Best Boxing Gloves For Women In 2019 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide

The difference between a top-class boxing gloves and an ordinary one is the protection factor. Indeed, when it comes to the best boxing gloves, hand protection is there for you and that’s where you can protect your hands from the injuries.

So, the bottomline is that you have to pick the best gloves in order to keep your hands free from injuries.

Here is the list of best boxing gloves for women in 2019 with complete buying guide.

Note: This list is unbiased and the reviews are honest after personally using these in our gym.

Ringside Women's IMF Tech Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

Ringside Women's Cut IMF Tech Boxing gloves

Why Its Better ? 

>> Highest Quality Construction.

>> Multiple Colors.

>> Solid wrist support.

>> Better Stitching.

>> Long Lasting cushion.


Ringside Women’s Cut IMF Tech Boxing Gloves For Women

The Ringside Sparring and Training Gloves are specifically designed for women. Now women do not need to face difficulties while choosing boxing gloves for them as Ringside Boxing Gloves is the suitable option. Female fighters can stay easy by knowing that there is a boxing glove specially designed for them. The sleek and compact design facilitates exactly to woman’s needs.

Moreover, the injected Molded foam padding protects the user and the wide hook & loop closures keeps the wrist secure at one place.

Ringside Women's IMF Tech Boxing Training Sparring Gloves


These beautiful coloured women boxing gloves are crafted with the perfect amalgamation of leather and vinyl. Next, the vinyl and leather combo shell delivers durability and astonishing looks. Apart from it the internal padding of the glove is injection moulded and features shock dispersion. 

The construction is complete with attached thumb and mesh built-in ventilation technology promotes evaporation of water and sweat.

Additionally, the hooks & loop closures provide a perfect fit and the stitching is neat, sturdy, and incredible. One thing which I do not like about this glove is that the wrist strap is a bit stiff and takes some time to break in.

 Also, the premium vinyl overlay webbing on the underside of the boxing gloves imparts added reinforcement during impact.


Item weight: 1.7 pounds
Shipping weight: 1.3 pounds
Product dimensions: 13.2 x 7 x 4.5 inches
Color: Pink/Black
Size: Available in 10 and 12 ounce
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Suitable for training and sparring

Textured leather

Mesh Ventilation technology

Injected moulded foam padding

High-end quality

Great protection and durability

Good fit


The wrist strap is a little bit stiff which requires the break in time

My Thoughts

Above all, The Ringside women’s Boxing Gloves are incredibly great. They uphold great features and affordable price. The only thing bad about them is the stiff wrist strap. These gloves will not make you feel clumsy at all. Ringside gloves might be tight for you in the start but you will get used to it after some time and will start loving their stability. So get these gloves with the beautiful look and enjoy your boxing time.

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Everlast Pro Style Boxing Gloves for women are the cheap gloves that I often recommend. Everlast is known to be best brand in manufacturing boxing gloves due to their premium quality and great stitch quality. Besides some misconception about them, these little boxing gloves proved to be useful enough.

These training gloves are specially designed for women. Comes with thick two-layer sandwich foam for shock absorbency. They are available in 3 different sizes so that you can choose according to your size. They have excellent quality ,particularly in the high-end versions. In addition, they are suitable for sparring, heavy bags, and kickboxing classes.


This boxing gloves for women are manufactured with premium synthetic leather along with a natural shape conforms to hand. Its superior construction enhances its durability and makes it long lasting. 

Moreover, the two layers of foam padding make your hand feel comfortable and provide a snug fit. Similarly, the dense two-layer foam padding provides shock absorbency. As well as, the palm features anti-microbial fabric and mesh-built helps in ventilation.

Furthermore, the Ever-Fresh antimicrobial treatment blocks offensive odors and keeps your gloves smelling fresh. The ever cool mesh ventilation panel assures breathability and comfort.

Apart from it, the construction included the patented thumb lock feature and sturdy hook and loop strap closure for anatomical grip and fit. Lastly, the stitching is durable and tight.


Item weight: 2 pounds
Size: Available in 8 and 12 ounce
Color: Pink
Shipping: free domestic shipping option available


Premium synthetic leather

Best training gloves

Patented thumb-lock feature

Ever cool mesh ventilation panels

Promotes proper punching


Limited stock

My Thoughts

By all means, Everlast Pro Training Gloves for Women are tempted pink coloured and attractive. You will love its colour. Secondly, it is very comfortable to wear. Thirdly, it keeps you pain-free no matter how hard you will hit the bag. Similarly, it will keep your hand and knuckles protect and pain-free. They come in a pretty pink colour which is liked by every woman.

Besides, the additional padding and large Velcro straps will provide you with great comfort and protection. With its great ventilation technology, you will not feel any type of smell in it. Last but not least the evenly distributed padding and leather material make it extremely durable and long lasting.

Machina Carbonado Training Gloves

Machino Carbonado Training Gloves are particularly designed for women boxing gear. The low profile and flexible padding of these gloves provide a great fit. They are available in 3 different sizes so you can choose according to your size.

Moreover, they are made while keeping the female hand size in mind. This sleek design boxing gloves are perfect for Muay Thai and kickboxing also perfect for focus mitt training and heavy bag.

Machina Carbonado 14 OZ Womens Training Gloves


The Machina Boxing Gloves for women is crafted with the top-quality genuine leather for flexible durability. Further, it is made enhanced with the water-proof nylon lining for extra strength and keeps the gloves fresh. Next, it is shaped with a high-density foam core for ultimate protection. 

It features evenly distributed pliable padding so there is no need to put much effort into making a fist. Similarly, with this feature, you can make a quick and hard punch.

More importantly, it includes the attached thumb lock which helps to keep your thumb in a proper position, it is indeed an additional standard safety feature. Besides, the hook & loop wraparound closure maintains the supportive fit. The stitching of the Machina Boxing glove is excellent and durable.


Item weight: Lightweight
Size: Available in 3 different sizes
Shipping: free domestic shipping option available


Made for small hands

Low profile, less bulky

Attached thumb lock

Flexible and soft leather

Hook and loop closure


Some women have experienced a tight fit when wearing these gloves

My Thoughts

Hence, Machino Carbonado Training Gloves are particularly designed for the women. This slimmer profile boxing gloves for women is great for mitt training and heavy bags. Its quality and durability are good but some women have experienced a tight fit while wearing these gloves as they are made for those with small hands. Otherwise it is a reasonable price boxing glove in good features.

RDX Ladies Gel Bag Gloves

RDX Ladies Gel Bag Gloves is a great option for those looking for sturdy and comfortable training gloves. They are compact in size and weight of about 4 ounces. It is available in only one size so you can have the problem if it doesn’t fit you. This anatomically designed boxing glove are made with goat leather which is soft and comfortable. These boxing gloves for small hands are well-made training gloves at fair price.

Moreover, these soft gloves will take the shape of your hands to provide you ultimate comfort. Though it is made with high-quality products the moisture-wicking Taffeta does not seem to be active. Similarly, the gloves drenched in sweat after hard exercise and punching.


The RDX Boxing Gloves for Women is crafted with durable and soft goat leather so that you can make a comfortable fist. In addition, it is padded with Injection moulded multi-layered Gel foam padding for maximal hand protection. Apart from it, the inner lining of RDX boxing gloves is designed with moisture-wicking Taffeta. The curved shape of these training gloves is great to reduce fatigue and delivers ultimate comfort and control.

The double fastening straps provide a precise fitting around the wrist and better wrist control. Also, enhance with the improved thumb attachment and sturdy stitching.


Item weight: 14.4 ounces
Color: Pink
Size: Standard
Shipping: free domestic shipping option available


Custom size and shape for women

Soft and durable leather

Excellent flexibility and control

Extremely comfortable

Incredible protection


Suitable for light training only

Little thumb padding

My Thoughts

Therefore, RDX Gel Bag Gloves will support your training and exercise with a comfortable and perfect fit. Apart from its quality, the price is also very reasonable. Though some users were not satisfied with the leather smell and the gloves get hot as it is made of some kind of vinyl.

Title Gel World Bag Womens Boxing Gloves

Title Boxing provides excellent quality boxing gears in the market. The high-quality, high-end performance and durable made are the features provided by the Title Gel world Bag Gloves. The protection is incredible as it is made with exclusive layered foam padding and Gel lining. All leather made with hand compartment and adaptable wrist strap.

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves,


It is crafted with premium quality leather that will keep it safe from scratches and made well with quality materials. Also, the multi-layered foam padding and Gel Enforced lining enhance its comfort level and give tough punches. Similarly, the gel lining asserts in impact resistance and as well.

In addition, the hand compartment lining keeps its cool, dry, and moisture-free. No doubt, it keeps the player in comfort zone so that they can perform at their peak skill level. In short, they have excellent craftsmanship and great fitting.

These women kickboxing gloves have a wraparound adjustable wrist strap to provides you with a perfect fit. In the same way, these Velcro straps are easy and quick to wear. Next, the D-ring features tight splints and wrist strap offers a secure fit and lock-up. Lastly, the quality stitching takes your performance to a next level and increase its durability to a manifold.


Item weight: 1 pound
Color: Available in pink, black, and red colour
Size: Comes in small, medium, and large size
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Entire leather made

High-end performance

Layered foam padding

Quality stitching

D-ring for tight splints

Heavy punch, less pain


Little bit heavier gloves as compared to others

High in price

My Thoughts

By all means, Title Gel World Gloves for women features great quality and excellent performance. Consequently, it contains high-quality leather, good wrist support, quality stitching, superior gel padding, and secure lock up but the price is too high. In fact, it is the best choice for training and improving boxing skills.

Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves For Women

If you are searching for the gloves that are lightweight, comfortable, durable, and affordable than Tridder Pro Grade Boxing Gloves for women is the best option. Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves for women are not only designed for boxing but also for Muay Thai, MMA, and other fighting sports and workouts. This best women’s kickboxing gloves are made with premium quality leather and with the specially designed wrist area which is quite flexible.

In addition, the best thing about this best boxing gloves for small hands is that it is outlined with High Hydrolysis resistance PU leather which offers great persistent of resisting to corrosion, tear, and hydrolysis. So, with its anatomically designed structure, it will get fits to your wrist, fingers, and hands.

Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves, Kickboxing Bagwork Gel Sparring Training Gloves


This incredible boxing piece for women is crafted with high-quality faux leather which offers great durability. Further, Trideer Boxing Gloves consist of multi-density foam inside which can engross the shocks and keeps the hand safe from getting injured. Similarly, this high foam offers great cushioning, anti-seismic, and one best advantage of it is non-toxic.

Moreover, the breathable mesh keeps your hand cool and dry and the expanded hook and loop closures straps of the wrist deliver more stability and flexibility while you throw punches. Next, the silken cotton inner help to avoid friction and protects your hand. Lastly, the stitching is done seamlessly that offers great durability and allows the natural bending of the hands.


As it is designed with high-quality faux leather which features durability and high-end performance.

The usage of these gloves is not only confined to boxing but also suitable for MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Sparring, and Training. Its widened hook and loop fasteners provide great flexibility and support to your wrist.

 Trideer Boxing Gloves comes with multi-density foam which permits unparalleled shock absorption and offers great.

Encouraged by the natural arch of the hand, fist and thumb are anatomically designed to empower comfortable wear and makes a proper fist closure which ultimately helps in easy training.

With its upgraded grip design, you can get a perfect fit with fewer chances of sliding. Moreover, the breathable mesh is nicely inbuilt in the palm of your hands which keep your hands dry and clean.


Item weight: Lightweight
Color: Available in black colour
Size: Comes in 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 oz sizes
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option availabl


Light in weight

Quality faux leather

Excellent support and protection

Comfortable and easy to wear

Superb cushioning

Reduces the risk of injuries


Some users have a complaint about its rubber smell

My Thoughts

Hence, Trideer Boxing Gloves for Women is one in all packaged product. It upholds great features, quality made materials and excellent support and protection. Apart from it, some users were not happy with its rubber smell but believe me, it will dissipate soon as it is exposed to air. No doubt, they serve terrific when compared to its price. So, according to my opinion, I will highly recommend this incredible pair of boxing gloves.

Pro Force Leatherette Boxing Gloves with White Palm

Pro Force Leatherette Boxing Gloves for Women is a base model that is designed by keeping the women hand structure in mind. It features genuine leather manufacturing and offers great durability. You can say it is quite suitable for women whether for boxing or training purpose. They are also suitable for multiple-task like boxing, martial arts, cardio, and other fitness workouts.


This boxing gloves pair is crafted from genuine leather which enhances its durability and keep it safe from wear and tear. 

Besides, this leatherette boxing glove is designed with pre-curved foam fit design along with flex grip palm and breathable materials to keeps your hands sweat and odour-free. In the same way, this light construction palm design delivers a flexible yet sturdy grip. Most importantly, it is fabricated with a white palm design which makes it adorable.

Moreover, it is made more comfortable by means of foam core with a cotton lining. Also, the ultra cuff wrist strap with hook and loop fasteners provides an excellent fit which features secures and confident grip. 

Apart from it, the patent thumb lock design adds more stability and offers proper form while punching. Don’t forget to mention about its double and persistent seams which makes it long lasting no matter how tough you workout


White palm: This boxing gloves for women are designed with white palm along with a combination of bright colours.
Leatherette material: As this boxing pair is crafted with premium quality leather which offers great durability.
Flex grip palm: It is designed with a flex grip palm which captivates flexible yet tough grip.
Thumb-lock: With its thumb-lock feature, the user can get extra support and stability during punching.
Cotton lining: Pro Force Boxing glove’s comfort level is improved with the insertion of the cotton lining so that a player should get a snug fit.


Item weight: 3.8 pounds
Color: Available in various colours with white palm design
Sizes: Comes in a great variety of sizes
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available



Solid padding and lacing.

Durable leather

Positive reviews at Amazon

Multi-purpose gloves

Pre-curved form fit design


Limited in stock

My Thoughts

Above all, Pro Force Boxing Gloves is really a good pair for women since they are lightweight and easy to wear. Additionally, this best boxing gloves for women are highly ventilated to keep your hand free from sweat and odour free. You will fall in love with these gloves as they feature a perfect fit that ultimately improves your performance and protection level.

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