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Best Boxing Shoes For 2022 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide

Feet movement in boxing plays a vital role in your gameplay.

You must have to be quick and solid in your movement to stamp the authority in your game.  

For outstanding feet movement, you need absolutely best boxing shoes that allows you to every single movement without an issue.

So, here Nerdboxing  has compiled a list of top-notch boxing shoes that can seriously boost your peformance.

Title Predator II Boxing Shoes​

Title Predator II Boxing Shoes

Why Its Better ? 

>> Lightweight

>> Highly Breathable

>> Multiple Colors.

>> Durable and Flexible

>> Reasonable in Price.


Features Of The Best Boxing Shoes

It is not easy to buy professional training shoes every time as it can drain your wallet. You can make the right investment on the right shoes to enjoy your sports and training time.

Wearing a particular shoe during training of boxing can improve your footwork which is quite crucial for boxing. These shoes help you to move quickly and deliver the maximum amount of support.

Following are the features of the best boxing shoes.


Boxing shoes are comparatively less in weight as compared to other sports shoes. They are lightweight so that a player can move and change their direction more frequently which is an important part of boxing.  These shoes are made with suede and leather to keep the player like he is not wearing shoes at all.


Boxing shoes are designed in low-top, mid-top, and high-top versions. Particularly, the high-top shoes provide exceptional support to your foot, ankle, and shin bones.
Besides, some boxing champions prefer low-top boxing shoes as it provides great freedom of movement.


Most of the boxing shoes are crafted with thin soles which helps to maintain traction without holding you too hard to the ground. Shoes with the outsole deliver traction even if your ring become slippery due to sweating during the game.


One of the best features of boxing shoes is its breathability. It allows the sweat to evaporate that means the fluid can pass through them easily. Although this feature makes them impractical when they are worn outside as you walk through the watery path.

Meanwhile, this characteristic is very helpful when the player is in the ring as it keeps the feet dry and cool. Similarly, few  are designed with mesh panels to enhance breathability.


ASICS Aggressor 2 Wrestling Shoe

One of the most popular Boxing shoes in the wrestling world is ASICS Aggressor 2 wrestling shoe. With traditional upper design and additional ankle support. 

ASICS Wrestling Shoes is an ultimate choice for the wrestlers. This Aggressor series is well- known due to their durability, high-end performance, and best quality of materials. It captivates outsole tread with full ankle support. No doubt, they are designed for domination and raw power.

Despite their heavy-duty construction they are lightweight and will keep you fastest on the track. This modern design boxing shoes are available in stunning designs and colors.


ASICS Aggressor Boxing shoes are built with a leather and synthetic material. It is designed with a treaded rubber side wall which gives you a benefit of a firm grip at every angle wherever you move in a ring. Moreover, the form-fitting, soft, Ecsaine upper which is sturdy and comfortable. Similarly, it conveys an excellent fit and lace-entry for a customized fit.

Additionally, the combative DuoSole and Outsole have been modified providing ultimate traction whatever your position is. 

Next, the customary lace garage system delivers an absolute fit around the ankle and the adjustable ankle strap with hook and loop closure submits astonishing grip no matter how hard you run and punch your opponents. 

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Thus keeping your feet in proper place and improves flexibility while keeping up traction.Lastly, it is designed with a padded tongue and collar to provide extraneous amenity while you move in the ring.


The rubber sole of these boxing shoes delivers more grip and amenity to the boxers. While the Duosole outsole of this boxing boot help to minimize the weight and improves flexibility whilst maintaining traction. Its high-quality materials helps to intensify your performance so that you can give hard punches to your opponents.

 Item weight: 2.8 pounds
 Product dimensions: 11.5 x 4.5 x 7.5 inches
 Color: Available in dusty blue, silver, red, and orange colour
 Size: Comes in various size options
 Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


100% leather

Full-length outsole

Protects your ankle from chaffing

Comfortable to wear

400+ customer reviews at Amazon

Lightweight and flexible


Less in stock

My Thoughts

Overall, I highly recommend these ASICS Boxing Boots as they not only come in your budget but also function even better.

Ringside Diablo Muay Thai Boxing Shoes

Ringside Diablo Muay Thai Boxing Shoes comes under the best 100$ boxing shoes selected by the champion boxers. You must not miss this pair while getting a boxing boot for yourself. WOW!   these  Boxing shoes are available in fascinating colors. So, you have many shade options to choose from.

It looks bigger than its actual size, so try to get one size smaller than your actual size. Most importantly, this boxing boot has a narrow design which is not suitable for wide feet. It delivers excellent support and comfort while you run in the ring. 

These contemporary low top boxing shoes delivers high-end performance with its taut and form-fitting feature.


These contemporary style boxing boots are crafted with a patent leather vinyl finish that deliver smooth performance and rotation. The rubber sole helps to provide you with a better grip and maintains your balance in the ring. Similarly, this rubber material offers non-slipping along with extreme comfort and ease.

Moreover, the nylon mesh pattern makes it breathable and keeps your shoes utterly fresh. Also, the definite leather vinyl finish makes it more appealing and unique. Apart from it, the low-top ankle design features ease of movement. In short, its overall construction is great and made with durable materials.


Ringside Boxing shoes are designed for combat performance. It submits a precise and efficient grip in sports such as wrestling, MMA, and boxing. Moreover, it assists your ankle while you jump and change directions quickly.

In fact, it offers an ultimate amount of support which is required while you are standing in front of your opponent. Most importantly, it is engineered to deliver excellent mobility and durability through many years to come.

 Item weight: 1.5 pounds
 Product dimensions: 14 x 12 x 5 inches
 Color: Available in various colours
 Size: Comes in different sizes
 Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Designed for combat sports

Sturdy surface grip

High-performance footwear

Maximum ankle support

Affordable price

Reliable surface grip


Narrow design

Limited in stock

My Thoughts

According to my opinion, Ringside cannot be nominated as the best boxing shoes on the planet as its toe compartment is a bit narrow for the people with wide feet. But on the other side, they feature the advantages that are good over your opponent in a boxing ring.

Reebok Men’s Boot Boxing Shoe

If you are searching for the high-top boxing boots then Reebok Boxing shoes must be at top of your list. They are solely designed by keeping the comfort level of the player in mind.

No doubt, it is lightweight and comfortable shoes which are best for boxing class but when coming to its durability it started peeling off from the heel side. Some users have a complaint about the sizes which runs too big. In that case, get a boot that fits you perfectly. Moreover, the leather upper mobility and synthetic sole flexibility make it suitable for both competitions and training.


Reebok Boxing Boots are fabricated with synthetic and Nubuck leather. Extremely lightweight that will not affect your performance. It is further designed with a synthetic nubuck upper and ankle strap which provides locked in feel for additional support. 

In this way, your feet become safe from slipping during boxing.
Also, the EVA midsole gives you the essential cushioning and comfort you need during the game. The outsole of this boot is made of full-rubber from a non-marking gum rubber that helps in proper traction thus enhancing the durability of these shoes.


This exceptional boxing boot is engineered to make you move fast and efficiently for your high-end performance. The foam mid-sole makes your every step lighter and an amenity full. Eventually, this boxing boot takes some time to break-in.

Thanks to its compression design which helps to deliver fast punches and make quick movements. Apart from it, these Reebok Boxing Shoes are meant to provide you with great ankle support with its Mid-cut design which promises to deliver ankle stability.

 Item weight: 5 pounds
 Color: Available in Delta-black, Black, and White colour
 Size: Available in various sizes                                                                                                                                 Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available    


Modified rubber grip

Very comfortable

Synthetic sole

Ankle and feet support


Improves balance


Takes some time to break-in

Some of its sizes are too long

My Thoughts

By all means, Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot offers great comfort and practicality if you are seeking for the best boxing shoes. It is not much cheap but the features it offers makes it a worthy piece to buy.

Adidas HVC2 Speed Boxing Shoes

Adidas is the German Manufacturer Boxing shoes that come third in our boxing shoes list. It infuses high regard in combat sports, also it is the renowned company in delivering quality products at a price that every sportsman can afford easily.

Although, it deliver excellent protection but bit narrow in design thus, not suitable for people with wide feet. Similarly, wide feet people must order half-inch higher than their required size. Else, the price is affordable and the quality of materials is excellent.

Adidas HVC2 Speed Boxing Shoes​


The Adidas Boxing shoe is crafted with a great combination of suede and synthetic leather. Its breathability is enhanced with the single layer of mesh on both sides of the shoe. Apart from it, the full-length outsole is designed by gum rubber with Omni-directional treads that captivate stable grip of the mat for both durability and stability.

Also, it comes with an incredible heel, good ankle support, and the full lace system for an ideal fit for great performance.


This incredible boxing boot is engineered greatly to maximize your performance level by keeping your comfort level in mind. Plus, Adidas boxing boots are lightweight, flexible, and durable so do not require any time for break-in. The Omni-directional treads modify the functioning of the sole in order to deliver excellent grip and stability.

Additionally, The Adidas Boxing boot is consists of pivot circles on the front of the sole which helps in the maximum rotation and maintain the balance of your ground.


Item weight: Lightweight
Colour: Available in Black colour
Size: Available in various sizes
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Omni-directional treads for persistent ring contact

Great construction for high-level support

Provides ultimate grip

Suede and synthetic leather made

Single mesh layer

Lace-up construction


It is a bit narrower for people with wide feet

My Thoughts

Hence, Adidas Men’s Boxing Boot is a superb product for the wrestlers looking for comfortable and durable boxing boots. It uphold great features but this boxing shoe is narrow in shape which is not suitable for the people with wide feet.

Ringside Youth Undefeated Boxing Shoes

Unbeatable comfort and durability you can get from Ringside Youth Undefeated Boxing Shoes and keeps a great balance of your rapid movements in the ring.

Ringside Youth Boxing Boots looks like one size bigger so get a size that is perfect for your feet. No doubt, these sports-specific boxing boots amalgamate high-class performance and style.


Ringside Youth Undefeated Boxing Shoes is fabricated with synthetic materials which makes it light and breathable. It is designed with a non-slip rubber sole which delivers good grip and also consists of alternating sections of nylon mesh panels which keeps the boxer’s feet dry and cool.

Moreover, the high-top design delivers undefeated ankle stabilizing support and the sturdy laces allow a secure fit to boxers feet. Further, the patent leather vinyl finish makes it more durable and appealing.


The Ringside Boxing shoes are enhanced with breathable mesh panels which keep the boxer’s feet cool, dry, and ventilated so that you can perform well. These leather boxing boots designed extraordinarily for upper-class level ring performance. In short, it delivers great control and balances over your quick movements in the ring.


Item weight: 1 pound
Product dimensions: 14 x 12 x 5 inches
Colour: Available in black and a white colour
Size: Available in size 2 and 4
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Light in weight

Highly ventilated

Suitable for multi-sports

Unique ankle support

Exceptionally comfortable


Sometimes it takes time to wear due to laces.

My Thoughts

According to my opinion, Ringside Youth defeated Boxing Shoes provides uncompromising ankle support and durability which every boxer wishes.

Rival Low-Top Neon Boxing Boots

One of the best Yellow and Black Trainers from Rival Company is Rival Low-Top Neon Boxing Boots. This high-top profile boxing boot is crafted with microfiber and suede which is perfect for the trainers and professionals.

Rival Low-Top Neon Boxing Boots​


The Rival Low-Top Boxing Shoes is manufactured with a great combination of microfiber and suede ventilated uppers which help to keep it cool and dry. It comes with a thin and flexible outsole and the high-top profile makes it suitable for the training.

Apart from it, Rival Boxing Boot comes in a very limited range of sizes so not everyone can buy them due to the unavailability of sizes. Besides, the boxing boot insole is designed with the cushioned arch support which delivers better grip on the ground.


Rival boxing shoe is designed with flexible and durable rubber outsole which supplies top traction and grip. It is designed with an ergonomic insole which offers superb cushion and arch support which is perfect for unconstrained speed and control. Thus, ultimately improving your overall performance in the boxing ring.


Item weight: Lightweight
Colour: Available in various colours
Size: Comes in limited size options
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Invigorating genuine apparent leather upper

Low-top profile assist ankle support

Stylish and comfortable

Sturdy and flexible rubber outsole


Comes in a limited range of sizes

My Thoughts

Hence, Rival Low-Top Neon Boxing Boot is a marvellous package of cost and value. It offers exceptional quality materials in a very fair amount while the cushioned arch support and padded ankle collars increase a lot of value of its price.

Title Predator II Boxing Shoes

One of the finest footwear yet with amazing Mid-length and extremely lightweight is Title Predator II Boxing Shoes. It is merely designed to enhance the boxer’s traction, performance, speed, and drive.

Nevertheless, an incredible boxing boot with three-dimensional upper anatomically profiles and comfort ankle wraps for the unbelievable support.

Title Predator II Boxing Shoes​


Title Predator II Boxing Shoes is fabricated with innovative and long-lasting materials. This wrestling boot is constructed with three dimensional upper anatomically outlines and adjustable fits the whole foot, lower calf, and ankle.

Furthermore, its gum rubber sole allows excellent traction. Also, the lace-up closure and comfort-wrap ankle captivate fabulous performance and support. Apart from it, Title Wrestling shoe is more enhanced with the full length padded mesh tongue which offers great breathability and air release.


This streamlined designed boxing shoe pair will deliver high-end performance in the ring with its locked-in speed feature. One more thing, its gum rubber sole and excellent breathability make it’s more popular among other boxing shoes.

Also, the rubber sole of these boxing shoes delivers firm grip and high-comfort level to the boxers. As it is outlined with innovative flexes for the absolute fit and that inflates with your movement in spite of becoming susceptible and thinner. Plus, this boxing boot keeps your feet at its proper place no matter how hard you fight in the boxing ring.


Item weight: 10 oz.
Item height: 6.5 inches
Colour: Available in various colour schemes with black
Size: Comes in different sizes
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Gum rubber sole

Excellent breathability

Incredible ankle support

Improves overall performance

Flexible and lightweight


Price is a bit high

My Thoughts

Above all, Title Predator II Boxing shoe is, no doubt, a great quality boxing boot that fits well and extremely lightweight just like you are wearing socks.

Otomix Men’s Stingray Escape Bodybuilding & Wrestling Shoes Black

With Otomix Men’s Stingray Wrestling shoes you can take part in Martial arts, wrestling and particularly in boxing. These extremely lightweight boxing boots provide great support and stability along with an unlimited range of motion.

Apart from it, some of the sizes are way big as mentioned on the shoes. Otherwise, a perfect and practical boxing boot for everyone. It is also suitable for MMA, martial arts, weightlifting, and bodybuilding

Otomix Men’s Stingray Escape Bodybuilding & Wrestling Shoes Black​


These imported boxing boots are made with leather and synthetic material. Its sole is crafted from rubber which makes it ultra-light yet durable. Similarly, their soles are thin and flexible, they also deliver excellent grip no matter how long you stand, jump, or practice.

Furthermore, updated Stingray comes with a wide toebox compartment so as to accommodate bigger feet. Lastly, the lace-up closures provide additional ankle support allowing you the freedom to move.


Otomix wrestling shoes are solely designed to provide you with arch support and ankle support as well. This boxing shoe supports your flat feet and improve your overall performance in the ring.
These boxing boots are made to escalate your performance so that you can give heavy punches to your competitor.


Item weight: 1.85 pounds
Product dimensions: 13.8 x 11 x 4.7 inches
Size: 7.5 inches
Colour: Available in black colour
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Excellent traction

Additional ankle support

Thin sole offers excellent foot grip

Ideal for MMA, martial arts, wrestling, bodybuilding, and weightlifting


Some users were not satisfied with the size as it was too large for them.

My Thoughts

By all means, Otomix Men’s Stingray Escape Bodybuilding and Wrestling Shoes Black support your training and competitions without a glitch. Its material, durability, performance, grip, and comfort level all are incredible. Consequently, its all designs are authentic and original at a very affordable price. Thus, get this pair and stand long in the boxing ring.

Best Boxing Shoes Buyer's Guide

An ultimate guide to boxing shoes that tramp out competitors! Are you looking for the best boxing shoes that stay with you throughout your rounds? So, we are here you to provide with a best buying guide that will take ahead of you to Victory.

Things to consider!

Before buying a boxing shoes one must consider the following key factors.

Pivot and Grip:

If you have poor grip and can spin or rotate around then you cannot be a good boxer. Seriously, it is quite an important factor, if your shoes is having poor grip and you can’t dodge your competitor in a ring than failure is in your luck. Yes! Boxing boots must prevent your feet from slipping aside. Consequently, when you pivot immediately then chances of ankle twisting are higher as you transfer weight.

Moreover, the non-boxing shoes may have a good grip but the front of the shoe is not designed by keeping pivoting in the mind. Furthermore, you must choose a boxing shoe whose grip and pivoting features are normal. Generally, some boxers prefer a high grip that makes pivoting difficult whereas some prefer less grip to pivot easily.

Thickness and Weight:

Keep in your mind while buying a boxing shoe that if it is made from heavier or thicker materials then the shoe can make your mobility difficult. On the other hand,more thickness and weight of the boxing boot can provide better protection to your ankle.

So, it depends upon the player what they prefer either freedom of movement or ankle protection.


Another important thing to consider is the quality of the boxing shoe. As you know better than your shoe will face hard training and long hours of running and jumping in a boxing ring. In this way, they can get some wear and tear. 

Thus, get a good quality shoe that can last for a while. In fact, a top-branded boxing shoe will stay with you for many years to come. But the easiest parameter of inspecting the quality of the shoe is its Sole. Therefore, the sole must be engineered well and the shoe should not start peeling off after a few hard training and workout.

Fit and Sizing:

A perfect boxing shoe must be fit to your feet according to the accurate size. In other words, it should not be tight or loose, in fact, comfortable. The boxing shoe must not squeeze your feet and it do have some room so that your feet can slide around during movements. Most importantly, your shoe must be comfortable and lightweight and must be snug fit so that you can fight stronger rather than distracting you from the fight. 

Sizing is another crucial thing to consider. Generally, Boxing shoes are like your regular shoes so you do not need to worry about the sizing trick. But one must keep in their mind that every brand has its own sizing guidelines which may differ from others. Normally, men boxing manufacturers stick to standard sizing whereas women boxing boots may vary.

Therefore, it is the best option to try the shoe at a store before buying it. In this way, you can get a real sense of what you are actually buying for your self.


Pricing is also the most important thing to consider. A price boxing boot should not be that much high that will drain you financially nor that much low with cheap quality materials. So, try to spend on the quality of the product. Don’t compromise with the quality over price. 

As your quality boxing boot will last long for many years and will come at considerably high price. Most of the boxers prefer quality and comfort over price as these things own great importance while you are standing in the ring and fighting with your competitor.

Final Verdict:

Therefore, I hope that the above-mentioned buying guide must be helpful for you. Always consider all the main features of a boxing shoe carefully whether you are a beginner or a boxing champion. In short, quality, comfort level, grip, price, and size combine together to make you stand strong in the boxing ring.