Best Boxing Shoes For Wide Feet In 2021

Well, we know how you feel when you don’t get the right size for your boxing shoes. That’s why we have reviewed some of the best boxing shoes for wide feet so that you can get what exactly you want.

Here we go.

Best Boxing Shoes For Wide Feet

Check some of the best wide feet boxing shoes in 2021.

ImageBoxing Shoes For Wide FeetKey FeaturesPrice
Venum Elite Boxing Shoes mVenum Elite Boxing ShoesDurability and balancedCheck Price
Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing ShoesEverlast New Elite High Top Boxing ShoesFlexible and breathableCheck Price
Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave SneakerReebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave SneakerSuperb ventilationCheck Price
Asics Aggressor 2 ShoesAsics Aggressor 2 ShoesSufficient cushioningCheck Price
Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing ShoesRingside Diablo Wrestling Boxing ShoesNon-slip rubber soleCheck Price
Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing ShoesTitle Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing ShoesExcellent arch and ankle supportCheck Price
Adidas Men’s HVC Boxing ShoesAdidas Men’s HVC Boxing ShoesSynthetic upperCheck Price
Lonsdale Mens Contender Boxing Boots Full Shoes TrainersLonsdale Mens Contender Boxing Boots Full ShoesSecure fit and snug fitCheck Price
Otomix Men’s Stingray Escape ShoesOtomix Men’s Stingray Escape ShoesMatchless grip and tractionCheck Price
Nike Men’s Speedsweep VII Wrestling ShoesNike Men’s Speedsweep VII Wrestling ShoesEVA sock linerCheck Price

1. Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

When it comes to boxing shoes for wide feet, Venum is certainly a trusted brand. They have been manufacturing adaptive and flexible shoes with a stylish look. With its amazing features and superior durability, it has successfully earned the trust of professional players.   

Check Price

Starting with the upper construction, the Venum Elite features flexible fabric which is a lifesaver for the big feet. The fabric is kept flexible purposefully, easily allowing the wide feet to adjust. Another benefit of flexibility is that it allows a vast range of movements in the boxing arena. 

The profile shape is designed to throw yourself forward freely and easily. Therefore, you enjoy a dynamic and offensive boxing style. 

Sole is another important factor in the boxing shoes one must consider. The right sole ensures the stability between pivot and grip.

The rubber grip in this top wide feet boxing shoes improve your footwork and allows you to move frankly around the ring and your opponent. 

The combination of Glossy Patent PU, PU Flex and honeycomb mesh upper provides awesome breathability by letting the foot breath during the fight. As a result, you feel energetic and fight enthusiastically. 

With anatomical designed insole, the shoe provides optimized comfort and helps you to withstand hard sparring sessions in combat. Moreover, the bonded insole reduces the risk of slipping, and tumbling on the boxing floor. The excellent grip and stability allows you to enjoy the walk, pivot and rotate with confidence.  

Sizing of the shoes is not an easy feat. You have to be concerned when ordering Veum shoes as their shoes are half size larger than the standard US sizing. In order to get a good fit, you must go for a half size lower than actual. Normally the sports shoes have limited colors but this version is available in resplendent color combinations to give you a stylish look on the boxing canvas. 

Overall, the shoe is flexible and a great fit for the wide feet players due to the profiled shape. The impressive grip and stability enhances the balanced power transfer and increases your range of motion. The thin and reinforced outsole minimizes the distance between your feet and floor, thus promoting your natural footwork. 


  • Rubber sole offers enhanced grip and stability
  • Anatomical shape ensures optimum comfort
  • Thin sole improves natural footwork
  • Offers durability and balanced movements


  • A little bit pricey as compared to others in the same line
  • A little heavier

2. Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

Everlast has made its reputation by engineering the ergonomics designs providing matchless support to feet in the boxing arena. Therefore, wide feet demand wide and stretchable shoes to rock in the ring. Everlast New Elite shoes have flexibility, and comfortable fitting to reinforce natural footwork for boxing combats.

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Featuring a hybrid shoe design with a rubber sole, the Everlast allows the boxers to move freely from the boxing canvas to gym floor without any fear of slips and trips. This versatile hybridity produces optimal training and competitive performance. 

The shoe is crafted with a technical sole that offers maximum traction and stability without sacrificing mobility and speed. To improve side to side movements and lateral support, the New Elite features an innovative tread design. It also alleviates the sudden slips and twists to optimize performance. 

Keeping the importance of lightweight aspect, Everlast manufactures extremely lightweight shoes providing comfort and swift movements. Open weave meshes upper ensures excellent ventilation and keeps the feet cool. 

As far as the ankle support is concerned, this shoe model is best in its class. The high top design guarantees smooth slide, dodge, rotate and turns to avoid opponents attack. Everlast proceeds one step ahead by adding an ankle strap to make you feel secure.

This increased stability and support help to protect ankle joints for the improved footwork overall. 

Well, the sizing and fit of the shoe are matchless. Providing the snug fit to your big feet by moulding the flexible fabric, this shoe ends your search for the right boxing shoes for wide feet.

This model is available in three rich colors which are red, blue and black with contemporary design to retain your style during the fight.  

Having multiple features including enhanced stability, strong grip and stability and matchless support, these shoes truly fit the bill. The optimized traction and tread boost your performance and confidence in the ring.  Overall, one of the best boxing boots for wide feet.


  • Flexible and breathable construction
  • Added ankle support to secure the ankle joints
  • Lightweight allows you to move quickly
  • Maximum traction and optimized treads
  • Price is reasonable


  •  Sizing has issues

3. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

Known for exclusive features and high quality, Reebok is determined to entertain the professional boxer with wide feet. This Men’s Crossfit version has excelled in fit and performance. 

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Engineered with flex weave dynamic upper and forefoot flex grooves, the Crossfit offers superior flexibility and room for wider toes. This enhanced flexibility improves sudden jumps and sparring when the game is on. Moreover, the nano weave brings breathability that helps to keep the feet cool and sweat-free. 

Reebok uses high abrasion rubber sole to maximize durability making shoes last for long. Thanks to the new heel bootie construction for ensuring top performance and extra comfort. To cushion each step wonderfully, the Nano 8.0 features a comfortable midsole with a moulded sock liner. 

The toe section feature is designed to make the protection process even better for the long hour fighting sessions on the floor. Furthermore, the Crossfit outsole gives the pro boxers strong grip which is useful for a high-intensity workout when boxing. 

Featuring the low cut design, the shoe makes sure the increased mobility without having pain and sprain. Other than this, the shoe is available in multiple amazing colours with a contrast combination allowing you to pick the one that goes with your style. 

Another interesting fact is that boxing champion stars Amir Khan and Floyd Mayweather have used this shoe model. 

The bottom line is that this feet wide boxing shoe performs exceptionally well in the ring. The reinforced cushioning, durability and matchless protection give you the confidence to play more enthusiastically. And the flexibility ensures the excellent footwork to have an edge on the opponent. 


  • Superior flexibility to improve movement
  • Low cut design reinforces the mobility
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Superb ventilation and lightweight
  • Advanced toe protection


  • Incorrect sizing may terrible 
  • Arch support is missing

4. Asics Aggressor 2 Shoes  

ASICS since its start has been offering a complete range of performance- driven athletic shoes and sports apparel. And the ASICS Aggressor series is no exception as far as the performance is concerned. 

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Specially crafted for professional fighters, the Aggressor 2 is a real combination of flexibility and ample cushioning to perform exceptionally when in the ring. The lightweight offers a full range of motion without losing energy. 

The suede upper construction and optimized lacing technology increase the protection of the feet when in the ring. The high lace-up system provides a suitable fit for the wide feet.

To enjoy plush comfort and great responsiveness of the shoes, the shoe features a midsole made of buoyant material. Additionally, the midsole supplies sufficient propulsion and momentum for ultimate support of the heel. 

For optimized traction and treads, the ASICS 2 has Duosole compound with the patterned bottom. Therefore, the player experiences the unmatched traction in training sessions around the ring. The breathable and lightweight traditional upper reinforces the speed and mobility and ventilation. Therefore, the feet remain cool and dry to perform the best. 

The ASICS Aggressor 2 is available in multiple funky colours giving you the option to choose any of them that coordinate with your apparel. 

Like every other wide feet boxing shoe, this shoe also provides maximum traction and mobility. All these promising features make it durable and comfortable to enjoy the games.  


  • Lightweight and flexible perfectly fit to wide feet
  • Maximum traction and stability 
  •  Sufficient cushioning to absorb impacts
  • Excellent ventilation 
  • Amazing colors with contemporary look


  • Require break-in period 

5. Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes 

Ringside is a leading brand aiming to manufacture the best boxing gear at an affordable price. With its multi-purpose features, Ringside Diable boxing shoes has been successful to satisfy the professional as well as amateur boxers. 

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Rigside has always guaranteed the matchless ankle support and stability for the keen players. This sport-specific crafted shoe has a patent leather vinyl look making it glowing and pleasing to the eyes.

Considering foot protection as a top priority, the Diablo boxing shoes for wide feet feature low-top ankle to ensure ankle support and allows the ninja boxers to have quick movements with ease. 

Coupled with breathable nylon mesh pattern, the shoe maintains the moderate temperature of the feet while preventing overheating and sweat. The vinyl upper reinforces the durability making it the great choice that lasts for long. 

These best wide feet boxing shoes feature a non-slip rubber sole that offers excellent stability by eliminating the sudden slips and ensures additional comfort for the wide feet while fighting. 

The major excitement about this model is that it comes with a variety of glowing colors and sizes for male and female boxers. The stylish look of the shoe adds your style in the ring without disturbing your budget.

The Ringside Diablo is specifically designed to promote fluidity and quick movements with sacrificing the protection and comfort important for the challenging fight. The cosmetic appeal boosts your appearance on the fighting floor. 


  • Low-top ankle ensures optimized protection
  • Lightweight and breathable pair of boxing shoes
  • Non-slip rubber sole eliminates slips and twists
  • Durable shoe in competitive pricing


  • Be careful while sizing
  • Has some quality issues

6.Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes

Particularly known for manufacturing boxing shoes, Title is committed to cater to the needs of boxers. The Speed-Flex series is designed to entertain the wide feet boxers.  

Check Price

Built with full synthetic leather upper with tight weave nylon fill, this Speed-flex increases the ventilation process while keeping the shoe lightweight.

The combination of leather upper and high mesh tongue lets the air in and out helps to keep the feet odour and fatigue-free. The lightweight of the shoe reinforces the speed and quick footwork around the fighting ring. 

For optimal performance, it features a rubber sole that provides maximum traction and strong grip while reducing the risk of slipping on the floor. The enhanced stability allows you to take directional movements quickly. 

The top portion is pretty impressive. It easily molds to the foot shape giving you a sung feel instead of tight. Therefore, it is a highly recommended pair of boxing shoes for wide feet players. 

In addition to all these, the Encore Mid comes with wrapped ankles providing not only support but added comfort to the wearers.  

What is making this model the top pick among enthusiastic players is the availability in radiant and bold colors allows you to grab your favourite one. 

The Tile Speed-Flex is lightweight with excellent comfort and support making it worth every penny you spent. The stylish look with beautiful embroidery complements and variety of colors appeal to the energetic boxers.  


  • Excellent arch and ankle support
  • Superior ventilation keeps feet cool and dry
  • Comfortable and snug fit
  • Lightweight to produce quick footwork and speed


  • To lace up properly is time consuming

7. Adidas Men’s HVC  

Adidas is definitely renowned for supplying high quality footwear at competitive prices for the ninja boxing players.  The Men’s HVC model is designed to serve not only boxing but other martial arts too. Let’s discover each feature in detail.

Check Price

On the top of all, the excellent blend of synthetic upper and suede work together to enhance breathability while keeping the shoe lightweight. This construction of a single mesh layer on the upper allows the fresh air to let in and out to keep feet fresh. 

The foam-fitting shape provides exceptional comfort with a strong grip during intense sessions of boxing. The major highlight about this model is the fact that it features full-length rubber sole to establish a strong connection between the feet and the floor. This outsole allows multi-directional to treads with ease. 

The shoe includes upgraded HVC material making shoes more durable with additional comfort than its predecessors. It ensures the reinforced stability and allows you to stand firm on the ground. 

Along with dynamic features, this model is available in vivid colors with a decent look giving you the option to pick the one that suits your taste. 


  • Full length outsole ensures the excellent traction
  • Allows multi-directional treads with ease
  • Synthetic upper offers excellent ventilation
  • Available in bright colors with cosmetic look


  • Thin sole may damage easily

8. Lonsdale Mens Contender Boxing Boots Full Shoes 

Lonsdale Mens Contender has been specifically designed to cater the enthusiastic players having wide feet. With its matte look and innovative features, this is the ideal choice for the keen boxers for sure.

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To maximize the breathability of the shoe, it features mesh panels with high quality leather allowing the players to enjoy games for round after round. Lonsdale has paid attention to every minute detail and is visible through the quilted and padded ankle. The high ankle is equipped with soft padding to ensure extra comfort as well as avoid pain and sore spots. 

The durability of Contender Boxing Boots is matchless as it is made of real leather making it lasts long. Being waterproof  shoes, it is easy to clean them. The grip sole offers determined stability on the mat and reduces the sudden twists and slips. 

Featuring a full lace up fastening , the Mens Contender offers a secure fit and snug feel to the wide feet players particularly. For the great look with decent design, the shoes are finished off with lonsdale branding. 

To summarize, crafted to enhance the boxing skills this shoe version is truly outstanding. It comes with high quality leather at a very low price. Moreover, it is lightweight and excellent breathability keeps feet sweat free. 


  • Added comfort and superior durability
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Secure fit and snug fit


  • Has sizing issues

9. Otomix Men’s Stingray Escape

Otomix has got popularity by delivering the finest quality footwear for the enthusiastic athletes having wider feet. This Stingray series is no different. The ultra light flat sole with superior stability offers a vast range of motion to boxers.

Check Price

Built with multi-purpose features, this shoe is suitable not only for boxers but also for MMA, wrestler, bodybuilding, and weightlifting. Starting with construction, the Men’s Escape is made of leather and synthetic material that offers superior ventilation to enhance footwork in the ring.  Moreover, the top portion of this shoe has sufficient berths allowing wide feet to fit easily.  

The use of polyester in the shoe increases the durability without sacrificing the lightweight of the shoe. Therefore, the players enjoy the quick movements, twist, and jump during combat in the ring. The shoe also features velvet lining helping to eliminate friction. 

Talking about the outsole performance, although it is thin, provides great grip and maximum traction. It also helps to position your feet properly for more balance and retain your posture.  The shoe features extra ankle support for enhanced protection. 

The fusion of flexibility and stability allows unlimited range of motions to launch your shots against your opponent in the arena. This versatile model comes with a flashy design and variety of dazzling colors to add your stylish look. 

We end up by saying that great thin sole and extraordinary ankle support make it the favourite of a large number of players. The enhanced stability and flexibility offers limitless range of motion while maintaining your balance on the boxing floor. 


  • Offers vast range of motion 
  • Matchless grip and traction
  • Ultra lightweight yet durable
  • Expanded toe area for the wide feet


  • Low breathability as compared to others

10. Nike Men’s Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoes

Nike is a world famous brand manufacturing sports gear with engaging design and extended performance to entertain both professional and amateur players with wide feet. As the name suggests, the Men’s Speedsweeps focuses on the speed and agility in the boxing arena. 

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Just like other sports shoes, Nike Men’s fits comfortably and sized accurately. The Speedsweep is constructed with an excellent combination of leather with an extended upper mesh. This upper mesh regulates the ventilation process keeping the feet dry and odor free. 

The shoe features a gum rubber sole that provides stellar traction and allows you to move freely around the ring. Likewise the EVA sock liner offers special cushioning properties and ensures the gentle absorption of every step taken on the mat.   

The lace up feature brings snug feel and protection for the side feet. The toe area is flexible and provides your toes enough room for splay. 

The Speedsweep is a speed oriented shoe version that helps to boost the players with its excellent flexibility, durability and optimized traction. Also, the shoe is available in three colors with a contrast combination that goes well with jeans. 

Conclusively, the shoe with dynamic and excellent features contribute to enhance your performance in the ring. 


  • EVA sock liner offers outstanding cushioning
  • Lightweight to increase the speed and mobility
  • Rubber sole ensures the maximum traction
  • Flexile toe area for the wide feet players

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  • Sizing may irritate if not order correctly 

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