Best Boxing Gloves For Professionals In 2019

Professional boxers have to follow a really tough daily routine.

From diet to training to boxing gear, they have to be very precised. When it comes to boxing gloves for professionals, the things are different.

For pro boxers, gloves should have less padding and more wrist support. The main aim of these gloves is to transfer maximum energy to the opponents and to hurt them.

Moreover, these gloves doesn’t protect the hands as compared to boxing gloves for sparring.

Here is our list of best boxing gloves for professionals in 2019.

winning boxing gloves

Winning Boxing glove

Why Its Better ? 

>> Highest Quality Construction.

>> 100% genuine leather.

>> Durable wrist support.

>> Double Stitching.

>> Soft padding cushion.


Winning Boxing Gloves For Professionals

No doubt Winning Boxing Gloves are known to be the best boxing gloves in the market. Almost every professional Boxing champion has a pair of Winning. In fact, it is reported that Floyd Mayweather has a huge collection of Winning Boxing gloves and he is a big fan of it. 

 Winning Boxing gloves are not only excellent in quality but also incredible in providing protection and ultimate comfort. 

It’s high cost satisfy each and every penny you pay for it. They are known as “pillows” because they deliver unmatched hand protection, impact absorption, and wrist support. 

Besides professional use, you can also use this pair for bag work, sparring, and mitts. Also, you can use the Winning gloves throughout the day without feeling any type of pain in your hand and soreness in knuckles.

winning boxing gloves


Winning Boxing Gloves are made in Japan and due to their impeccable quality known in the whole world. It is constructed from premium quality leather and horse hair. The colors are beautiful and the leather is durable or will not tear apart. 

In addition, its High-density foam padding is known as “pillows” so soft that you will love it. Similarly, the padding is evenly distributed throughout the glove that you will not feel any sort of heaviness while playing. The soft nylon lining makes it extra soft and comfortable for your hands, fingers, and take no time for break-in.

The lace-up wrist closure is another great feature of these professional gloves. Apart from it, the straight thumb features a perfect fist and the durable stitching makes it long lasting.


Item weight: 2.6 pounds
Shipping weight: 2.8 pounds
Color: Black and silver
Size: Available in various sizes
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Best and safe quality

Anti-thumbing style

Durable leather

Comfortable padding

No.1 Boxing champions choice



My Thoughts

By all means, Winning Boxing Gloves are made for the people with all skill levels. A Japanese brand boxing glove which offers great durability and hand protection. No doubt, these gloves are expensive but they will give the protection that no other glove will. They are top of the line due to their comfort, durability, protection, and performance. So, get your hands on the boxing gloves and get your Winning Boxing Gloves to make tremendous victories in the Boxing ring.

Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

Cleto Reyes has remained as a top choice for the professional boxers. These boxing gloves uphold perfect fit, brilliant materials, and great attention to detail. Cleto boxing gloves range has been modified by some new additions. 

They are no doubt, the best Mexican fight gloves being designed today. Generally, Mexican gloves are flat, long, and rectangular in shape with less knuckle protection. 

Cleto Boxing Gloves for Professional is known to be the best in that category. These gloves are a work of art with impeccable craftsmanship.  You can experience a break-in period with these gloves. Once you get used too of the long cuffs then you will feel great.


This Mexican glove is constructed with 100% leather, the material is so comfortable that it provide quick adjustment. Moreover, the water repellent nylon lining blocks moisture from the gloves. 

It is more enhanced with 2-inch latex foam padding in the punch area for better punches. Besides, this anatomically designed boxing gloves consists of lace-up closures which provides wrist protection. Similarly, the long lace design imparts surplus protection. 

Also, the attached thumb protects the eye from injury as well as keep the thumb safety from being sprained. With the persistent stitching, the glove will not tear apart no matter how hard you play.


  • Item weight: 2 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 19 x 7 x 6 inches
  • Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Available in more than thirty colors.

Quick on and off.

Goat skin leather construction.



Takes some time to break-in

My Thoughts

Cleto Boxing Gloves is indeed a great choice for any professional boxer. The features are exceptional but few boxers were not satisfied with its smaller hand compartment. Despite less padding, it provides great wrist, hand, and knuckles protection. 

Ring to Cage Boxing Gloves for Professionals

Ring to Cage Boxing Gloves are Japanese style Gloves, this is because the manufacturers have used the same “Winning” style construction and layout as their template. No brand emulate with the Legendary Winning Boxing Gloves But Ring to Cage C-17 did the great shot. It features the same feel, security, and protection.

Though, the quality is not the same as the Winning one’s. They were designed as the duplicate of Winning Gloves to provide the boxers same quality but in affordable price. When compared to Winning Boxing gloves they are more flattened.



Ring to Cage Boxing Glove is constructed with durable horse leather. This Japanese style glove provides incredible protection with its 1.5-inch layered padding, the foam padding is heavier that of Winning to deliver additional protection to knuckles whenever you punch something. 

The nylon lining is made heavier as compared to the previous versions of Ring to Cage boxing gloves. In the same way, the nylon lining features water-resistant quality. The boxing champion can enjoy the comfortable and pain-free break-in period.

In addition, you can make a perfect fist with these comfortable gloves. With straight attached thumb, you can have a better grip. 

Apart from it, they have flattened shape and wider hand compartment. In this manner, they offer great knuckles and wrist support as compared to other gloves. Although the Velcro straps are sturdy they do not provide the support that Winning does. Similarly, a boxer can feel some shock while casting heavy punches.


Item weight: 3 pounds
Color: Available in various colors
Size: Available in regular and large sizes
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Safer and softer gloves

Leather shell construction

High-quality construction

Extra protection


Loose stitching

No vent holes

My Thoughts

Hence, Ring to cage C-17 contains the quality material and you can use it for all-purpose. They perform a great job when it comes to your hand protection. No matter what kind of boxer you are Ring to cage Boxing gloves for professionals will entertain you from every aspect you want. 

Everlast Protex3 Boxing Gloves

Everlast is a well-known boxing brand every beginner and professional boxer knows about them. In fact, some of the renowned boxers use them on fight night. That is why people have noble expectations from it.

Basically, it comes with a wrist stabilization technology system which protects your wrist and supports your hands all the time. Additionally, it contains the lace-up closure for better fitting.


The Everlast Boxing Gloves for professionals has been manufactured with the high-grade leather which plays an important role in enhancing its durability. 

 It comes with the wrist stabilization technology system for tri-collar assistance panel. One more great thing about this glove is that it is made with 4-layer C4 foam for wrist preservation. The padding is well-distributed and delivers a great fit, comfort, and balance.

If you are a professional boxer then you will enjoy its modified curved anatomical fit and grip. Though they are bit stiff at first and required some time to break-in but they will be comfortable after some time. In addition, these gloves posses lace-up closures to provide you improve grip.


Item weight: 1.5 pounds
Color: Available in black color
Size: Available in various sizes
Shipping weight: 1.8 pounds
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Perfect overall weight balance

Great knuckle protection

Superior wrist protection

Premium leather quality

Anatomical foam collar


Do not provide the required comfort and safety which a professional boxer require.

My Thoughts

The Everlast Pro3 Boxing Glove is designed for almost all kind of players whether you are a beginner or a professional. Consequently, these boxing gloves give a great performance during punching and keep the knuckles and hands well protected. 

Title Gel World Bag Gloves

Title Boxing has been providing durable and long-lasting boxing gloves for professionals from the past few years. Their design, performance, quality, and protection highly satisfies the boxers. They deliver excellent performance, great protection, and ultimate comfort.

One thing more about this boxing glove is the endless knuckle protection it provides. Similarly, it helps to relieve the knuckle soreness after heading towards professional boxing from training.

Title Gel World Bag Gloves


A part from it, the construction of the Title Gel world Bag Gloves is incredible. Each and every step of the construction is done to maximize the player’s performance and provide ultimate comfort. It is crafted with 100% cowhide leather which makes it extraordinary durable. The professional boxers will experience lesser to no pain in knuckles with these gloves.

Also, it is made more enhanced with the multi-layered foam padding and this padding reduces the pain with each impact. Next, it features the Gel enforced lining for shock absorbance as well as for better fitting. Title Gel World Bag Gloves features a leather shell with specific hand compartment.

After hand and fingers, now come to its wrist closure type. The hook and loop closure enables the player to play freely without losing grip from the wrist. Similarly, the D-ring wraparound adjustable strap is also its great feature to enhance your punches. Most of all the stitching is remarkably durable and neat.


Item weight: 2.5 pounds
Color: Red
Size: Available in large size
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


All-leather outer shell

Multi-layered foam padding

Wraparound adjustable wrist strap

Impact resistance

Special hand compartment lining

D-ring hook and loop closure


It can cause strain in your hands as it is heavier as compared to other training gloves.

Some buyer’s faced the size issues

My Thoughts

By all means, Title Gel Bag World Gloves are particularly designed for the players suffering from muscle soreness and heavy hitters. These gloves will not only reduce your pain during hard competitions but also stay durable throughout so many years. Try to get the perfect size according to your hand otherwise, it will not be comfortable for you to wear.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Venum Boxing consists of 4 series and the best of all is the Venum elite Boxing Gloves Series.  The main feature of this series which makes it different from the other is its reasonable price.

Composed with improved padding and protection, built with premium Skintex leather. Moreover, it is handcrafted in Thailand with the best crafting techniques. The materials are heat regulated and are exceptionally comfortable as well as durable.



The Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are crafted with premium Skintex leather. Its triple density foam makes it comfortable for the boxer and durable as compared to its previous versions. Similarly, the high-density foam reduced the stress greatly and absorbs the high impact shocks. Apart from it, the strengthened palm and attached thumb feature double protection.

In addition, the wide elastic Velcro straps are used to tighten up your hand so that your hand remains straight and protected no matter how hard you hit.

Further, it is designed with the embossed venomous fanged snake logo like the other models of Venum boxing gloves. Another great thing about its construction is the specific mesh panel which is placed in the palm for an excellent thermal regulation.

Above all, the materials are so soft and prevent you from hand and knuckles injuries. Yes, now come towards its stitching which is subtle and neat also a single stitch is made tight with deep details.


Item weight: 2 pounds
Product dimensions: 16 x 8 x 6 inches
Color: Matte/Black
Size: Available in various sizes
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Premium Skintex leather

Triple density foam

Prevents injury

Attached thumb

Matchless Shock Absorption

Strengthened seams


Limited in stock

My Thoughts

Are you looking for a long-lasting but low-price boxing gloves? Then Venum elite Boxing Gloves for Professionals is an ultimate choice. Therefore, this pair is a budget-friendly product with incredible features and long-lasting quality. No doubt, it is great for the champions as well as for the beginners.

Absolutely, it has myriad features which you cannot find at such a reasonable price. If there is something which few boxers not like about is its Skintex leather made which is actually known as faux leather.

Grant Custom Boxing Gloves

Grant Custom Boxing Gloves are the professional gloves with exceptional craftsmanship and design, and quality. These gloves are hand stitched in Mexico by the leather professionals. Each and every stitch is made tight and not a single one is out of the way. If you are looking for a professional boxing glove then I will recommend you this pair.

In addition, they come in a variety of different colors and yes you can mix-match your own colors to create a “customized” design. They are solely manufactured for the professional fighters. Fighters like Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Evander Holyfield are known well to play with Grant Boxing Gloves. These gloves are best in providing knuckle protection and exceptional fist.

Grant Boxing Grant Professional


These Grant Professional Boxing Gloves are built with tanned leather which makes it persistent to use. It does not contain thick padding as they are meant for professional competitions.

With the thin padding, a boxer can give a powerful punch that is why they are lightweight and you can give a speedy punch with it. In the same manner, the padding delivers great protection and exceptional support. The nylon lining is stitched perfectly with a water repellent layered fibers and keep the leather fresh all the time.

Besides you can choose the colors available to customize them with different colors and designs according to your choice. They come in traditional colors like red, green, blue, pink, black, yellow, and white. So, you have a huge variety of colors to choose from.

Also, these gloves have lace-up closure no straps and these laces when tied up delivers added wrist protection. In addition, the long padded sleeve of Grant Boxing Gloves not only provide protection but also helps to dodge blows, without hurting your wrists.

After materials, the most important thing in manufacturing the glove is its stitching. The Grant Professional Boxing Gloves are hand stitched and there is no flaws in stitching. Every single stitch is nicely folded and stitched. You can say that the quality of stitching is that much good that you can use it for several professional fight sessions and still looks new.


Item weight: Lightweight
Colors: Available in various colors
Size: Comes in different sizes
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option available


Great protection

Persistent stitching

High-quality leather

Best wrist support

Perfect for defensive fighters


Limited in stock

My Thoughts

Hence, Grant Professional Boxing Gloves have been designed while keeping the professional boxers in the mind. They have been used by so many professional fighters nowadays.  The protection and support provided by them is excellent. Also, Grant Boxing Gloves are foremost for training and professional purpose. 

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