Best Boxing Gloves 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Boxing gloves matter a lot in your game.

That’s why it is very crucial for you to pick the best boxing gloves for you.

Unfortunately, there are now hundreds of boxing brands available in the market and I am pretty harsh to say that most of them are full of junk.

Being in the sport of Boxing for over a decade, I have tested dozens of gloves and honestly, I will show you the finest gloves that will surely make you feel extremely comfortable and adaptive.

“This guide is different from other guides because I have personally tested all the popular brands and after consulting from professionals, I am enlisting the very best gloves in my guide.”

Best Boxing Gloves

Here is a list of best boxing gloves in 2021.

ImageBest Boxing Gloves 2021FeaturesPrice
winning-glovesWinning Boxing GlovesAwesome CompositionCheck Price
Casanova Sparring GlovesSuper hand and wrist protectionCheck Price
Cleto reyes Boxing Gloves (1)Cleto Reyes Boxing GlovesSolid constructionCheck Price
rival-boxing-glovesRival Boxing GlovesShock absorbingCheck Price
ring-cage-boxing-glovesRing to Cage C-17Extremely comfortableCheck Price
twin-special-boxing-glovesTwins Special BGVL-3Wonderful soft materialCheck Price
title-boxing-glovesTITLE Classic Lace-UpSolid padding and lacingCheck Price
sanabul-boxing-glovesSanabul Gel Boxing GlovesVelcro strappingCheck Price
pro-leather-title-boxing-glovesTITLE Boxing ProNice Padding and constructionCheck Price
hayabusa-boxing-gloveHayabusa T3 Boxing GlovesDual-strap systemCheck Price
venum-boxing-glovesVenum Challenger 2.0Solid paddingCheck Price
Venum Elite Boxing GlovesBeautiful design and colorsCheck Price


Winning Boxing Gloves

winning boxing gloves

  • Used By Professionals
  • Great Performance
  • Solid Padding


Sanabul Boxing Gloves

sanabul boxing gloves

  • 1250+ Amazon reviews
  • Very cheap in price
  • Velcro strapping


Rival Boxing Gloves

rival boxing gloves

  • Beautiful design & great look
  • Super comfortable
  • Reasonable in price


1. Winning Boxing Gloves

Winning Boxing Gloves are one of the best brands in the sport right now. I am the biggest fan of these boxing gloves because it delivers unbelievable protection primarily due to their wonderful padding cushion.

It is a Japanese boxing brand and they have done extremely well in making a perfect blend of premium construction and high-quality material. The foam used in the padding is of the highest standards and that’s why it never hurts your hand.

winning boxing gloves

Check Price

Moreover, it is also famous for its super comfortable thumb position.

Although, the price of these boxing gloves is quite high yet it’s not overpriced. Because you will always get the highest value of your money. I am also making a big statement here that once you start using these gloves, you will never go anywhere else.

Winning is the only boxing glove brand in the boxing circuit that never pays any professional boxer to use their product and that’s their level. They also don’t spend much on marketing because they know their product sells itself.

So, if you have a good budget, I’ll definitely recommend you to buy the winning boxing gloves. Either you need a boxing pair for sparring or training, this is the way to go for you.


  • Awesome Construction.
  • Awesome Leather Quality.
  • Awesome Composition.
  • Superb Glove Design.
  • Used By Professionals.


  • High In Price.

My Thoughts

Being in the boxing arena for so many years, I have never seen any better boxing gloves than this one. So, I can’t say anything more than that. It’s a Japanese marvel for sure.

2. Casanova Sparring/Training Boxing Gloves

If you are a super hard puncher and you need a high-quality boxing pair that promises durability, comfortability, and amazing wrist support then Casanova boxing gloves are for you.

With the Casanova, you will never get some fancy designs, innovative colors, or something like that. It is an old school boxing glove with an ugly appearance. HAHAHA

casanova boxing gloves

Check Price

However, the quality of their gloves is outstanding. The original leather texture, soft padding, and wonderful wrist support are all that you need in a good boxing glove. After using many gloves over the years, this is the one which is quite close to Winning gloves.

Once you hit the heavy bag with these best boxing gloves, you instantly feel the power which is missing from the other so-called best boxing brands.

Apart from that, It costs you nothing. Honestly, It’s less than half price of Winning gloves and that’s absolutely a steal. Unbelievable.

This is a Mexican boxing glove brand and because of their very strong relation with the sport, you expect something brilliant from them. One thing I must say that It’s very underrated because of many reasons like poor marketing, and old school style.


  • Handmade quality leather gloves.
  • Very reasonable in price.
  • Super hand and wrist protection.
  • Extraordinary comfort and better thumb placement.
  • Long-lasting.


  • Not beautiful in design. Pretty old school stuff.

My Thoughts

If you are in budget and looking for something super special, then pick the Casanova boxing gloves without wasting a single minute. This is surely one of the top ten boxing gloves in the universe.

3. Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

Another Mexican brand, I am featuring in my list is Cleto Reyes. Well, without a doubt, it is one of the very best boxing gloves for professionals because of the thunderous impact you get from these gloves.

But, at the same time, I would not recommend you to use it in sparring sessions because these gloves can hurt your partner really badly. Most of you have noticed that the legendary Manny Pacquiao use Reyes boxing gloves in his fights but in a sparring session, he always prefers winning gloves.

Check Price

The science behind the success of Reyes gloves is its a simple design. Yes, they have made the things simple by ensuring less padding and making a shape for smaller fist.

The construction of this top boxing gloves really helps the boxers to squeeze from the opponent defence and make the punch really count. They are purely designed to transfer the momentum and power rather than the protection of your hands.

That’s why they are regarded as one of the best boxing gloves around.

Apart from that, it surely suits the Mexican style of boxing, as well as that, ’s why it is regarded as the number 1 boxing brand in the country. The handcraft construction with premium quality material is what you get from this brand.

The only thing that itches me about this boxing brand is that you can’t use it for training. For sparring, you surely have to choose winning or any other brand like most of the mexicans.

Apart from that, i also experienced a slight low in quality in recent years but still they are the beast in the game.


  • One of the best handmade boxing gloves in the industry.
  • Preferred by professional boxers.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Solid construction that lasts upto 3000 rounds easily.


  • Not for sparring.

My Thoughts

I really love the premium quality and construction of Cleto-Reyes gloves. These are very good boxing gloves. For professional fights, this should be your choice for sure but for training, I would choose Winning.

4. Rival Boxing Gloves

The Canadian company Rival is one of the best producers of boxing equipment in the world. When it comes to boxing gloves, they are certainly the most stylish and comfortable due to its shock-absorbing padding.

In the United States and Mexico, Rival was not a very popular boxing brand a few years back but now surely you see a lot of Rival equipment especially Rival boxing headgear in the gyms frequently. The reason for the popularity is pretty simple and that’s because of their high-quality stuff.

rival boxing gloves

Check Price

The combination of d30 padding with 15-degree cuff design provides great stability, comfort and plenty of flexibility to work with. You never experience hand pain because of superb construction and shock absorbing padding.

Apart from that, the best thing about these top rated boxing gloves is that they are the most innovative and never afraid to bring the new technology into the boxing equipment.

Not only that, but they have also classified their gloves into two categories (sparring & Bag) and that is quite good.

If you need a pair of gloves, that works overall well then pick the Sparring model. Otherwise, you can also take dense-foamed bag gloves for training. Moreover, these gloves come in plenty of aesthetic colors and sizes.

So, overall Rival boxing gloves always meet your expectations and provide you with the highest value for your money.


  • Beautiful design with plenty of comfort.
  • Shock absorbing d30 intelli-shocked technology that cushions your hand.
  • Reasonable in price.
  • Super comfortable thumb and wrist fitting.


  • A Lot of junk/clone is available so make sure to pick the original Rival boxing gloves.

My Thoughts

I heard a lot of buzz about Rival gloves but not aware of the quality initially. After testing it, I have become of huge of this boxing brand. Simple awesome.

5. Ring to Cage C-17 Japanese Style Training Gloves 2.0

Ring to Cage C-17 is one of the best boxing gloves you ill find in a 100$ price range. The Japanese company tried to clone the exceptional winning gloves and honestly they have done really well in getting close to it.

Due to the premium leather construction, the padding is super comfortable. While moulding your hand, you never feel discomfort even after rounds of bag work or sparring. And this is due to high-quality padding.


Check Price

The lining is just the same as Winning and the Mexican style wrist support is also impeccable. Other than that, the thumb position is straighter which is also identical to the winning gloves and that’s what helps you to make ideal fist position.

Honesty, Winning has much better thumb positioning but the C-17 is also remarkable. So. overall you can expect next-level comfortness from these gloves. Moreover, the design fits on the hands nicely and the standard velcro straps do the rest.


  • Great construction and design.
  • Extremely comfortable in training sessions.
  • Closest clone of winning gloves.
  • Low price as compared to quality.
  • Comes in a variety of colours.


  • Rough outer tags.
  • The leader is a bit dull.

My Thoughts

Ring to Cage C-17 Japanese Style Training Gloves 2.0 has surely shut their critics in a big way. These gloves ooze a lot of compactness n class. Furthermore, the price is also reasonable.

6. Twins Special BGVL-3 Training Gloves

Arguably Twins Special is one of the best boxing brands in Thailand. To be honest, I wasn’t sure about the quality of these gloves until i use this in my friend’s gym. From the very first punch, i got a nice feeling that this is something else and since then I am using this for my training sessions.

Twins Special BGVL-3 is a velcro strap gloves with a soft padding a compact wrist support. Although, these are thai-made but they are quite identical to western-style boxing gloves.

Twins Special Velcro Boxing Gloves

Check Price

BGVL-3 gloves provides a great cushion to your hands and knuckles and I guarantee that you never get any bruises because of it’s super soft padding. It has a three-layered padding which gives the utmost comfort that any boxer wants.

Moreover, these gloves are handmade and the leather used in it are genuine leather unlike many other overrated brands. Because of the brilliant construction, these gloves last incredibly long. The velcro strapping is also up to the mark.

The best part about the Twins Special is that you can buy these gloves for less than 100 bucks and that’s clearly a great deal. With all these features, it’s quite tough to pick such good pair of gloves in less than 100$.

At first, It will be a little hard for you to get used to these gloves because of extra padding. So, that’s the only drawback I have seen in this model. Other than that, everything is fine. Surely, a top boxer’s gloves.


  • High-quality genuine leather.
  • Very low in price.
  • Super padding for hand protection.
  • Wonderful soft material.
  • Velcro Strapping is also fine.


  • Extra padding can be bulky for some boxers.

My Thoughts

I am very satisfied with the Twins Special velcro Straps gloves. The quality leather and overall construction is pure class. Because it is handmade gloves, the stitching is also very good. One of the top ten boxing gloves in the market.

7. TITLE Classic Lace-Up Leather Training Gloves

Title is one of the most popular boxing brands in the sports as you will find their equipment in almost every gym in States. Back in the days, the quality of the Title boxing gloves were pretty impressive and arguable there were not better boxing gloves under $50 then Title gloves in the market.

But, to be honest, in the recent years, i have seen decline in the quality and don’t know what’s the reason behind that. Their prices are still very low but the quality they used to deliver is no more there. From leading to padding to stitching, I have found everything below par.

title ooxing gloves

Check Price

Now come to the TITLE Classic Lace up boxing gloves.

Well, if your budget is very low and you want something that works well in bag and sparring sessions then I would recommend Title classic gloves. These are pretty good in terms of training and It’s hard to find any better boxing gloves in 40$ range.

These gloves have leather construction with a pretty good foam padding. It has also a nylon inner liner alongside laces. So, overall a reasonable package in a small cost.


  • Very low in price.
  • Solid padding and lacing.
  • Available in 3 colours (Black, Red & Blue).


  • The performance of this model when compared to Winning, rival or Casanova gloves.

My Thoughts

If I have only 40 bucks in my pocket then I will take Title Classic Boxing gloves without any hassle. Low in cost and good in overall performance.

8. Sanabul Gel Sparring Gloves

The core reason why I am including Sanabul in my list is that it has more than 1600 reviews on Amazon and most of them are highly positive. I have personally not tested this brand but the reviews are forcing me to do so.

The gel infused foam padding ensures good protection and easy to use. Moreover, the longitudinal arch design fits properly in your hand and wrist that helps you to strike the punch in a better way.

sanabul boxing gloves

Check Price

Apart from that, the velcro straps are there to ensure proper grip. As far as price is concerned, It costs you only 20$ and that never hurts your pocket forsure. In this price range, I am damn sure that you can’t get anything better than Sanabul gel boxing gloves.

For bagwork and sparring, you can try these gloves. Furthermore,it also comes in plenty of cool color combinations including copper black and metallic blue. So, what else you can demand in 20 bucks?


  • Very cheap in price.
  • 1250+ Amazon reviews.
  • Velcro strapping.
  • Multiple color combinations.


  • Cheap quality.

My Thoughts

For 20$ price, this is a perfect choice for you. Apart from that, it possesses more than 1600 reviews on Amazon and that is not a joke. So, you can try this brand for sure.

9. TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves

TITLE pro style training gloves is one of the highest demanding gloves in the United States. The reason of its popularity is straightforward due to its low cost and considerably good quality. The padding in the pro boxing leather gloves is pretty decent.

With the shock-absorbing foams, you tend to land better strikes due to high-level comfort. Moreover, the leather wrist strap ensures better wrist protection and prevents the twisting. The manufacturers also placed the nylon liners to repel moisture and keep them odour free.

pro leather title boxing gloves

Check Price

For a low price of 40 bucks, this model is a perfect choice for you. You can train in these gloves and spar with your partners easily due to quality padding. To be honest, the construction is not world class but still it is pretty compact in a 40$ price tag.

These gloves are available in 3 cool colours including Black, Red & Purple. If you need these TITLE gloves for training then pick the 160z ones.


  • Nice Padding and construction.
  • The price is really low.
  • Strapping is also good.
  • Available in multiple colours and sizes.


  • Not original leather.

My Thoughts

To be honest, with this price range, this is a great package. These Pro-Style boxing gloves can last many rounds of sparring and bag work. So, a nice deal for sure.

10. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa is a prominent MMA brand but failed to establish any authority in the boxing circuit. Hayabusa introduced T3 boxing gloves with some good features but the price is too high for my likings.

There is a 5-layer foam structure that protects the hand and prevents break-in. The dual-X strapping strapping system interlocks the wrist properly and gives you lace-like support. Moreover, the antimicrobial technology eliminates the odour in a quick time and hence you can use it again and again without any hassle.

hayabusa boxing gloves

Check Price

What I didn’t like about these gloves is that it is too stiff. You can really hurt your sparring partner with these gloves. So, I wouldn’t recommend these boxing gloves for sparring.

Another thing that also makes me feel uncomfortable is the price tag. I think you have way better options including (Rival, Reyes and Casanova) in a 120+$ price range.


  • Eye-catching design and graphics.
  • Dual-strap system is quite effective.
  • Antimicrobial technology eliminates odour.
  • Antimicrobial technology eliminates odour.
  • Nice and compact wrist support.


  • Expensive.
  • Stiff.

My Thoughts

Well, these gloves are ok but the price is too high. I will never get these in 130 bucks. You can buy some great stuff in their price range.

11. Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Venum is a popular company with a solid MMA background. They are famous for producing wonderful MMA equipment and you have seen their stuff have been used by professionals like Jose Aldo, Mauricio Rua and plenty others. So, they know the art of making quality equipment for sure.

Venum Challenger 2.0 has a polyurethane leather which delivers powerful impact and more importantly easy to clean. The triple layered foam is likely to absorb more shocks and aids in hand protection.

venom boxing gloves

Check Price

The strapping system consists of velcro and elastic straps that fits easily in your hands and locks the wrist movement. Apart from that, the thumb position in the Challenger 2.0 is full attached and that helps you in making a great fist position.

In Venum Challenger 2.0 boxing gloves, the design is wonderful. There are tons of options to choose but my favorite one is Black/Gold color. You can also pick Gold, Red, Black, Gray, Blue and quite a few other colors as well.


  • Better velcro strapping.
  • Multiple colours.
  • Solid padding.
  • Attached thumb position.
  • Cheap in price.


  • Leather quality is cheap.
  • A bit stiff.

My Thoughts

To be honest, you can’t expect too much from a boxing gloves under 50$. This is a good choice for beginners and you can use it for sparring and bag work without thinking twice.

12. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Venum Elite is also a good model that attracts plenty of eyeballs due to hi-tech design and style. Apart from the design, it also has some sound features and the price is quite reasonable.

The company states that the “premium leather construction” in the Elite gloves, however the story is different. The leather is not of a premium quality but works well for bagwork and sparring rounds.

Check Price

The thai-made Venum gloves has a nice padding (triple-density foam) that protects the hand from the injuries. Moreover, there is an attached thumb position in it which helps you to prevent the thumb injuries.

It also comes in a wonderful eye-pleasing colours and designs. To be honest, the design and Hi-FI colors forces the people to buy the gloves rather than quality.

Personally, I have tested it in my gym and didn’t find anything exceptional. However, the design is just wow. So, that’s the primary reason why people love Venum gloves.


  • Beautiful design and colors.
  • Multiple colors.
  • 450+ positive reviews on Amazon.
  • Reasonable in price.


  • Leather quality is low.
  • Construction is just ok.

My Thoughts

Venum Elite Gloves are cheap in price so you can’t expect premium quality for sure. But overall for beginners, these boxing gloves are not a bad package by any means.

Boxing Gloves Buyer’s Guide

Back in the days, there were only a handful of boxing brands in the arena but now you will see thousands of brands and sorry to say 99% are shit. To be honest, the quality of boxing gloves in our old days was much better. The stitching, leather and overall construction was impeccable.

Nowadays, there are thousands of brands with their flashy logos, designs and graphics but quality wisa, they are just scrapped. The popularity of MMA caused this burst of manufacturing brands and that also influence the boxing equipment as well.

Many Top Class American companies lost their way by outsourcing their manufacturing from Pakistan and China. Pakistan is one of the biggest producers of boxing equipment and unfortunately their products are below par. Apart from TopBoxer, I have never seen anything better from Pakistan. Correct me, If I am wrong.

So, that’s the reason why most of the American boxing companies are not producing the quality stuff. Apart from that, some companies keep their prices deliberately high to give an impression of “PREMIUM BOXING BRAND” but that’s not the case. So you can’t gauge the quality of your equipment with cost factor.

So, the bottomline is that it hard to find high level stuff in reasonable prices.

Don’t worry because here is the complete buying guide about boxing gloves for you. This is what i have learnt from my vast experience in the boxing gyms for over a decade.

First of all check the types of boxing gloves.

Types of Boxing Gloves

Light Bag Gloves

These gloves were used to get a bare-knuckle type feeling and but I haven’t seen anyone using it anymore. The padding of these gloves are a super thing and they are really light in weight. Here are some of the examples of light bag gloves.

Heavy Bag Gloves

For heavy bag, most boxers use heavy bag gloves with denser padding to protect their hands effectively. These gloves have thicker padding than the usual training gloves and these are not fit for sparring as the denser padding can hurt your partner.

Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves have thicker padding but the cushion is really soft. These gloves protect the sparring partners with the soft cushion and don’t transfer enough power. Apart from that, the sparring gloves are not meant for heavy bag as it can easily damaged due to soft cushion padding.

Training Gloves

Training gloves are meant to serve every purpose including sparring, bagwork and mitts. Many boxers hesitate to pick different gloves for different reasons so the training gloves are the best option for them. Make sure to pick the high quality training gloves as many companies are selling their dense gloves as “training gloves”. So, yes quality matters and you have to pick the right ones.

Amateur Fight Boxing Gloves

As the name suggests, these boxing gloves are for ameteur fights and their knuckle area is of white color. Their weight is lighter than traditional gloves and the padding is of soft cushion for maximum protection. These gloves are provided by competition organizers for fair play so you don’t have to buy these for amateur fights.

Professional Fight Boxing Gloves

Professional Fight gloves have a very light padding to transfer maximum power to the opponent. Their size is pretty small as well and most of them don’t last long because of their construction.

The drawback of these professional boxing gloves is that it offers very less hand protection hence in later stages of your career you tend to suffer hand problems. The padding is most of these gloves is of horsehair and it break down very quickly. So, that’s another noticeable point about it.

Boxing Gloves Review Criteria

Boxing is one of the toughest sports in the world and this is because of some certain reasons. Apart from skull-crushing injuries, hand injuries are also quite common among professionals.

When you do constant punching day after day, month after month and year after year then hand injuries are on the cards for sure. So, that’s why I am forcing you to get the highest quality boxing gloves. It will not only protect your hands but also prolong your career.

The best gloves aims to deliver maximum protection with high quality material and construction. Whereas the low quality crap doesn’t provide you the protection and it also break down in a short time.

Hence, my criteria is super straightforward and that is maximum hand protection, comfortability and easy to use.

So, what are the things that make a boxing glove better?

These are the factors that is absolutely must for any quality pair of gloves

Glove Fit

Glove Fit is really a very important aspect in any glove. You know everyone has a different hand size, shape and fingers hence boxing gloves also come in various designs and shapes. It’s not like that you just buy the gloves and put them on and go for training. No, It’s not that easy.

So, you must pick that glove which fits nicely and allows you to throw the punches with a lot of flair and comfort. Check out these aspects in the glove fit.

Hand Fit

Some gloves fits perfectly on bigger hands whereas other fits on smaller and lighter hands. The ideal hand fit is that where you can easily curl your hands and make it a nice fist without squeezing your fingers.

If the glove is loose or wide then definitely you can’t punch properly and it also affects the wrist protection. Whereas if it’s tight then there are issues of blood circulation. Moreover, If a glove is not curling properly then it can impact on your fingers as well.

So, comfortability clearly depends on hand fit therefore you must take the right size glove.

Thumb Attachment

Thumb attachment is another crucial factor for the boxers. There are two types of thumb attachment. One is more visible thumb attachment whereas other one is hidden. I always prefer straighter thumb attachment like Winning gloves have because it offers extra comfort.

The only problem you can get in the thumb attachment is that if your thumb is short then the thumb curves stiffly which can cause injuries or uneasiness.

There are still some boxing glove models where unattached thumbs are used. However, it is rare. Unattached thumb injures your hand easily so try to avoid it simply. That’s it.

Hand Movement

Another very important thing you need to check is hand movement. While wearing the gloves, check the hand control by opening and closing the fist tightly. If you can’t make a tight fist then obviously you can’t punch properly.

Moreover, hand control also allows you to relax and block the punches. So, if you can open or close the fist effortlessly, then that is the right pair for you otherwise not.


The primary function of the boxing gloves is hand protection. Yes, without proper padding design, you can’t get the full protection. If you are hitting denser objects like heavy bag or opponent’s skull, then there are fair chances that you might end up hurting your hands so proper knuckle padding is a must.

Not only that, but padding also helps you to block the punches and it plays a pivotal role in improving your boxing technique. In sparring sessions, you can use different padding designs to train smarter. If your sparring partner is heavy, you can use different weighted gloves to overcome the advantage as well.

So, the best padding makes you feel super comfortable while hitting solid punches. There is no concept of “hurting hands” in the quality padding.

Padding Designs

There are three common padding designs including Large, Long and compact.

Large Padding

This padding is the standard in training gloves. It has more coverage and designed to deliver maximum protection. In this design, you see padding everywhere in knuckles, wrists, and forearms. It is called large style padding primarily due to the fact that it is heavy and more visible due to denser padding.

American, Mexican, European and some Thai boxing brands have opted Large padding style.

Long Padding

You will see Long Padding style in many Mexican gloves as this style is streamlined for straighter punches. This padding design is lighter and helps in penetrating the opponent’s defense. Moreover, these boxing gloves offer better wrist wrist and visibility as it don’t obstruct the fighter’s vision.

The only complaint you will hear from the boxers about the long style padding is that it hurts your hand due to lighter cushion. So, yes that’s the drawback of this one.

Compact Padding Style

Compact padding shape is smaller and mostly used in Muay Thai and MMA. Boxers don’t like compact padding style as it is less secure and the wrist support is not there. Apart from that, it doesn’t block much punches as well. Moreover, the feeling of a secure padding is missing here.

Padding Type

Now a days, three types of padding are used in most of the boxing gloves and that is foam, horsehair and gel padding. However, I have also seen a blend of foam and horsehair padding which also works well.

Each of these padding has pros and cons. Let me give you a detailed insight of the padding types.

Horsehair Padding

Horsehair padding was the most commonly used padding in the past decades but now it is only limited to professional boxing gloves. The horsehair padding transfers huge power and that’s why it is highly effective in professional fights.

However, this padding doesn’t last many rounds and it easily deteriorates after few rounds. Not only that, it doesn’t protect your hands to a great deal as it is designed to hurt the opponent not to protect the hands.

Foam Padding

Foam Padding is the standard type of padding used in 99% of boxing gloves now a days. Most companies use latex form to ensure better protection and wrist support. When it is training gloves, sparring gloves or professional gloves, you will see foam padding everywhere.

However, the quality of foam really matters and it can play a great role in your overall gameplay.

Gel Padding

Gel padding is also quite a common thing in the modern boxing gloves. Manufacturers claim that these gel padding gloves are long lasting and durable. However, I am not a fan of gel padding because it just doesn’t provide the comfort and high level wrist support.

When you land the hard punches, the gel just squeezes and it gives you a thunderous impact to your wrists. Your hands tend to wiggles and that’s not a good sign. So, hand support is not upto the mark in the gel padding.

Knuckle Protection

It’s a common assumption that for knuckle protection you need a lot of padding. But honestly, this is not the truth. There are many boxing gloves with dense padding but still these are stiff as hell and doesn’t protect your knuckle to a great deal. Similarly, there are gloves with lesser padding and don’t produce great results.

Knuckle protection has a lot to do with glove design, construction and padding material. The ideal gloves are made up of multiple layer foam cushion to deliver proper impact and soft feel.

The dense gloves hurt your hands whereas the slim gloves hurt your knuckle. So, the ideal gloves are soft from inside and dense from outside.

The best boxing glove brands like Winning has 3 to 5 layered foam cushion and that’s the perfect combination.

Closure Types

There are basically two types of closure systems like Laces and Velcro however you will find some variations as well.


The old-school laces closure system is the best one. The wrist support and fitting is awesome and I always recommend laces for everyone. Laces take a lot of time to put on and you can’t do it by yourself. So, with these closures you always need a good friend to help you out in the gym.


It is a very common closure type. Not as effective as laces system but still used by many. Common in bag and training boxing gloves. It is easy to use and you can wear these in a matter of seconds.

There are other closure types like elastic velcro, hybrid and double velcro but I will recommend you to ignore these.

Wrist Support

Straighter wrist position delivers more support hence most boxers prefer it. It is more secure and prevent from wrist injuries. However, there are some boxers who like free wrist position as you see in Muay Thai gloves. So it’s purely up to you but I would recommend you to pick the long gloves with laces for extra support and protection.

Velcro straps don’t give you the ideal wrist position hence it’s not in my book. Apart from that, you can put the tape on your wrists to make it more secure but it can be uncomfortable for most of the guys. So, pick the good quality laces strap that secures the wrist compactly.

Construction Quality

The construction is really important in any boxing gloves and it’s not easy to find a high quality pair. In the market, don’t be fooled by looking at attractive colors and designs as “all that glitters is not gold”. So, here are the things that make the construction special.


Natural leather is the best available thing you need in your gloves especially in exterior parts. The plastic, nylon and other synthetic materials are absolute junk. These materials not only sweats your hand but also smell very bad. Apart from that, from breathability to wrist support, the synthetic gloves are awful.

Leather gloves are durable, last long and hard to find. Because, 99% of the boxing brands claim to produce the leather gloves but actually they are not. So, the bottom line is that the you should have to get the leather boxing gloves at any cost.


To be honest, most of the manufacturing companies don’t pay attention on the stitching because not many people check it completely. But I would recommend you to have a look on your palm, wrist, thumb and strapping area and check the stitching thoroughly. Double stitching with thick threads are considered to be the ideal one.

Final Verdict

So, this is the comprehensive buyer’s guide on the best boxing gloves. I tried my best to pour all my experience into this article and I have written the reviews without any biased approach or greed.

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