Best Boxing Gloves for Kids For Maximum Hand Protection

The aim of boxing gloves is to protect your hands and wrists from injuries. In the case of kids, it becomes even more important. So, honestly, you can’t give junk to your kids. Keeping that in mind, we have enlisted some of the very best boxing gloves for kids that actually work.

So, check our guide.

Best Boxing Gloves for Kids

Here is a compiled list of Best Boxing Gloves for Kids in 2021.

ImageProductKey FeaturesPrice
Venum Contender Kids GlovesVenum Contender Kids GlovesWell-designed paddingCheck Price
Cheerwing Youth Boxing GlovesCheerwing Youth Boxing GlovesRealistic look and feelCheck Price
RDX Youth Boxing GlovesRDX Youth Boxing GlovesChild friendly wrist designCheck Price
Elite Sports Youth Boxing GlovesElite Sports Youth Boxing GlovesAnti-microbial and anti-fungal liningCheck Price
Luniquz Kids Boxing GlovesLuniquz Kids Boxing Gloves360 degree protection and safetyCheck Price
Dtown Kids Boxing GlovesDtown Kids Boxing GlovesHigh quality PU leatherCheck Price
Farabi Youth Boxing GlovesFarabi Youth Boxing GlovesVelcro strap for snug fitCheck Price
Sanabul Essentials Youth Boxing GlovesSanabul Essentials Youth Boxing GlovesFoam infused with gelCheck Price
Everlast Pro Style Training Kids Boxing GlovesEverlast Pro Style Training Kids Boxing GlovesEverfresh treatmentCheck Price
Kuyou Kids Boxing GlovesKuyou Kids Boxing GlovesPremium quality leatherCheck Price

1. Venum Contender Kids Gloves

Venom Contender offers ample protection in their gloves.

What’s specifically special about this design for kids? It has a curved anatomic shape which is perfectly made for small hands.

Comfortability is also guaranteed because it’s made up of synthetic leather. Not only this, a multi-density foam padding and a Velcro closure will ensure your kids’ safety while boxing. Such an injury protectant!

kids boxing gloves

Check Price

Guaranteeing a good punching power, Venum is with an attached thumb, which reduces the risk of twisting the thumb. And above all, the Venum logo makes it complete. Venum gloves are designed in a way that secures your knuckles, wrists and fingers.

Venum’s shape helps in promoting the proper punching technique thus, avoiding injuries. There is a tribal style pattern of the inscription on the gloves.

Offering you quality way more than the price you pay! A thumbs up by many because of how well built the gloves are! The glove comes with a carrying case to air out the gloves even if you are carrying them with you.

People claim that the size is too big for such little hands although they are light-weight. The gloves are designed with some space inside the thumb area which is not preferred by boxers who prefer fit gloves.

Keeping in mind the optimum shock absorption, Venum contendor gloves are made with multi-density foam. Not a basic stitching but a very qualitied one is done for these gloves.

That’s the reason this is a chart topper in our list of best kids boxing gloves.


  • Cost-effective and cheap
  • Well-designed padding
  • Affordable and reasonable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Premium synthetic leather


  • Too big in size
  • Rigid
  • Not too durable

2. Cheerwing Youth Boxing Gloves

Keeping in mind the grappling and striking for both training and competition, they are the best suitable for kids. Not only boxing, but it supports taekwondo, punch bags, punch mitts and many more. Designed for children aged 5-10 years old and available in 4 different colours providing wider choice.

Best Boxing Gloves for Kids

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Considering the kid’s perception, these gloves are super comfortable. Bright colours and awesome comfort while boxing and hence, reducing the risk of injuries.

Talking about punching, Cheerwing provides a correct form for punching. the gloves breathe well, thanks to the good liners and the well-placed padding.

The cartoon inscriptions on the gloves were designed specifically for kids. Made with high-quality PU leather and EVA foaming, Cheerwing 4oz gloves can be cleaned really easily.

Making it easy to wear, it comes with an elastic wrist strap ensuring a customizable fit together with providing support to the superior wrist. These gloves are easy to wear and take off for toddlers too. With a solid foam unlike cheaper gloves, it offers quality. Also, has a great price to quality ratio.

Other than that, these are lightweight and not too bulky makes them perfect gloves for kids boxing. Closure type is hook and loop thus, helping with adjusting them easily.

The stitching is not very authentic. A good basic construction of the gloves allows easy boxing for training. However, designed only for kids and not suitable for adults and big bulky boxers is a negative factor.

Over prolonged use, not durable enough but still for the price at which they are offered makes it a yes for many kids’ boxers. Reasonable price offered for a basic construction makes these gloves worth to buy.


  • Velcro closure for tight or lose fit
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Not bulky
  • Elastic and Adjustable wrist strap
  • Made of High quality leather
  • Affordable and good price to quality ratio


  • Sweaty hands after a few minutes
  • Questionable durability over prolonged use
  • Hard to put on
  • May run small

3. RDX Youth Boxing Gloves

Youth that are into serious training can look up to RDX youth boxing gloves. RDX manufacturers offers Muay Thai kickboxing gloves for focus pads, punch bags and even sparring.

Check Price

When discussing about its prolonged durability, these gloves are the best. they are made with the Maya hide leather for a long life and extended durability.

Convenient training can be performed due to the ease of use of these gloves. Featuring the slipastic wrist design, further ensuring safety for the children.

Wondering about kids making wrong punches, RDX manufacturers designed an exclusive Tlock anti-thumbing feature. Protection provided to your child throwing wrong punches and injuries thus guaranteeing protection and safety.

Sweating problem can be reduced as these gloves have optimal ventilation with cool X-mesh technology on the palm side. The high quality build of the RDX youth boxing gloves match their versatility. Thermal regulation with sweat wicking inner lining will keep the hands as fresh as possible.

Designed in a child-friendly way, these junior gloves have Quick EZ Hook and Loop closure that matches with the wrist design.

The 4oz RDX gloves weighs 400 grams and added protection is there with EVA Lution foam padding on outer wrist. Without the bulk and irritation, maximum wrist protection is provided.

Resilient Maya Hide leather makes these gloves long-lasting resisting cracks, tears and splits. Throughout the hand joint area, dense latex padding is complimented with shock-absorbent foam.

The nasty impact is surfaced over the gloves.

Available in both 4 and 6 ounces which are recommended for aged 4 to 13 year old children. Considering the concern of slipping and sliding, around the wrist is a secure fit to make the gloves fit your hands accurately.


  • Many styles to choose from
  • Child friendly wrist design
  • Good quality and design
  • Longevity and durability over prolonged use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Room to grow


  • May stretch overtime
  • Slightly lose with time

4. Elite Sports Youth Boxing Gloves

Elite is a reputable brand that deals in many different combat sports equipment’s. Elite Sports youth boxing gloves are suitable for children above 4 years. Offering a wide variety of colours to choose from makes these sports gloves amazing for your child.

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Ensuring the safety of the children, built in anti-microbial and anti-fungal lining provides safety and security from germs and bacteria. In order to minimize the risk of injuries and sprains, the perfect fitting is offered by these MMA gloves. This aids to reduce injuries while training, sparring and boxing giving the required protection to your hands and wrists.

The presence of Velcro Wrist closure with a stretchable leather wrist strap in this top kids boxing gloves makes wearing the loves easy. Allowing fast precise punching is possible because of the lightweight and super durability of these elite sports youth boxing gloves.

The best quality PU leather is used for these gloves with a pre curved anatomic hand design. Allowing you not to worry about maintaining the fist closure while boxing. If you are looking for enhanced performance, go for them. As they have the high quality Maya leather hide too.

The pre anatomic shape adds design, functionality and style to these sports gloves. A great protection is offered because of the triple density gel. Moreover, impact foam in the gloves helps improve the punching performance. Reaching your goals with less injuries is also looked upon to by adding the shock absorbent in these elite sports boxing gloves.

Having a 3D cooling mesh guarantees proper ventilation which keeps your hands sweatfree. The elite manufacturers made these gloves in a way to suit different purposes like kickboxing, sparring, boxing, heavy punch bags making them a multipurpose sports youth gloves.

Cleaning for these gloves is surely not a mess since they are super easy to maintain. High quality PU leather made them durable for a long time making them worth for the price for which they are being sold, making them affordable. A good and reasonable price is offered for such good quality gloves.

Although, not very much varied designs and styles are offered by the elite manufacturers in these gloves. a variety of sizes from 4 and 6 ounce all the way up to 12 ounce size is available making selection further better suiting the youth requirements.


  • Made from high quality PU and Maya hide leather
  • Available in numerous sizes
  • Durability over prolonged use
  • Anti-microbial and anti-fungal lining
  • Triple density gels
  • Children friendly with stretchable wrist strap
  • Multi-purpose


  • Simple design
  • Less variety of styles available

5. Luniquz Kids Boxing Gloves

Luniquz offers a wide variety of sports equipment for children and their gloves are one of a kind. They are made in a very catchy and attractive way for the youth with the living combative blazing pattern on the fist grabbing children’s attention. If you were looking for high quality inexpensive durable pair of gloves, then your wait is over.

Check Price

The luniquz are the perfect pair of gloves for the children. Blazing patterns are available in 4 different hot styles to choose from. A huge variety of colours is provided by the elite manufacturers.

Made by the Luniquz manufacturers in an appealing way, they are present in many different styles. offering a wide variety and choice to the children to choose from. Designed in a way to allow children’s to express themselves while boxing is an added advantage.

For punching bag exercise, a lot of flexibility is offered to the children. having the integrated mold cut will help a great deal to fit the gloves in the little hands of the children. The fitting and stitching is just priceless in such a little amount of price.

Keeping in mind the impact absorption and pressure distribution, a thick foam is there to protect the children from injuries and sprains.

Considering to keep the little hands fresh, it comes with a breathable lining and 5 vents in the palm for airflow. This aids in keeping the hands fresh and cool for a long time.

For comfortable wear, a wide Velcro tape on the sleeves is given to adjust properly. Also to form a correct position of the hands and wrists, therefore, reducing the risk of sprains and injuries while boxing. This further improves the functionality and performance of boxing when these sports gloves are worn.

The closure type is hook and loop. Usually, they are bag type gloves but what makes them less popular is the limited or yet no variety of sizes available in this luniquz glove wear. No variations provided to choose from instead of only a 6 oz. the size needs to be chosen. making them suitable for only little hands and for children in the 4 to 8 range or older children if they have small hands.


  • Numerous amazing colours to choose from
  • 360 degree protection and safety
  • Very nice range of motion
  • Sweat wicking properties
  • Amazing flexibility and functionality
  • Reasonable and affordable


  • Only one 6oz size to choose

6. Dtown Kids Boxing Gloves

Dtown offers a wide variety of gloves for kids to make boxing easy and safe. Available in 6 amazing colours, Dtown manufacturers provides numerous choices to its children customers. A high-quality PU leather is used in the gloves, making them long lasting and durable. Together with EVA density foam which further prolongs the use of these awesome Dtown gloves.

Dtown Kids Boxing Gloves

Check Price

Providing multipurpose support, the Dtwon toddler gloves are extremely useful in MMA, boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, Judo karate, self-defense, Krav Maga Training, Focus pads and punch bags. thus improving the functionality.

Premium quality PU leather and EVA foaming doesn’t even extend he shelf-life but makes cleaning of the boxing gloves easy. When talking about the stitching of these boxing gloves, the hook and loop fastener in these boxing gloves gives a perfectly secure fit.

The elastic Velcro strap helps in making accurate adjustments according to the fit of the children’s hands and flexibility.

Further, looking into the design of these Dtown boxing gloves, the possibility of bacteria thriving is purely eliminated with the aid of gel impact protection form. For keeping the children’s hands dry, it is designed with breathable lining and 8 air holes for 5 vents in the palm.

No longer offensive sweat on the children’s hands while boxing with Dtown kids boxing gloves.

With the presence of PU leather, the impact of boxing and training can be felt without pain. An extra shock layer based padding on knuckles guarantees protection of the knuckles and wrist, preventing injuries.

Available in 2 different sizes, they offer choice for children aged 3-10 years old. Size 4oz has measurements of 4.8 inch by 8.0 inch whereas that of 6oz measures 5.5 inch by 8.7 inches. a palm size of up to 3.7 inches depending on the size of these Dtown kids boxing gloves.


  • 6 awesome colours to choose from
  • High quality PU leather
  • Gel impact foam based padding
  • Velcro strap for easy and precise use
  • Variety in and designs
  • Breathable lining with vents
  • Durability over prolonged use
  • Affordable and reasonable


  • For ages 3-10, limited sizes available

7. Farabi Youth Boxing Gloves

Farabi youth boxing gloves offers a variety of premium quality equipment. Designed to supplement the protection of young boxers, the farabi junior starlux boxing series are available in 6 different awesome colours.

 Farabi Youth Boxing Gloves

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Made from high-quality synthetic leather, the durability and safety of these farabi youth boxing gloves is further boosted. In order to always keep the children fighters’ hands free from injuries, the farabi gloves include internal H-J Tri layered mould that helps in the overall protection uniformly.

Helping in resisting the impact of force, the mould protects pain by absorbing the impact.
Keeping in mind the lasting ability of these gloves, the farabi producers used the Nano-thread duo technology for stitching of the gloves.

Thereby ensuring highly advanced strength to the farabi gloves, increasing their durability. Such stitching will prevent tearing it because of boxing or training.

Making the children safe from the nasty bacteria and germs, these gloves has anti-microbial properties. Allowing easy ventilation and to keep the hands fresh wicking the sweat. Strategically, perforations are placed in the thumb and palm area to allow breathability and this enhanced technology further help to wick the moisture.

Considering the padding of these gloves, ultimate protection is offered to the palm with the use of extended F-K padding. Inspired by the Z-smart design series by farabi, the swift Z closure will provide great wrist protection together with the best snug fit. Availability of the Velcro strap, easy use is guaranteed of these farabi gloves

Farabi manufacturers did a hardwork on the construction of these high quality gloves. Also, the price offered for them is extremely reasonable for the quality that it offers.

Nevertheless, these farabi youth boxing gloves does not provide multi skilled purposes. Not many different styles are there in these gloves, instead, they offer only one design limiting choice for the fighter juniors.


  • High quality synthetic Faux leather
  • Premium quality construction
  • Velcro strap for snug fit
  • Affordable and reasonable
  • Long lasting shelf life
  • Highly advanced Nano thread duo technology
  • Microbial properties
  • 6 different colours


  • No choice and variety in styles of the gloves
  • Not versatile
  • Not for multi skilled purposes

8. Sanabul Essentials Youth Boxing Gloves

Sanabul is well known for their premium quality and deals in combat sports of all kinds. One of its very useful product is Sanabul Essentials Youth Boxing gloves for kids. Available in 2 colours i.e. black and orange, these essentials provide multipurpose skills, boxing, kickboxing and training in punch bags. specifically made for training purposes but can be used for others too.

Check Price

Looking at these gloves from the quality point of view, these are premium quality gloves constructed from durable and engineered leather assisting in the improvement of performance in the training sessions.

Making cleaning and maintenance of these sanabul gloves is very easy because of the engineered leather built.

A secure Velcro closure system is also present in these junior gloves. Thus, ensuring a secure and snug fit also adding ease. This adjustable closure system is a very nice feature of the gloves essentials of sanabul.

To minimize the risks of injuries, a gel impact protection foam is infused in the gloves ensuring softness and superb protection.

Sanabul manufacturers constructed these gloves with the shape of the hand in mind. Making it in a longitudinal arch design was a notion to fit the natural curvature to eliminate the risk of injuries.

Inserting the cool mesh property in the gloves made them eligible to keep hands cool. At the same time,maintaining the temperature while training, reducing sweat moisture and keeping the young hands fresh. Breathability of the gloves was further improved by the means of breathable holes in the gloves to allow ventilation.

Hands are kept snug and protected inside the gloves with vivid sanabul colours on the outside. A wide variety of sizes are available in these essential boxing gloves. Gel infusion has made the impact possible without pain enhancing the punching power.

In the sizes available, a wide variety is offered but all are above 8 ounces and not below them.


  • Adjustable Velcro strap closure
  • Foam infused with gel
  • Cooler hands because of cool mesh technology
  • Available in awesome colours
  • Affordable and reasonable
  • Durable over prolonged use
  • Longitudinal arch design


  • 8 ounce and up
  • Limited designs

9. Everlast Pro Style Training Kids Boxing Gloves

Everlast have always been on the top of the list for fighting equipment and the Everlast gloves for kids are ideal for sparring. Offering multipurpose activities, the Everlast pro style training gloves helps in heavy bag workout and mitt works too hence, making it versatile to use.

Everlast Pro Style Training Kids Boxing Gloves

Check Price

Everlast offers a wide variety of sizes in these gloves allowing the young customers to choose according to their best fit. But what makes it less famous amongst kids is that the size ranges from above 8 ounces.

Focusing on its shape, its naturally made to suit the hands accurately. Wrap around Hook and loop strap closure helps in adjusting the fitness of the gloves according to the hands. Offensive bad odors and sweats can be easily prevented with these Everlast gloves because of the antimicrobial treatments present in the gloves. Therefore, bacteria and germs growth is reduced protecting the children further.

Construction and stitching of the gloves is of high quality and the material used in the construction is nylon and premium synthetic leather. This superior construction gives rise to the durability of the gloves over prolonged use.

Breathability and comfort of the gloves is guaranteed with the use of full mesh palm that keeps the ever last combat products smelling fresh. Thus, reducing the bad odors of sweat moisture that occurs during training.

Taking into consideration the punching power of these gloves, a patented thumb lock feature is present in the gloves. this makes the gloves fit your hands perfectly and with ease.

Inserted in these everlast gloves is the ever cool technology that is the complete sources of regulating the body temperature. Also, eliminating sweat in training sessions keeping the children’s hands clean and fresh.

Limiting the sizes makes these gloves unsuitable for some of our very young children as their little hands require 6 oz. and not 8 oz.

Wide range of colours available in these everlast prostyle training kids boxing gloves.


  • Patented thumb-lok feature
  • Everfresh treatment
  • Curved anatomical grip and fit
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Durable over long time
  • Presence of antimicrobial treatments


  • Variety in size but starting size is 8oz
  • Not suitable for very little hands

10. Kuyou Kids Boxing Gloves

Kuyou offers cool and comfy gloves and other combat equipment for children. The best thing about Kuyou’s gloves is that it offers a very wide range of sizes that starts from 4oz. Fitted accurately in your children’s hands, they are very quick and simple to put it on and take them off.

Kuyou Kids Boxing Gloves

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Long lasting life and durability of these Kuyou kids gloves comes with the PU leather which is premium hydrolysis resistant. thus increasing the longevity of the gloves. Comfortable wear and good protection of the childrens’ hands during training sessions is guaranteed by the thumb padding.

Keeping the hands moisture free, dry and fresh is ensured by these gloves. Because they are constructed with breathable mesh technology.

Kuyou kids boxing gloves are stitched with a good technology that ensures a snug fit for your childrens hands. This further increases the life of these kids’ boxing gloves.

Available in many designs, and styles, these gloves are best suited for boxing, kickboxing and many other activities making them versatile and multipurpose. The Velcro strap in the stitching of the gloves enhances their flexibility.

Performance of these gloves is the best as they consist of grain synthetic leather with mould made from machine. Proper control provided by the Velcro strap improves punching power. Easy to manage and clean with the presence of gel impact protection foam. Injuries are not only minimized but completely eliminated instead the strong padding allows to feel the impact without pain.

Protecting children’s hands from injuries at such an affordable price is the benefit. Specifically constructed in a way to make it ideal for sparring together with their usage for other purposes.

The limited range of colours that kuyou offers for these gloves is the only drawback that makes the choice difficult.


  • Velcro strap for easy wear and removal
  • Gel impact protection
  • Affordable and reasonable
  • Flexible and multi-purpose
  • Available in different sizes for children 5-10 years
  • Premium quality leather
  • Durability prolonged over use

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  • Limited variety of colours

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