Best Boxing Gloves For Sparring In 2019 - Only Guide You Need

Boxing demands practice. Sparring is the best thing to prepare yourself for the boxing ring. So, obviously you need top-notch boxing gloves for sparring that allows you to train  without any hassle.

Well, sparring gloves are not meant to hurt your partner so you have to choose a perfect boxing gloves for sparring so that it doesn’t induce any injuries.

A sparring glove has a thicker and soft cushion that not only protect the hands but also designed in a way to transfer minimum energy. Hence, it protects both you are your sparring partner.

Here are some of the best boxing gloves for sparring in 2019 with honest reviews.


Best Boxing Gloves For Sparring

Here is the list of best boxing gloves  for sparring in 2019 complete review guide.

winning boxing gloves

Winning Boxing glove

Why Its Better ? 

>> Highest Quality Construction.

>> 100% genuine leather.

>> Durable wrist support.

>> Double Stitching.

>> Soft padding cushion.


Winning Training Boxing Gloves

A perfect name is given to these training boxes “Winning”. No.1 and highly popular Boxing gloves for sparring. This brand includes dozens of designs and styles to choose from. But one thing which you can’t ignore is its high cost. In fact, they are considered to be one of the finest boxing gloves throughout the world.

No doubt Winning Training Boxing gloves are the boxers first choice and uphold golden standards for quality and comfort. Most importantly, you must get a perfect size of the gloves if not; in that case, you may face difficulty with the fitting.

winning boxing gloves


Winning is manufactured in Japan and renowned due to its excellent quality and performance around the globe. Although they are high in price the user stays completely satisfied after using it and paying each penny really worth it. 

It is crafted with high-quality leather in very beautiful colors. Their leather is known to outwear its own padding.

Next, come to its padding, they use layered padding which is absolutely comfortable and known as “Pillows”. That is why winning padding is my favorite padding as it is inviting, soft, and fully broken in. 

Similarly, the padding is perfect to not only protect your hands but also defends your sparring partner. Apart from this, the soft nylon lining acts as a pleasant cushion for your hand and fingers. The lace-up closure is one of the favorite features of the boxers because it provides great wrist support.

Winning uses the straight thumb technology in their gloves which allows you to make an ideal fist. Lastly, I must say the stitching is amazing and clean, even a single stitch is made neat and tight with deep details. Thus, all the above-mentioned features make it highly comfortable and improve the overall performance of the player.


Item weight: 2.6 pounds
Shipping weight: 2.8 pounds
Color: Black and silver
Size: Available in various sizes
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Lace-up closure

Best and safe quality

High-class stitching

Durable leather

Used By Professionals



My Thoughts

By all means, Winning Boxing Gloves for Training is best for everyone no matter which is your skill level. They are made to last for years and will enhance your performance during training.

In addition, the protection provides by these gloves to your sparring partner is unbelievable. I will highly recommend these gloves to everyone, they are expensive but quality fulfills the price.

Rival High-Performance Sparring Gloves

If you are looking for the ultimate and durable sparring gloves than buying the Rival Sparring Gloves will not be a wrong choice. It is better to spend a little more and get something that is really worthy. This reliable pair of gloves will give you little to no shocks from the strikes and yes will protect your hand and sparring partner as well.

Moreover, the quality is excellent and it will stick with you for a couple of years without breaking or tearing into pieces. Not only their quality lasts but their performance will also remain the same.


Rival sparring gloves are manufactured with top grain leather, the overall exterior is made of leather which makes it unique among other boxing gloves. Their killer sharp-angled look makes them prominent in the boxing gloves market. These professional looking gloves possess thicker padding but they look thin despite their heavily-padded interior.

Further, the Ergo Hook and Loop Double-straps feature ultimate wrist protection whereas the Long cuff design covers the forearm without affecting its range of motion. 

Besides, it comes with the separated thumb to provide additional support for those with long-term sparring sessions. Its incredible stitching makes it more durable during your long training at the gym.


Item weight: Lightweight
Color: Blue
Size: 16 oz
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


High-performance sparring gloves

Full grain leather exterior

Hook and loop-double straps

Unbeatable quality

Long cuff


Bit difficult to put on the gloves

My Thoughts

Finally, this engineered boxing gloves for sparring is an absolute choice for you. If you do not have a high budget to buy Winning Gloves then get Rival Sparring gloves for yourself.

Although, they are not that much costly but provides excellent quality, performance, protection, comfort, and durability.

Twins Special Velcro Boxing Gloves

Twins Special Velcro Boxing Gloves are ordinary but offers good quality made. It is the leading manufacturers of Muay Thai Boxing Gloves. I love its sturdy Velcro straps which will never slip down as other straps tend to. The construction and padding are so durable that you can enjoy devastating punches in the ring.

These gloves are considered as the one of best Thai style Boxing Gloves. Other than its quality, the performance and protection level is also excellent so you can enjoy with your sparring partner without hurting them.

Twins Special Velcro Boxing Gloves


Twins Special Boxing Glove is made with good quality leather; no doubt a solid construction. Three-layered padding makes it feel solid from inside and soft outside. The padding is good for sparring and bag work but sometimes it feels too bulky for the player. Similarly, the additional padding gives ample protection.

Additionally, the palms have extra gel padding for protection when catching up punches. Gloves back have wider cuffs while extra padding is best for evading punches and kicks. Other than cushioning, the attached thumb designed minimizes the risk of injuries.

Velcro wrist fastener provides a great fit and will not slip. Sometimes, the Inner satin lining of the gloves can cause friction on the hands. Moreover, the tight stitching makes the padding secure and your glove will never tear apart no matter what your boxing level is.


Color: Black
Item weight: 2.2 pounds
Size: Available in various sizes
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Perfect for sparring

Less risk of injuries to your sparring partner

Manufactured by Muay Thai boxing Gear and Gloves

Fits snugly around the hand

Genuine leather


Twins Gloves may be a bit tight for people with bigger hands

Smell of leather will stay on your hands for a few days

My Thoughts

Hence, Twins Special Boxing Gloves are the best choice for users having low budget but want some good quality. Extremely comfortable and cheap. The quality is not that much good but they are suitable for sparring and bag work. Although it owes heavy padding it seems to be bulky for the boxers. I will prefer this reasonable price boxing gloves for the trainers but not for the champion boxers.

Original Deportes Cassanova Boxing Gloves for Sparring

Cassanova Boxing Gloves are extremely suitable for training and sparring purpose. Made in Mexico and crafted with top grain cow leather and latex foam. The attached thumbs, lace-up and hook & Loop wrist style provides a perfect fit to your fist.

They are particularly designed with a wide pocket so provides extra forearm coverage. Ergonomically design and expert construction make it mold with your hand. Along with the best construction, improved performance, and protection to sparring partner are its main features.

casanova boxing gloves


Deportes Casanova boxing Gloves are made with premium quality cow leather along with 100% leather shell. Also, the latex foam interior provides a soft and comfortable feel to your hand and fingers. 

Apart from it, the lace up and hook-loop closure promises a snug fit on your wrist. In fact, you will feel great during sparring or bag work.

Also, it upholds so many great features including attached thumb, wide pocket and extra forearm coverage to create a natural fist. The excellent tight stitching and attached thumb make it durable and sturdy. These gloves are not eye catchy but extremely satisfying in performance.


Item weight: 3.2 pounds
Color: Black/red
Size: 10 oz
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Excellent wrist support

Attached thumb

Latex foam interior

Great support and protection

Designed by experts


Limited in stock


My Thoughts

By all means, Deportes Cassanova boxing Gloves is no doubt an incredible brand and offers great cushioning and comfort. In fact, this boxing glove is a smart choice for training and sparring. This boxing glove will not only provides comfortable wearing but also features durable stitching and great quality build. Lastly, this boxing glove is a power package for everyone in great features and durable quality.

Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

Whether you are preparing for the big day or blowing off steam on the bag, Cleto is sure to cover you. They possess an impressive lifespan due to their quality made and will stick with you throughout many years.

Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves are designed with Velcro Closures. The finest quality of the materials makes it durable and comfortable to wear. Its hook and loop closure provides a rigid and quicker adjustment. This anatomically designed training glove consists of a leather strap and provides great protection during the game.


Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Training Glove are designed with high-quality 100% leather and a smartly designed grip.

Furthermore, it is handmade in Mexico. There are 2 inches of latex foam padding that delivers great protection and comfort during training. Moreover, the nylon lining prohibits the moisture from entering the padded area of the gloves.

Next, the hook and loop closure sets perfectly fit to your wrist and the incredible stitching makes it extremely durable.


Item weight: 2 pounds
Shipping weight: 2.2 pounds
Product dimensions: 19 x 7 x 6 inches
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Available in more than thirty designs

Hook and loop closure

Extremely strict quality control testing

Goatskin leather reduces sweating

Ergonomically designed


Too stiff for some users

Highest cost

My Thoughts

Thus, Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Boxing Gloves are optimum for sparring. They are meant to improve your punching power and the soft padding immensely provides you protection during sparring. Similarly, they are soft and comfortable to wear. Thus, highly recommended by the professionals as it owes great features and hook and loop closure increases the mobility of the wrist.

Fairtex Kickboxing Muay Thai Sparring Gloves

Fairtex Boxing Gloves are not only designed for sparring but also suitable for all-purpose boxing gloves. They are available in twenty different stunning colors. Best of all, Fairtex boxing gloves will fit tightly on your hands without blocking the blood circulation. With its ultra-durable Velcro fitting, you can enjoy your bag and pad work.

Moreover, the entirely distributed padding protects your whole hand and generate a tight and compact design.

Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves


These boxing gloves for sparring are handmade with high-quality leather which is thick and beautiful. No doubt, the best thing about these gloves is their excellent quality. Furthermore, it upholds the great leather texture and durability is outstanding. 

Due to Thai boxing style gloves, they have less padding at knuckles as compared to other boxing gloves. While the back of the hand consists of heavy padding in order to block from strikes like kicks. Similarly, in Thai Boxing style thick padding at backhand is done for shock absorption when blocking a kick.

Next, the wrist support is great, there is firm padding which acquires a long break-in time. In fact, the padding is that much stiff that it has ruined the comfort. That is why they have been fall in a category of “punchers” ,not protectors.

Apart from it, the durable Velcro closures provide a perfect fit. A slightly thin liner is used in these gloves which is not the best but also not bad as well. Also, it is designed with a straight thumb and perfect subtle stitching.


Item weight: 2.2 pounds
Color: Black/white
Size: Available in various sizes
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Tight fit Thai style gloves

All-purpose design gloves

Mesh material for better air circulation

Velcro straps

High-quality Handmade construction


Thin padded knuckles

High in price

My Thoughts

Overall, Fairtex Boxing Gloves for Sparring owes great features but according to me, the stiff padding has ruined everything. My personal experience was just OK as I was disappointed by the long break in time, lack of grip bar, and the thin padding around knuckles. Therefore, buy these boxing gloves if you do not bother the above-mentioned flaws.

Top King Boxing Gloves

Top King boxing gloves is a good choice for sparring but to be honest it doesn’t last long as one should expect.

The combination of Velcro straps and  heavy padding protects you from punching and your sparring partner as well. Because of their padding, they are highly-preferable for those practice sessions.

Top King training Gloves


Manufactured in Thailand! Top King Boxing Gloves for Sparring is crafted with genuine leather. Actually with 100% cow skin leather which is simply awesome. 

Moreover, it utilizes the multi-layered molded shock absorbent inner foam padding. Similarly, it will protect your fingers, hand, wrist, thumb, and knuckles during sparring. These heavily padded gloves will be extremely helpful for you during heavy bag training.

The most important thing about these gloves is that a Climacool Technology which keeps the glove cool and dry. This is due to the thin mesh material used on the underside of the palm area. Furthermore, the Velcro straps, attached thumb, and sturdy stitching are the main part of its construction.


Item weight: 2.2 pounds
Color: Available in multiple colors
Size: Available in 10, 12, 14 oz
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Safer and softer gloves

Perfect for mitt work and sparring

Velcro strap

High-quality construction

Extra protection


Wrist support is not much long as compared to other brands.

My Thoughts

Hence, Top King Boxing Gloves for sparring is suitable for bag and pad work. Also, the performance of this incredible glove is amazing but there are some minor issues regarding stitching and Velcro closures as well. It is quick to over dry and stays cool during hot weather. The padding on the back of the hand plays an important role in blocking the kicks. Lastly, the overall performance and quality of these gloves are good.

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