad Ali wear?
In the very first fight, he wore Adidas in white with red stripes and tassels

Q. Can you use running shoes for boxing?
NO, not at all. A common running shoe does not support ankle, pivoting and balance which are essential ingredients to win in boxing.

Q. Why do boxers wear high shoes?
The high shoe does not roll the ankles in the middle of the game. Rolling ankles causes injuries and sprain may end up losing the game. That is why boxers always prefer high shoes to save their ankles from suspected injuries.

Q. How do I choose boxing shoes?
Correct sizing matters a lot when buying boxing shoes. As boxing shoes are tight and narrow as compared to streetwear, so choose the size usually a half size larger than standard US sizing.

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