Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bags In 2021

Are you confused about which gloves you should choose for heavy bags? Are you doubtful about the requirements of gloves for heavy bags? Without further ado, Continue to read the article to make your selection easy and quick for best boxing gloves for heavy bags.

Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bags

The first thing that must be considered for heavy bags is the size. 10 oz. and above gloves are perfect for workouts involving heavy bags. The padding inside the gloves determines the size. Therefore, 10 oz. plus, gloves will provide more protection restricting the punching speed.

This is because training on a heavy bag can put a lot of pressure on knuckles, wrists, and forearms. You can choose the best of these heavy bag gloves from the brands mentioned below in this guide.

Here is the list of Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bags.

ImageBest Boxing Gloves for Heavy BagsKey FeaturesPrice
Winning Training Boxing GlovesWinning Training Boxing GlovesRemarkable leather qualityCheck Price
Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop GlovesCleto Reyes Hook and Loop GlovesSoft goatskin leatherCheck Price
Hayabusa T3 Boxing GlovesHayabusa T3 Boxing GlovesDurable and long-lastingCheck Price
Title Gel World Bag GlovesTitle Gel World Bag GlovesSpecial hand compartment liningCheck Price
Ringside Apex Boxing GlovesRingside Apex Boxing GlovesInjected Molded Foam technologyCheck Price
Venum Impact Boxing GlovesVenum Impact Boxing GlovesTriple-layer foam paddingCheck Price
RDX Ego Boxing GlovesRDX Ego Boxing GlovesExtra-long hook and loop strapCheck Price
Twins Special Signature GlovesTwins Special Signature GlovesExtra foam padding wrist supportCheck Price
Fairtex Boxing GlovesFairtex Boxing GlovesVelcro strapsCheck Price
Everlast Train Advanced Wrist Wrap Heavy Bag GlovesEverlast Train Advanced Bag GlovesPremium padding qualityCheck Price
Hawk Boxing GlovesHawk Boxing GlovesGel injected V impact foamCheck Price
Century Creed Heavy Bag GlovesCentury Creed Heavy Bag GlovesLayered pre-curved latex foamCheck Price
UFC Pro Heavy Bag GlovesUFC Pro Heavy Bag GlovesInjected foam paddingCheck Price

1. Winning Training Boxing Gloves

Wining is by far the best gloves for a heavy bag. With wide color ranges and Presenting Lace-up and Velcro options, these heavy bag gloves are fantastic for boxers.

The premium quality of these gloves makes them top-tier. These Japanese gloves are ideal for training in heavy bags as per their 16oz size.

winning boxing gloves

Check Price

Their unique construction improves heavy bag performance. Making the impact more significant than the pain is guaranteed. Hard sessions cause pressure on your hands, and these gloves make that pressure feeling less for you! 

Keeping in mind the hand protection, these gloves feel like pillows because of their soft padding. Making great punches is possible because of the multi-layered padding. 

No compromise has been made on the quality of these gloves. Since they are checked under quality control and guidelines to maximize safety. Anti thumbing style further provides knuckles safety and better wrist support. 

Featuring high-quality leather and double stitches increase durability and make your heavy bag training enjoyable. No Wear and tear on these gloves and they stay in top condition after hundreds of training sessions.

Due to their lace-up feature, they are slightly difficult to wear and remove during sessions. However, your wrist will be thankful for this. 

Surely worth the price but not very affordable for many. These winning heavy bag gloves have a very high price, thus are expensive. On the contrary, the features and protection that they offer make them worthy of buying them at such a high price.


  • Available in many colors
  • The gold standard in heavy bag gloves
  • Very soft and comfortable padding
  • Lace-up to adjust the perfect fit
  • Remarkable leather quality
  • Anti thumbing style
  • Durable for a long time


  • Very expensive 
  • Limited sizes available
  • Difficult to wear and take off 

2. Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Gloves

Cleto Reyes offers authentically produced hook and loop gloves for heavy bags. Thanks to the craftsmanship and premium quality, which makes them extremely suitable for heavy bag training.

They provide a wide variety of colors and sizes, and it’s very easy to find the perfect pair for yourself. 

These best heavy bag gloves are produced with goatskin leather under strict quality guidelines. To guarantee the comfort ability of hands and keep them sweat free, gratefulness is due to the water repellent lining.

Check Price

Talking about the hook and loop closure makes them adjustable, which makes their usage for you easy. You can now easily manage them alone in the training field.

When it comes to avoiding hand and eye injury, these Cleto Reyes gloves have an attached thumb for safety.

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The 2 inches latex foam padding guarantees you the protection of your fists. Moreover, this foam protects the thumb from being broken and sprained.

Available in varied weight and sizes above 12 oz. and 129 lbs. these are not very affordable but are indeed worth the price. Durability is over extended time and, therefore, a go-to for many of us.


  • Premium quality soft goatskin leather
  • Water repellent lining prevents moisture and sweat
  • The attached thumb help eliminate eye injuries
  • Available in many colors
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Not ideal for sparring
  • Not for beginners
  • Slightly expensive

Best Boxing Gloves For Professionals

3. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa provides the excellent value and perfect set of heavy bag gloves for beginners. Indeed, to impress you, the latest Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves are ideal for heavy bags. 

Including a 5 layer foam structure that does not need break-in, these gloves are the most stylish gloves available today. 

Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bags

Check Price

The dual X velcro straps deliver the most fantastic wrist support with the help of 4 interlocking splints present at the backside of the hand. 

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Apart from that, the presence of the microfiber thumb helps fight sweat and moisture, keeping hands fresh. 

Preventing slight crack, abrasion, and tear resistance, the handcrafted construction of these Hayabusa gloves is unexplainable. Lined with engineered microfiber leather makes them fit heavy bag training sessions. 

The exciting part is that Hayabusa made these gloves multipurpose. Not just for heavy bags, but they are equally suitable for kickboxing and sparring too. Color variations consist of black, blue, white, grey, and many others to select. But again, I would say that these are the best gloves for heavy bag.

Although Hayabusa offers the dual-x Velcro system, nothing can match the actual lace fitting, which is the only drawback of these gloves.

Together with a reasonable price, the comfort and high-quality design of these gloves make them a perfect package for you. Trust me; these heavy bag gloves worth a try. I highly recommend these Hayabusa gloves of severe hitters.

No one can challenge the durability of these gloves. Since the high-quality leather, construction and stitching make it a perfect combo. 


  • Wide variety of colors to choose from
  • Ideal for multipurpose activities
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Recommended for beginners too
  • Unique dual-x closure system
  • 4 layer form that requires a break-in


  • Dual-x Velcro closure system cannot match the cinched fit we get from laces

4. Title Gel World Bag Gloves

Title Gel is one of the best gloves for heavy bag in 2021. If you are looking for the perfect comfortable gloves, these gel-injected gloves are made for you. With the special hand compartment lining for cool, dry wear, these title gel gloves won’t let you down.

Offering you the protection needed for your hands while heavy bag training, they come with a wraparound adjustable wrist strap. Featuring the 100% genuine leather outer, these gloves surely match your requirements if you are a heavy hitter.

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves,

Check Price

The world bag gloves have a high class-stitching done that further increases durability. Thanks to the well-built construction of the gloves that provide you with the impact that you wish for during heavy bag training.

What makes them more exciting is the multipurpose design that makes them suitable for kickboxing too. Available in many sizes and designs, these title gel gloves may be your best fit. 

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If you are a person who doesn’t like gel injected gloves, these might not be your best choice. 

When talking about the performance that these title gel gloves offer, it’s merely full of impact without pain. The injury of the knuckles and thumb is eliminated with its ample padding. 

The demand for these gel gloves is continually increasing because of their affordable price and excellent quality. These lightweight gloves are highly recommended for beginners and professionals, both for a gel gloves fan.


  • All-leather outer
  • Special hand compartment lining for cool, dry hands
  • Adjustable and wrap able wrist strap
  • Affordable
  • Durable for a long time


  • Not for people who don’t like gel gloves
  • Remove some of the bags feel you get with each punch

5. Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves

If you prefer the game-changer for the heavy bag gloves, these ringside Apex boxing gloves are a must. Providing super comfort and support, Ringside offers the best variety for heavy bag training. 

Specifically designed for the fans of hard punches, these gloves have the new IMF (Injected molded foam) technology to enhance performance. I love the variety of colors and multiple sizes that ringside offers in these gloves.

Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves

Check Price

These gloves will impress you every time you perform on the training session because of their unexplainable construction. The genuine leather design will do its job of protecting injuries. 

When talking about whether they are true to their weight or not, they are precisely 16 ounces, as mentioned. I found these to be suitable for beginners, or if you have been training for some years now and need an upgrade, you should try these on.

The hook and loop closure together with the attached thumb makes these gloves an all-rounder. The price to quality ratio is speechless.

In my honest opinion, the only drawback is that these run short really soon. Also, in general, they are very tight and not very adjustable. 

Available in many variations makes them the right choice for trainers. Their construction is unique because of the innovative injection of the Injected Molded Foam.


  • The presence of new IMF (Injected Molded Foam) technology
  • Durable and genuine leather design
  • True to weight
  • A great variety of colors
  • Affordable and reasonable


  • They run small
  • Generally very tight

6. Venum Impact Boxing Gloves

Among the heavy bag gloves, these Venum impact Boxing gloves are on the top of the list. Including the triple density foam for better absorption, these gloves are very suitable for heavy bags.

The great part is that hard punches need protection, and Venum guarantees it with the attached thumb. Featuring special edition multiple colours, these gloves will surely leave a mark.

venom boxing gloves

Check Price

These Thailand made gloves ensures a premium quality with more extended cuffs. The quality is guarded under strict quality guidelines. Numerous variations in designs are available to select from. If you are looking for a complete package at an affordable price, these Venum gloves are the winner. 

Gratefulness is due to the large Velcro enclosure with a strap that makes them fit you very quickly. Lined with reinforced seams, the impact is more significant than the pain on the training fields. If you are a Venum user, you don’t need a partner to wear and remove these gloves, and you can do it all alone.

Venum also offers multipurpose activities with these gloves and not confined to boxing only. Surely it is one of the best mma heavy bag gloves as well.

The concerning part is that although synthetic leather is a premium quality leather, some people don’t prefer it. So this can be considered as a con for some.

I recommend these best heavy bag gloves because of their cool designs and remarkable performance.


  • The micro-perforated coating allows excellent breathability
  • Triple-layer foam padding provides impact protection greatly
  • Cool designs available
  • Affordable and reasonable


  • Synthetic leather ( can be a pro or a con, some people prefer it)

7. RDX Ego Boxing Gloves

The RDX boxing gloves is a successful step towards starting sessions on the heavy bags. It offers super supportive gloves at a very affordable price. We prefer these entry level bag gloves because they have the most friendly price tag.

Further looking into the construction of these gloves, Maya hides leather makes them stubbornly durable and long-lasting. A tribute is paid to the RDX Quadro dome technology to spread the force throughout the impact area.

Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bags

Check Price

Ego gloves are the undisputed all-inclusive, hard-hitting, training, and exercise victor. The material is resistant to cracks, tears, and breaks, extending its life. What makes them different from other gloves is the extra-long hook and loop strap widens their versatility.

These gloves for heavy bags can also be used in muay Thai, kickboxing, and contact sports because of its padding.

Super wrist support and a secure fit are welcomed by the presence of hook and loop closure in these gloves. While striking, it adds a little more movement to your wrists, keeping them aligned.

The SPP technology offers natural airing to reduce sweat. Perforated palm holes help to reduce the irritating smell hence keeping palms fresh.

The Quadro dome technology is too efficient for protection if you compare it with the traditional layered-foam boxing gloves. The wrist and thumb are also grateful to this technology for maintaining their neutral location.

To be honest, I want more cushioning in these heavy bag gloves for boxing. Rest is pretty fine and more than satisfactory.


  • Excellent value for entry-level bag gloves
  • Impressively robust and long-lasting because of Maya leather
  • Extra-long hook and loop strap provides flexibility
  • Friendly price tag
  • Quadra dome technology offering protection


  • Tough on knuckles
  • More cushioning should be added

8. Twins Special Signature Gloves For Heavy Bag

The twin’s special exclusive gloves are not suited explicitly for only muay Thai and kickboxing but are ideal for heavy bag training. I recommend these outstanding boxing gloves for heavy bags. 

Constructed with an attached thumb design, these twin gloves allow a vigorous workout avoiding injuries. These Thailand genuine handmade gloves are the one that makes your training sessions impactful and painless.

Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bags

Check Price

The best part about these fantastic gloves is that it connects you to quick repairs of the American service center’s gloves. Satisfying heavy bag training can be done with the extra foam padding that the gloves deliver.

The construction guarantees wrist protection. Welcoming you to a world of unique designs, these gloves offer you an extensive selection of options. Their 16 oz size is great for heavy bag training.

I usually find them out of stock, which proves that these gloves are highly in demand. Preventing the foul odor and offensive sweat is the twin gloves duty.

The material used in construction is of premium quality, thus extending durability over prolonged use. Comparing the durability and quality with the price, I find these heavy bag gloves reasonable and cost-friendly. Shock is absorbed quickly by distributing the impact of the punching on heavy bags.

Usage is straightforward and flexible due to the adjustable gloves strap. I highly prefer buying these since they are gentle on hands and knuckles.


  • Genuine handmade gloves
  • Provides quick repairs 
  • Extra foam padding wrist support
  • Durability over long use
  • Friendly price tag
  • Wide variety of colors available.


  • Take a while to break-in
  • Limited designs 
  • Some find them too tight

9. Fairtex Heavy Bag Boxing Gloves

The Fairtex never fails to satisfy its customers with premium quality equipment. Fairtex boxing gloves are best gloves for heavy bags. To avail an overall great boxing glove for heavy bag training, Fairtex goes above and beyond many boxing brands. Such an all-rounder for heavy bags.

When talking about the brand new pattern of these gloves, together with the padding, it serves as a perfect combination. Very consistent and accurate when it comes to the weight of these Fairtex gloves. 

Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves heavy bags

Check Price

As far as flexibility is concerned, the gloves consist of genuine leather with Velcro straps. They were designed with the Fairtex foam system of premium leather for great knuckles and hands safety. Considering their ability to distribute the shock impact, these Thailand made gloves are an injury protectant.

I recommend these Fairtex gloves as they do not smell offensive when we sweat during heavy bag sessions. The microfibre lining has made this possible to maintain the freshness of hands. 

The only drawback is that the price tag is not very generous. Their price is more for what they offer. Also, some colors and sizes are subjective to bargaining, while others are available at too steep prices. 

It is not only heavy bags, but martial arts can also be served using these gloves very well, making them multipurpose. 

It is ergonomically built with a unique hand compartment with a contoured fit to ensure a comfortable and snug fit. 


  • Proprietary foam system that distributes shock
  • Made with genuine leather and Velcro straps
  • Handmade and multipurpose
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Tight fit design


  • Not worth the price
  • Prices vary according to sizes
  • Leather is a bit thin

10. Everlast Heavy Bag Gloves

The Everlast wrist wrap gloves come equipped with both comfort and utility. Everlast manufacturers kept both indoor and outdoor use and designed them accordingly. These flexible heavy bag gloves are crafted from the highest quality material. 

Although they are chinses made, the synthetic material used in construction gives them the perfect quality that you require. When considering the protection it provides, these open fingered gloves will always keep you safe from injuries.

Check Price

The sturdy construction facilitates it to last long without wearing in the short run. Looking deeply into its name, the wrist strap attached makes them perfect for a snug fit. Not only this, you can even adjust them to provide the desired wrist support. 

Everlast has an exclusive feature, and let me tell you that I am talking about its design. Thanks to this, you will punch faster, and the padding will protect you at the same time. You will be amazed to know that the air regulating features ensure comfortability during heavy bag sessions. 

According to my recommendation, it is tighter and more secure than other pairs. If you consider spending a lot of time with heavy bags, then every last is the best option out there.

It is an eight on ten for durability because although the quality is excellent, they wear away with time. Thus, making the price to quality ratio not very classical.


  • It consists of all safety features
  • Suitable for every type of training
  • Premium padding quality and construction
  • Good design
  • Faster punches and enhanced performance


  • Durability is okay
  • Price to quality ratio is not very good

11. Hawk Boxing Gloves

Hawk Boxing gloves are ideal for heavy bag gloves. Not only this, but it also provides versatility as they can be used for sparring and mitt workouts too. These Hawk gloves take a beating during the training sessions, so your hands don’t have to. You can feel the impact and eliminate injuries from your sessions.

Constructed with the multi-layered V-impact foam and gel infusion, these gloves reduce the chances of fist injuries. If you look closely at the gloves’ knuckles, it is lined with extra thick supremo shock foam. Also, separate padded block over wrist joint for added protection.

Check Price

Ensuring no unwanted odours and bacteria, the breathable pinhole palm offers increased hygiene. An attached thumb lock is also present in these gloves to protect thumbs. A Velcro strap provides adjustability and a snug fit. 

If I take you towards its price, trust me, it won’t abuse your budget but is rather friendly. Available in a variety of sizes, these hawk boxing gloves are made with high-quality leather. Thus, a reasonable price for what these gloves offer.

Providing you a super dense performance in your heavy bag workouts, these gloves are comfortable for on and off. The durability of these gloves is not authentic over prolonged use.


  • Very affordable
  • Added padding and support around the wrist
  • Gel injected V impact foam protecting fists and knuckles
  • Best for beginners
  • extra thick supremo shock foam


  • Not as long-lasting as high-end gloves.
  • Not for frequent use

12. Century Creed Heavy Bag Gloves

Century Creed offers the best quality gloves specifically designed for heavy bags. Available in only two sizes, but this 12 oz and 14oz gloves are best for heavy bag workouts.

Looking deep into their construction, the white genuine top-grain leather makes it long-lasting. The premium leather built is also lined with a multi-layered foam that enhances the punching power.

Check Price

Thanks to the hook and loop close wrists, which are extra supportive, adding extra flexibility. These century creed gloves guarantee comfortability with the presence of this premium quality foam.

I am highly impressed with the specialized nylon lining that leaves your fists feeling cool. Thus, eliminating the offensive sweat and moisture. 

If we consider the performance of these gloves, it’s just outstanding. The punching power is boosted with the layered pre-curved latex foam and real premium quality leather.

As far as the price is concerned, it’s not very heavy on your pockets for the quality that it provides. Available in limited designs but an ideal option for heavy bag training sessions.

What makes them less popular is the padding, which some people find to be very thick. But I highly recommended these thickly padded gloves because it protects injuries and sprains. You might not consider going for it as the thick padding leads to compromised performance sometimes.


  • Real quality leather 
  • Long-lasting gloves
  • Extra-wide hook and loop close wrists
  • Layered pre-curved latex foam


  • Extra thick padding.

13. UFC Pro Heavy Bag Gloves

These UFC pro gloves will not lead you down when it comes to heavy bag workouts. The exciting part is that it allows heavy bag workouts every day and don’t wear out quickly with time. 

When looking into the construction of these gloves, they are injected with molded foam. Therefore, the gloves don’t become uneven as the padding is firm and won’t shift.

Check Price

Allowing the gloves to breathe, a small ventilation panel is built inside the gloves. Together with the convenient Velcro close with wrist support makes it a package of comfort and utility. 

Genuine cowhide leather is used for the glove material, which extends their life over a long time. An attached thumb keeps the hands protected.

I would say that these gloves are the best to go for but not at all lenient on your pockets and budget. The price tag is hefty, which makes them a less popular option.


  • Made with genuine cowhide leather
  • Injected foam padding prevents the gloves from being unstable
  • Attached thumb
  • Long-lasting
  • Suitable for daily heavy bag workouts


  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q. What are oz gloves best for a heavy bag?
A. 12 oz. and below gloves are recommended for heavy bags; if you go for gloves above 12 oz., they are more suitable for sparring than heavy bags. Without compromising on hand protection, these gloves offer you to deliver quick and impactful punches—12 oz. Gloves are referred to as bag gloves for this reason.

Q. What kind of gloves do you use for a punching bag?
A. For a punching bag, bag gloves are highly recommended. As the size is the essential factor to consider, it should be 10oz. Buying gloves that are bigger can offer you more protection but will slow down the punching power. Moreover, the snug fit is essential for a punching bag. They should not be too tight and must be comfortable on fists providing wrist support. For beginners using punching bags, more giant boxing gloves are preferred to be on the safe side.

Q. Do I need gloves to hit a heavy bag?
A. In an honest opinion, yes, we do need gloves to hit a heavy bag. It’s dependent on you whether you hit a heavy bag of MMA gloves, hand wraps, or even without any hand protection at all. However, using bag gloves to hit a heavy bag is an excellent option to protect knuckles and strengthen wrist and forearm muscles. If you consider not using any hand protection, you must be aware of hitting a heavy bag to avoid injuries.

Q. Should I get 12 or 14 oz. gloves?
A. If you are looking for an all-around training glove, consider buying 12 oz. But don’t go for it if you are a beginner to sparring with this gym’s weight gloves. When talking about the 14oz. Gloves are very much popular as all-rounder gloves. For heavy bag workouts, 12oz. is a better and recommended option to opt for.

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