Best Boxing Headgear For Nose Protection

As a boxer, no matter how well trained and experienced you are still you can be punched by your opponent on the nose. The nose is also the delicate part of the face that must be well-protected during the game. For this reason, it is perfect to wear the best boxing headgear for nose protection and stay safe in a boxing ring.

Best Boxing Headgear For Nose Protection-2019 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Hence, we have collected the best boxing headgear for nose protection for players of all levels. Let’s have a detailed look at their features and specifications.

RDX Head Guard Maya Hide Leather

Why Its Better ? 

>> Highest Quality Construction.

>> 100% genuine leather.

>> Provides maximum nose protection and safety.

>> Double Stitching.

>> Shock absorbent gel tech integrated padding.


RDX Head Guard Maya Hide Leather

The RDX Head Guard is one of the best product in providing complete face and head protection that other headgear fails to provide. Yes, it provides you with the complete head and nose protection during sparring or training and most of all keeps your head in the right place.

Moreover, this headgear can withstand the hard punishment and that’s only due to its durable made. You can also guess from its name as it is constructed from durable Maya Hide Leather which makes it extremely sturdy and well-built head guard.


Best Shock absorption: It features a Shell-Shock Based Tri-slab Max Shock foam padding which provides high-level shock absorption and protection.

Quick-EZ Hook and Loop Closure: This RDX headgear is designed with Quick-EZ hook and loop closure to provide a user with a snug fit.

Maya Hide Leather: Another great feature of this headgear is its resilient Maya Hide Leather construction which makes it greatly durable and long lasting.

Face-grill: This boxing headgear comes with a removable and high-quality plastic encased face -grill to sustain maximum protection.

EVA-lution Sheet: Also, the ear part of this boxing head gear is nicely compressed with EVA-lution sheet and the large opening helps to improve aeration.


Item weight: Normal weight
Size: Available in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes
Colour: Comes in red, black, blue, and pink colour
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Extremely comfortable

Relatively durable

Quick-EZ hook and loop closure

Maya hide leather

Shock absorbent gel tech integrated padding

Provides maximum nose protection and safety


The plastic cover obstructs the view

My Thoughts

Overall, RDX Head Guard Maya Hide Leather is quality made design and provides maximum protection to your nose. It upholds great shock absorption qualities. On the other hand, its face grill obstructs the visibility of the player that can put a poor impact on their performance. Still a good choice for the boxing player at a reasonable price.

Title Classic Face Protector Headgear

Title Classic Boxing Headgear is nicely padded with the best material to offer maximum nose and head protection to the players. It consists of a padded, moulded plastic face bar which protects the fighters face from punches and strikes from the opponent. This best boxing headgear for nose protection will never affect your visibility. Consequently, this headgear is designed after much research and development.

Moreover, it is crafted from very lightweight yet sturdy materials so it offers good durability and comfort. Apart from it, this headgear comes in “one size fits all” which is incorrect as the size is relatively bigger as it is mentioned on the product.


Excellent Face Protection: It comes with a moulded plastic face bar that helps the boxer to protect their head and nose from the hard punches and strikes by the opponent.

Outstanding Visibility: This Face Protector Headgear is manufactured with premium quality materials that make it extremely lightweight to carry. Also, the design of this head gear provides the player with maximum visibility.

Highly Adjustable: The Classic Face Protector Headgear is designed in a way that it can be adjusted from the top, back, and under the chin for an excellent fit.

Comfortable to wear: Also, this head guard is crafted from smooth inside liner which is smooth and comfortable. Plus, it is easy and quick to wear and do not requires much care.


Item weight: 12 ounces
Product dimensions: 9.7 x 7.9 x 7.1 inches
Colour: Available in black colour
Size: One size fits most
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Moulded plastic face bar

Highly protects from punches and strikes

Extremely adjustable

Super lightweight

The smooth and soft inner liner


The one size is not suitable for every player

My Thoughts

By all means, is an excellent headgear that offers maximum protection especially to your nose. In addition, it provides both things; good visibility and protection. Although, some of the users have a complaint about its size that does not fit all. Otherwise, a good product that offers great functionality at an affordable price.

RDX Head Guard Maya Hide Leather Boxing UFC Sparring Helmet Fighting Protector

If you are looking for a headgear that not only provides head protection but also nose safety as well. Then RDX Head Guard Fighting Protector is a perfect choice. In addition, it is constructed from triple-padding that supports high-shock absorbency. It is great in providing excellent protection for Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, or Martial Art Sparring. Also, the overall protector helmet safeguards the chin, cheeks and especially nose.

Moreover, this RDX Boxing Headgear is crafted from Maya Hide Leather which promises to provide maximum durability along with a price tag that you will love. Apart from it, this headgear offers larger visibility as compared to other head gears which makes it difficult to slip punches due to its wide area.


Maya Hide Leather: It is crafted with Maya hide leather to upgrade its crafting strategies and well-built headgear for extended usage.

Great Shock absorbent: It is designed with triple padding all around the most commonly targeted areas. In the same way, this three-layer padding system with shock absorbent gel lining integrated with foam that works collectively to absorb shock and divide it to reduce the impact.

Steel Face Bar: RDX headgear for nose protection comes with an optional steel face bar with zero impact G-core protection technology that entertains you with maximum protection.

Excellent Adjustability: As this boxing headgear comes with the Unique rear lock system on the top of the head that provides perfect adjustability with lace lock top-side.

Obstruction Free Sight: This ergonomic design headgear features Obstruction free sight which is a great thing for the boxer and padded ear protection.


Item weight: Lightweight
Colour: Black
Size: Available in small and x-large sizes
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available



Highly comfortable to wear

Maya Hide Leather

Zero Impact G-Core Technology

Triple padding with shock-absorbent

Unique Rear Lock System


The sizes seem to run large

A bit bulky headgear as compared to others

My Thoughts

Thus, RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Headgear provides the user with maximum protection that they need in the boxing ring. It is made with high-quality materials that offer excellent durability. Besides, this boxing headgear is a bit bulky design as compared to other protective head gears due to its heavy padding. But still, a reasonably priced and well-made product that provides great protection.

Ringside Cleto Reyes Protector Boxing Headgear II

If you are looking for an extremely durable and well-made boxing head gear then you are at right place as Ringside Cleto Reyes Boxing Headgear II is the exceptional choice. This rounded face guard not only provides you with head and ear protection but also keep your nose well protected and delivers great coverage during the game. Plus, it provides a matchless fit, protection, and longevity.
Additionally, the 100% genuine cowhide leather construction sustains excellent durability, this all-leather made Ringside Headgear supports you the most during training and sparring. Extremely soft yet flexible and its pre-curved moulded foam padding conveys a comfortable and a perfect fit.

In addition to it, Ringside Cleto Reyes Headgear is solely designed for the boxers. It offers excellent visibility and great coverage with a price tag that will not drain you financially. Apart from it, this boxing headgear is designed in such a way that inhibits visibility and the player can’t see the uppercuts coming.


Cowhide Leather: This best boxing headgear for nose protection is fabricated with thickest 1.3 mm AA premium drum-dyed 100% real cowhide leather that supports the boxing champion from every way.

Handmade in Mexico: The Ringside Boxing Headgear is hand made in Mexico under strict quality control.

Injected Molded Foam Padding: It features super soft yet durable injected (2.25-2.75) pre-curved moulded foam padding (IMF) for optimal fit and comfort.

Hook and Loop Strap: Also, this boxing headgear comes with a wide wrap-around hook and loop strap that are fully adjustable and helps you to get extra secure and fit sizing.

Easy to put on/off: Further, this Protecting Boxing headgear is very convenient and quick to take on and off. In addition, the full face coverage helmet features fully padded cheeks and chin pads for additional coverage.


Item weight: 1 pound
Product dimensions: 9 x 7 x 7 inches
Colour: Available in a variety of colours
Size: One size fits all
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


100% genuine leather construction

Adjustable hook and loop closure

Sturdy and comfortable

Provides additional support to the nose

Highly durable

Rounded face guard


Limited visibility

My Thoughts

Overall, Ringside Cleto Reyes Protector Boxing Headgear II is a good all-round headgear in the market. No doubt, it is built with excellent quality materials, under strict control in Mexico but the design still inhibits visibility of the player. Similarly, some users have also complained about its poor nose protection during the fighting.

Hayabusa T3 MMA and Boxing Headgear-Men and Women

Enjoy the wide field of vision with this Low profile design of Hayabusa T3 MMA and Boxing Headgear which solely provides you with excellent nose and face protection. Hayabusa T3 MMA and Boxing Headgear is the ultimate choice for the boxers, that is crafted by conducting prolonged testing, research, and development. This boxing headgear provides you with a comfortable fit and natural feel whenever you wear it.

Moreover, it keeps your head secure and fit no matter how tough you train. It is extremely lightweight and flexible and protects your most important asset. Hayabusa T3 Boxing headgear is made with the quality materials that promise to last long.


Low Profile Design: This boxing headgear features a low profile design which escalates strike deflection whilst offering maximum visibility so that you can see from where the punch is coming.

Crush Zone Core: The Hayabusa Boxing Head Gear is embedded with crush-zone core for maximum shock absorption and force dispersion. Thus, this boxing headgear is proved to be a great addition in your boxing line up.

Well-made Design: It is built with pliant, pre-curved material that outlines comfortably around your head to provide you with a natural fit to deliver exceptional support and stability.

Improves Air Circulation: Next, it is designed with integrated mesh ear holes and the open top which improves air circulation. In addition, the XT2 antimicrobial technology restrains the bacteria growth to eliminate bad odour.

T-Cross Strap System: Further, Hayabusa boxing headgear consists of an Innovative T-Cross strap system which ensures a secure and comfortable fit and keeps your head at right place no matter from how rigorous training sessions you are going through.

Flexible and Lightweight: The Hayabusa is made with extremely flexible and lightweight materials that contours to provide full face coverage. Also, it delivers a perfect fit that stays in place no matter how hard you train.


Item weight: 13.9 ounces
Shipping weight: 14.4 ounces
Product dimensions: 10.5 x 8.5 x 7.5 inches
Color: Available in blue and black colour
Size: One sits fits all
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Wide visibility area

Provides consistent performance and protection

Maximum protection

Conveys exceptional stability and support

XT2 antimicrobial technology


It’s one size does not fit people with all head sizes

My Thoughts

Above all, strike harder, train longer and perform even better by getting this marvellous boxing headgear that is solely designed to serve and protect its users. Hayabusa T3 Boxing headgear provides you will all essential functions that you need during boxing. The protection, visibility, durability, high-amenity level all come in this product package. On the other side, its one size does not fit people with a big head as it is only suitable for smaller frame individuals.

Ringside Deluxe Face Saver Boxing Head Gear

The Ringside Deluxe Face Saver Boxing Headgear is designed to provide the player with outstanding peripheral vision. It is constructed with the robust leather exterior and an excellent moisture-wicking inner lining. In addition, the inner material of this best head gear helps to grip over your head even when you are sweating heavily.

Furthermore, this best boxing headgear for nose protection might make you feel tight in the start and thus requires a break in time. Although, the user will feel more comfortable after continuous usage. Moreover, it is designed with large protective padding positioned in the rear where both adjustable Velcro straps are present.

Plus, the top part of this Ringside headgear is tightened with a standard lace crown design and all these components collectively makes it a comfortable product. Most importantly, Ringside Boxing Head Gear plays a crucial role in protecting your face and prevents bleed-ed or broken nose. Thus, a perfect choice for the boxer to protect their nose at such an affordable price.


Durable Leather: Ringside Boxing Head Gear is crafted from premium quality durable leather which features long-term durability and longevity. Plus, it comes with a buckle chin strap to provide you with a perfect fit.

Excellent Visibility: This competent design helps the player to reduce potential target surface whilst sustaining a full range of vision.

Adjustable Rear Closure: The Ringside Face Saver Boxing Headgear is built with adjustable rear closure and the lace top allows the boxing head gear to be form fitted.

Moisture-Wicking: It is inbuilt with the moisture wicking liner which helps in quick drying. In this way, it keeps the head cool, dry, and comfortable.


Item weight: 1.2 pounds
Product dimensions: 10 x 8 x 7 inches
Colour: Comes in black, blue, and red colour
Size: Available in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Efficient design

Restrict potential target surface

Provides a great fitting

Leather construction

Protect the nose from direct punches


This boxing headgear is a little bit tight around the radial area and requires a breaking in time.

My Thoughts

Overall, Ringside Deluxe Face Saver Head Gear full fills its words in providing outstanding face protection. In fact, it does a great job in blocking punches that can land straightly toward your nose by the opponent. Also, this boxing head guard with nose protection provides great visibility and allows you to move your head freely. In short, this is the best headgear in providing face protection, great vision, and a perfect fit.

Cleto Reyes Head Gear with Cheek Protection

Cleto Reyes Head Gear with Cheek protection is the pricey product but it features it offers are incredible for the boxer. This boxing headgear is a highly-durable design that integrates authentic cowhide leather. In addition, the Cleto Reyes utilizes an exceptional design that keeps your head in the right place.


Cowhide Leather: This best boxing head gear for nose protection is incorporated with cowhide leather and latex foam padding.

Hook and Loop Closure: It features two Velcro straps on the back of the headgear, designed in such a way that the player can quickly strap on the headgear by their self. Also, provides a three-point anatomical fit and the top of the Head Gear is designed with a lace crown area adjustment to provide a snug fit.

Chin Strap: The Cleto Reyes Head Gear includes a sturdy chin strap that is held in the place with the help of a metal buckle. Although, this chin strap style is more durable as compared to Velcro strap at the same time the chin strap is less adjustable.

Great Visibility: Plus, this boxing headgear is designed in such a way that it sustains a wide angle vision that is highly required by the boxer in the ring.

Maximum Protection: It comes with the latex padding which provides excellent cushioning against the impact of punches.


Item weight: Lightweight
Size: Available in small, medium, and large sizes
Colour: Comes in a wide range of cool colours
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Maximum cheek protection

Solid padding and lacing.

Hook and loop rear closure

Solid latex padding

Great visibility


High in price

Short chin strap

My Thoughts

Hence, Cleto Reyes Head Gear with Cheek Protection is a great product for an intermediate player. It is a nicely crafted product along with a leather that is soft to touch and durable. Also, the seams are done well you cannot observe the imperfections in this product as it is designed with attention to detail. Besides, this is the expensive boxing headgear and the chin strap it includes in short in size which can create affect your adjustability.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

Win the bigger and great challenges with Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear. This headgear is particularly formulated to provide the player with maximum face protection. It is crafted from 100% Skintex leather that makes its ultralight, durable, and comfortable. In short, this is one of the best no contact boxing headgear which is perfect for boxing, kickboxing and many other martial arts.


Skintex Leather: This boxing headgear is formulated in Thailand by using 100% Skintex leather that is extremely soft to touch and comfortable.

Better Head Movement: The Venum Challenger headgear features a lightweight built and sustains in better head movement also improves visibility of your opponent.

Excellent Protection: It is designed with triple density contoured foam that helps to prevent cranial trauma. Plus, it provides maximum protection from all angles. Thus, protecting the most sensitive areas of your face like chin, cheek, and temples.

Two-way closure: Further, this boxing headgear is designed with the two-way closure that provides a snug fit and keeps your head at the right place whilst training.


Item weight: 10.9 ounces
Colour: Black
Size: One size fits all
Product dimensions: 12 x 12 x 12 inches
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Extremely lightweight

Triple density contoured foam

Two way Velcro Closure

100% Skintex leather

Cheek, head, and ear protection


Limited stock

My Thoughts

Above all, Venum Challenger 2.0 headgear is the best lightweight product that is highly recommended due to its well-made and comfortable built. It delivers fantastic coverage and great visibility. Also, this best boxing headgear for nose protection is incorporated with fairly distributed thick padding which is soft and comfortable from inside. Similarly, this thick layered padding helps to absorb high impact shocks in order to provide maximum protection.

Cleto Reyes Traditional Headgear Facesaver (Nosebar)

One of the incredible boxing headgear with excellent three-point anatomical fit. It features hook and loop closure for an adjustable fit. This Cleto Reyes Traditional Headgear Facesaver is designed with a nose bar to protect the nose from direct strikes and punches.

Although, it is expensive in price due to its premium quality genuine leather made. No doubt, it is at the top list in providing maximum nose protection with its specifically designed structure that guards the nose.


Maximum Adjustment: It offers an outstanding three-point anatomical fit. This best boxing headgear for nose protection provides the player with maximum adjustment with its hook and loop closure, adjustable chin strap, and lace.

Genuine Leather made: The Cleto Reyes Traditional Headgear is designed with latex foam padding and crafted with natural genuine leather.

Excellent Vision: This traditional headgear provides great vision from all necessary angles so that you can compete well with your opponent. Cleto Reyes Boxing Headgear is lightweight and keeps your head well-protected during the game.

Great nose protection: One of the best features of this headgear is that it features a pointed nylon face bar which owns heavy padding and sits nicely on the nose to keep it secure and reduces the chances of a nose injury.


Item weight: 1.3 pounds
Product dimensions: 8 x 8 x 12 inches
Colour: Comes in a wide range of colours
Size: Various sizes are available
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Three-point anatomical fit

Hook and loop closure

Perfect Vision angle

Best MMA Headgear

Provides maximum nose protection

Excellent breathability


It is a bit high in price

Thin chinstrap

My Thoughts

Hence, Cleto Reyes Boxing headgear is no doubt the best Headgear with all the best qualities that are required by the boxer also, perfect for boxing and kickboxing. I can say that Cleto Reyes is the perfect amalgamation of weight, visibility, and protection. Besides, this best boxing headgear 2019 is bit high in price still it is one of the highly recommended product. Lastly, crafted with all natural leather and solid stitches which eventually adds to its extra durability years.

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