Best Boxing Shoes For Women – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Well, without a proper boxing shoe, you can’t box. A shoe must adapt your boxing style so that you have the freedom to give the hell to your opponents. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of best boxing shoes for women so that you can get a good idea of top rated boxing shoes.

Best Boxing Shoes For Women

Here is the list of best boxing shoes for women in 2021.

Image Product Features Price
Ring side Ringside Diablo Lightweight and breathable Check Price
Venum elite shoe Venum Elite Comfort and traction Check Price
Reebook shoe Reebok Women’s Boot Skid-resistant and non-marking sole Check Price
adidas box hog ii boxing Adidas Box HOG II Affordable and cushioned heel Check Price
Nike Womens Air Max Box Size Nike Womens Air Max Responsive cushioning Check Price
Adidas Unisex-Adult Hog 3 Boxing Shoe Adidas Unisex-Adult Hog 3 Mid cut supports ankles Check Price
Adidas Speedex 18 Boxing Shoes Adidas Speedex 18 Strong grip and excellent traction Check Price
Otomix Women's PRO TKO Super Hi Boxing Weightlifting Shoes Otomix Women’s PRO TKO Reinforced ventilation Check Price
PUMA Women's Eskiva Mid Cross-Trainer Shoe PUMA Women’s Eskiva Mid Cross Cosmetic appeal boosts Check Price
Title Boxing Innovate Mid Boxing Shoes Title Boxing Innovate Mid Boost speed and footwork Check Price

1. Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes

Ringside is a well-recognized brand manufacturing top-notch boxing accessories including shoes, gloves, apparel and much more. Being one of them, Diablo Boxing shoes have promising features to smooth the way for victory.

best boxing shoes for women

Let’s start with its construction, made with nylon mesh upper they are not only breathable but also lightweight ensuring the agility and sweat-free feet. The rubber sole is non-slippery to maximize comfort and enhance safety while fighting in the ring.

The ankles of boxers are inclined to sudden twists resulting in injuries if the shoe does not support the ankle properly. Ringside shoe model features a low top ankle providing a considerable amount of support and allows easy and flexible movements and rotations with exceptional fluidity.

Having patent leather vinyl finish, these sports-specific shoes are available in various eye-catching colors. The visual feminist style with a tongue and durable design offers a sung feel to feet of feminist players.

They are available in black, red, pink, blue, and white offering you to grab your favourite color.

To conclude, Diablo Women Boxing shoes offer quality and affordability. With many awesome features, these are surely the best boxing shoes for women in the market.


  • Low top ankle offers excellent ankle support
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Non-slip rubber outsole ensures safety
  • Amazing quality at affordable price


  • Sizing may issue
  • Need to have two size up for wide feet

2. Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

This Venum Elite Boxing shoe model is specifically designed in collaboration with boxing champions and product engineers keeping the boxing requirements at the top. Properly engineered with a contemporary look, Venum Elite proves itself to be a professional and unisex shoe for boxing.

The tri-material construction of this Elite model comprises Glossy PU Patent, PU Flex and Honeycomb contributing to enhance the flexibility, ventilation and cosmetic style for sure. The patent leather and double stitched honeycomb mesh is not only enhancing the luxurious look but also ensuring the ultimate comfort in the intense session of the game.

Talking about its sole, the Venum features a rubber sole combining the optimal stability, lightness, strength and grip together provides explosive support traction and support when you need it the most.

Insole construction of these women boxing shoes is pretty impressive. It is designed to provide optimized comfort through its anatomical design. The bonded insole feature minimizes the risk of slipping, chafing, fatigue and injuries and helps to retain the momentum in the ring.

Its distinctive mid-cut silhouette feature makes it different from other women boxing shoes in the same line. It offers required ankle support and excellent lateral support. Keeping the feet anchored, it helps to obtain protective footwork during sudden movements, dodging, and turning positions.

Known for its sleek design, stylish look and sung fitting, the Venum Elite is available in stunning color options including balck/gold, red, silver, white and black to make you stand out without destroying your fashion carving sense.

Overall, the Venum Elite boxing shoe is flawless and designed beautifully for professional boxers of all levels. Its matchless qualities like flexible shape, enhanced resistance and incredible durability help you to rock during the most exceptional workouts. Indeed, one of the best women boxing shoes around.


  • Combination of comfortability and visually stylish look
  • Constructed with latest mechanism to ensure excellent output in the ring
  • Anatomical design offers reinforced comfort and traction
  • Exceptional fit provides ultimate security to the feet.


  • Sizing has issue order a half size larger

3. Reebok Women’s Boot Boxing Shoe

Reebok, undoubtedly, has built its reputation since starting by manufacturing durable and reliable sports accessories for enthusiastic players regardless of their gender. Women’s Boot Boxing series is one of them.

This model is specifically designed for ladies to boost their professional performance. Focusing on the fragile contours of the female boxers, this Boot women’s Boxing Shoe ensures unusual stability and optimum safety.

The upper is constructed with mesh textile and synthetic material, not only renowned for easy care but also capable of enhancing breathability to keep feet moisture-free and odor-free.

As far as the outsole is concerned, it features a rubber sole, flexible and durable, letting you move more comfortably and support your footwork naturally by providing a strong grip when in the ring. Its remarkable stability and shock-absorbent features provide ultimate traction consistently, no matter how long the game lasts.

In addition, the sole comes with the fusion of skid-resistant and non-marking design saves you from being slipped, having sprains and injuries. The insole features an EVA foam that offers shock-absorption capabilities. The mid shoe possesses a velcro strap offering a secure and snug fit.

Sadly to know that, the shoe is available only in black color with white trimming.

To finalize, this Rebook model is especially designed for women to enjoy the extensive game round after round without experiencing pain and fear of losing.


  • Renders ideal comfort and remarkable grip
  • Lightweight and breathability are exceptional
  • Solid construction offers ankle support and great traction
  • Skid-resistant and non-marking sole


  • Putting them on and off takes considerable time
  • Feels hard and stiff in the beginning

4. Adidas Box HOG II Women Boxing Shoes

Adidas is a leading brand known for manufacturing sports gear that perfectly suits the players’ requirements. The Box Hog ll is the innovative variation of the original Box Hog version. This women boxing shoe is the amazing combination of lightweight, ventilation and agility.

best boxing shoes for women

The Lace-up Closure of Hog ll offers perfect fit and snug feel along with superb comfort especially to handle the excessive workouts. Moreover, the durable synthetic suede overlays maximize the ventilation process and keep feet dry without being too heavy.

Best Leather Boxing Shoes

Thanks to the updated design furnish full ankle support with strong straps on either side of the shoe. The Box Hog ll is the best option for flat feet and keeps them close to the surface without abandoning the flexibility.

The Hog ll incorporates a firm midsole and durable outsole made with gum rubber extends the stability and maintains the grip strongly.

Even, the outsole makes it easy to pivot and twists giving the opportunity to throw stronger punches against opponents and weight transfer on the carpet. The abrasion-resistant toe cap enhances protection and durability.

Including these dynamic features, this is truly a budget-friendly boxing shoe for those who do not want to spend big bucks as a beginner.

Last but not the least, the Adidas Box ll is true to its feature offering extreme levels of comfort, reliable grip and matchless durability. It is super light and feels amazing and allows longer fights effectively. Overall, of the best boxing shoes for ladies.


  • Comfortable, breathable and flexible
  • Provides fluid treads with excellent traction
  • Rubber outsole reinforces the strong grip and stability
  • Affordable and cushioned heel


  • Boot sizing is a big problem
  • Only available in limited colors

5. Nike Womens Air Max Box Size

Being a multinational corporation, Nike has been delivering footwear with engaging designs and extensive performance for more than a half-century. The launch of Women Air Shoe for female boxers is an evident example in this regard.

The Air Max comes with multiple benefits to entertain the experts in the boxing arena. Its primary feature is the Max Air 270 unit in the heel area provides adequate cushioning for responsive movement in the intensive workout sessions.

The superb combination of exclusive leather, synthetic suede and weightless knit mesh upper contributing to delivering proper footwork, making them highly breathable and helping to secure a great position in the fighting arena.

Featuring an extended rounded shape outsole makes it closer to the ground while restricting the angles. The streetwear style is giving an edge in the ring.

Thanks to the contemporary design with eye-catching colour options that does not kill your stylish appearance. It also offers unconventional durability in explosive game sessions on the boxing floor.

The bottom line is Nike Air Max Women Boxing Shoe is committed to providing you with an amazing experience with increased breathability, the exact amount of traction, impressive stability and last but not the least the premium comfort. The visually improved design appeals to you to optimize your game.


  • Premium upper construction maximizes the breathability
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Offers right amount of traction
  • Includes full ankle support


  • Feels a bit hard and stiff in the beginning

6. Adidas Unisex-Adult Hog 3 Boxing Shoe

It is no wonder to have another Adidas product in the list of the best boxing shoes for women. Simply the reason is the optimized features of their products facilitating the experts all over the world.

Unisex Adult Hog 3 is the combination of lightweight and ultra support promotes agility; a noteworthy aspect required to master the boxing. Significantly designed to secure the feet to ensure superior footwork coordination during climax of match.

With a mixture of synthetic overlay, foot-hugging mesh upper, and abrasion-resistant toe cap, the shoe facilitates the feet with enhanced ventilation, and advanced protection till the last minutes of the match.

The Hog 3 features inner reinforcements which adds stability whereas the mid cut of this model holds up your ankles. The EVA midsole keeps you light on your feet and responsive for cushioning and shock-absorption.

The Adult Hog model features grippy rubber sole ensures strong grip and firm connection to the canvas. It maintains healthy footwork coordination remarkably in the ring. The shoes are available in badass colour combinations with Adidas signature stripes giving you an elegant look in the fighting arena.

To summarize, the Hog 3 makes you feel light, strong and aggressive in the ring. Carefully designed construction and lightweight makes it price worthy.


  • Highly breathable upper helps feet stay moisture free
  • Inner reinforcement adds stability
  • Mid cut supports ankles
  • Rubber outsole keeps you connected firmly to the ground


  • Putting them on and off is time consuming

7. Adidas Speedex 18 Boxing Shoes

Having extended history and long established relations with sports, Adidas is supplying sports compatible shoes for the professional players to satiate their hunger for the victory. Speedex 18 is one such innovation to help the female boxers.

As the name suggests, it is made to fulfill the radical requirements of boxing and speed is one of them. Its lightweight feature increases the speed and makes this shoe model handy when the game turns aggressive.

These boxing shoes come with forefoot flexibility, midfoot stability and reinforced mesh upper. Speedex 18 has a lace closure ensures glove-like fit useful for fast and strong actions, and the strap system efficiently secures the ankles and heel and makes you confident in the ring.

The lightweight EVA midsole provides a perfect fit and allows you to move freely without losing stability at all. Meanwhile, the durable Adiwear outsole accelerates the strong grip and traction to give you a better experience.

Coupled with feminist attributes, this version is available in many appealing colors to please the ehnthsiastic ladies boxers. The contemporary design includes the evergreen adidas signatured stripes.

Moreover, its narrow body is compatible with female feet. The interesting fact is that sizing has not been an irritating issue as far as Speedex 18 Boxing shoe is concerned. It comes in half size, so ordering your normal size is okay.

Being an incredible shoe model, numerous awesome features like flexibility, grip, traction and stability contribute to amp up the performance overall. Speedex 18 certainly lives up to its name by providing speed and agility within the ring.


  • Lightweight shoes to accelerate speed and agility
  • Superior stability and extreme flexibility
  • Sizing is trouble free
  • Strong grip and excellent traction
  • Durability is matchless


  • Narrow body does not make it ideal for wide feet

8. Otomix Women’s PRO TKO Super Hi Boxing Shoes

Otomix is widely known to manufacture performance specialized sports footwear with a fashion twist for pro boxers. Women’s PRO TKO comes in amazing style with unlimited features making it not only a pro choice for boxing but for many other sports to be played on the mat.

To amplify the possibilities of success, Women Super Hi is significantly designed to fulfill the boxer’s requirement even in training or combat. This shoe features extreme ankle padding offers enhanced protection to the joints whereas the lace closure gives you safe and customized fit. The tongue and collar alleviates the chafing and twisting by providing sufficient cushioning.

The Women Pro has a thin sole significantly designed for optimal traction and firm grip in the ring. Also the thin sole keeps you near the ground while increasing the stability. Therefore, you enjoy precise and powerful shots in the fight.

Made with canvas and suede leather, these shoes are lightweight and breathable to keep feet dry and cool. In addition, the high impact leathery areas reinforce the stability and flexibility.

This updated model has a slightly wider toe box providing the extra space for the wide feet. Especially crafted with women in mind, this shoe comes with a fashion twist attracting the ladies with its eye catching colour scheme and design.

Above all, this revised model has earned its reputation through its matchless features. Most experts claim this model as the best women boxing shoes model in sports. It gives you a firm grip, traction and flexibility and prepares you to rock on the boxing floor. And the flashy design enhances your physical appearance on the court.


  • Superior flexibility and lightweight
  • Reinforced ventilation structure of the shoes
  • Adequate cushioning
  • Optimized ankle support
  • Excellent grip and traction


  • Fit is a little loose for narrow feet
  • Prolonged use may heat in the feet

9. PUMA Women’s Eskiva Mid Cross-Trainer Shoe

Since 1960, PUMA has been launching responsive boxing shoes with cosmetic touch for a professional take on boxing. Surprisingly, their shoes were worn by a gold medal winning athlete in the Munich Olympic game 1972.

This model Eskiva Mid Cross is the inspiration taken from gong to facilitate the boxers particularly. The upper is constructed with 100% leather making it exceptionally tough with aim to give full fledge protection of the forefoot area for rounds after rounds. Besides the hard upper, the shoe is ideally flexible and comfortable from back including toe and heel. The knit mesh back offers ample ventilation.

Unlike traditional style boxing shoes, these shoes have a zipper closure instead of a lacing system. Therefore, it is extremely easy to put them on and off frequently without wasting much time. Moreover, for the protection and custom fit feel, an elastic strap is present on the top. The soft tongue offers added support to your ankles against chafing.

The continuous foot maneuver may lead to injuries especially for the heel and forefoot area. That is why, the PUMA Eskiva is specifically designed to provide sufficient cushioning to absorb impacts to prevent wounds.

Featuring a rubber sole, the shoe model delivers extended stability and strong grip maintaining your balance by controlling intelligently in the ring. They are little tight on the sides making them suitable for the boxers with narrow feet. They are available in whisper white with black touch enhancing the funky look in the boxing combos.

Working as a global brand, PUMA is delivering the sports accessories equipped with technical innovation and exceptional designs to influence the pro players. The sleek design with multi features energizes the ladies boxer to take a perfect start.


  • Ensures reliable traction and grip
  • Offers ample cushioning to absorb impacts
  • Suitable for narrow feet
  • Cosmetic appeal boosts your stylish look
  • Gives custom fit and protection


  • Not suitable for wide feet as sides are tight
  • Be careful while sizing as they run half to a whole size large

10. Title Boxing Innovate Mid Boxing Shoes

Title Boxing is committed to deliver more than just simple boxing accessories. Needless to mention, as a prestigious brand, it is manufacturing innovative and revolutionary boxing products for the ninja boxers. The Innovation Mid Boxing Shoe is crafted to give you dynamic yet constrained footwork on the boxing floor.

Starting from the upper construction, it has full synthetic leather with tight weave nylon gives you an excellent premium feel by keeping feet dry and fresh. The alluring embroidery perfectly complements your style. The lightweight of the shoe keeps your feet tireless and superior flexibility provides way for swift turns and dodges.

The shoe sculpted polyurethane sole particularly designed for boxing footwork. The full length double lasted mid sole provides support to the entire foot, so you can enjoy explosive movements without any fear and difficulty.

The sleek 7 inch height overall contributes to accelerate speed, grip and ring performance. It offers great traction and the right amount of cushioning required to eliminate the chafing and jerks.

The lace up closure is built to secure the feet by providing custom fit helping you to move with ease and agility. Another amazing feature of the shoe is its durability making it last for long. Surely the features in collaboration to help the keen boxers to take on the game easily.

To conclude, it is not wrong to say that Title Boxing is truly an innovation that leads to excel. Especially designed to maximize quick footwork and speed within the boxing arena. The custom fit lacing system prevents foot sprain and improves your overall performance on the fighting floor.


  • Most affordable boxing shoe model
  • Lightweight and superior stability
  • Built to boost speed and footwork
  • Sole provides support to entire feet
  • Provides great fit and flexibility

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